This chapter is more to fill in some of the gaps and introduce the characters. Next chapter is when the plot will really be starting.

A horrible aching in the white-haired man's head was what he had awoken to. He winced and reached up, grabbing the side of his head. He was confused when he felt the soft material of a bandage before his heart started pounding.

My friends…! He thought frantically to himself as he looked around, believing that he had been saved. They saved me…! They saved me…!

"You're awake."

The man flinched at the unfamiliar voice, his hopes dropping instantly as reality hit him. He hadn't been saved – not at all; he was in the enemy's den.

"What's your name?"

"…" The man looked down at his lap, shaking as he tried to hold back tears. He was too scared to look up at whoever owned the gruff voice.

"I asked you a question." It was clearly a man who had him and, by the sounds of it, was getting impatient.

"…Jūshirō…" The white-haired man whispered. "…Jūshirō Ukitake…"

There was a chuckle before fabric rustled over in a corner of the room. Footsteps approached the Ukitake at a moderate pace.

"You wanna know my name?" The gruff male said in amusement as he sat before Jūshirō. He laughed as his prisoner ducked his head further away in a clear attempt to avoid looking at him. He continued on even without the other's answer. "Name's Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez."

"…Why am I here…?" Jūshirō whispered without looking up. He flinched when a cold hand grabbed his face and tilted it so that they were looking at each other. The second he caught sight of the large fangs that Grimmjow was equipped with, he screamed in horror and tried to pull away, only to discover that he was chained to a bed.

Grimmjow laughed again in amusement as he reached out for Jūshirō. He loved the way the white-haired man recoiled in obvious terror.

"What has you so afraid?" The blue-haired male asked. "I haven't even done anything to you."

"Y-you're…!" Jūshirō's eyes were wide as his breathing came in unsteady gasps. It was clear that he was about to hyperventilate.

Grimmjow reached out again to try and steady the now-swaying male, but Ukitake only pulled back with a loud cry.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Grimmjow growled as he pushed forward and grabbed the man's shoulder. He wasn't prepared for the loud scream that erupted from Jūshirō's vocal cords, nor the weak shoves that were aimed at him. He was able to steady the arms that were swinging at him, but it only caused the smaller man to burst into hysterics.

"What are you doing, Trash?"

Jūshirō's crying came harder as another male joined the scene. This one had black hair and green markings on his face that made the male seem depressed.

"What the fuck do you want, Ulquiorra?" Grimmjow spat, only worsening Jūshirō's distress.

"Whatever you're doing to him, stop it. Starrk is trying to sleep and the others are getting restless."

"Why should I care?" Grimmjow turned back to Jūshirō, trying to ignore the intruder. "He's carrying on over nothing."

"Leave him alone, Trash. Nnoitra said he's going to come in here and deal with it himself if he doesn't keep quiet."

Grimmjow growled in a feral way as he shot a dirty glare the raven-haired male. "He comes in here and I'll fucking kill him."

Throughout this dispute, Jūshirō's mind had been able to focus on only one thing; these 'people' were from the same species that had mercilessly murdered his entire family right in front of him – the species being Vampires.

Though it wasn't unheard of, it wasn't every day you ran into a Vampire in Karakura Town. They mostly kept to themselves these days, as rumour has it that their previous leader, the one who was always killing for no reason, had been defeated by a more placid Vampire.

However, Jūshirō had lived his entire life in fear of such a thing, having seen how savage and ruthless they could be with his own eyes. He had been plagued by nightmares, by a deep anxiety, by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It was for this very same reason that he had been in the woods. His friends had taken him camping in an attempt to try and lessen the strain of such a traumatic experience in hopes that it would help him understand that the world wasn't as dangerous as he believed.

A lot of good that did; it only helped his trauma worsen after having been captured by the same things his friends were trying to help him relax about.

"L-l-let me g-g-go!" Jūshirō managed to whimper. He thrashed about in the chains, terrified beyond belief. "H-help!"

Grimmjow and the male who Jūshirō thought to be Ulquiorra turned back to him.

"You sure make a lot of noise, don't you?" Grimmjow frowned in disapproval. He knew he had to do something about this lest the others want to take matters into their own hands. He wasn't sure why, but as he had been ready to kill this male back in the woods, something had made him stop and take him back to the abandoned house he and his friends lived in.

Jūshirō's eyes were wide and pull of panic. He wanted nothing more than to get away, but the chain was keeping him here.

"Listen to me." Grimmjow reached out and put his hands on Jūshirō's shoulders. He ignored the horrified yelp the male emitted, the way the quivering only increased ten-fold. "Are you listening to me, Ukitake? Good. I am gonna leave you alone for the rest of the night so you can come to terms with things, but you can't leave this room. You can't make any more fucking noise 'cause you've already gotten off to a bad start with everyone. But most of all, you can't leave this house."

Jūshirō's heart dropped in these words. He hung his head in defeat, knowing that there was no way he could get out of this one.

"You're gonna stay here for the night and fucking sleep." Grimmjow hissed. "If you don't wanna sleep, that's fine, but be fucking quiet."

Jūshirō sobbed, knowing that would be easier said than done. He was terrified out of his wits and he wanted nothing more than his friends here with him. He watched with wide eyes as Grimmjow stood up and left the room with Ulquiorra in tow.

Was he going to die here, Jūshirō wondered. Would his friends come looking for him? Maybe it was better if they didn't – he had already lost his family; he couldn't lose his friends as well.


Morning came quicker than Jūshirō would have liked. He had not slept at all, having been too busy crying all night. When the door to his room opened, he crawled backwards, slamming himself against the wall behind him. His body shook violently as he stared down at the ground.

"What's got you all worked up?" Grimmjow asked as he approached his captive. "I have food for you. Eat."

Jūshirō flinched as a salad wrap was thrown at him. He stared at it, too afraid to touch it. It was covered in plastic wrap so it should still be fresh, but…

"…W-why do y-y-you h-have i-it…?" Jūshirō found himself whispering.

Grimmjow shrugged. "Ulquiorra went out last night after we left and came back with it. Said you wouldn't eat anything we could offer you. Picked it up from a store he broke into."

Jūshirō shook harder. "…B-broke… in…?"

Grimmjow let out a loud exhale as he slumped in a chair by the door. "He didn't attack anyone if that's what you're worried about. Stop acting like we're gonna kill you! Eat!"

Jūshirō flinched and shook his head. The mere thought of eating made his stomach churn.

Grimmjow breathed through his nose in what seemed to be frustrated. He got to his feet and stomped towards the smaller male. He ignored the scream and flinch that he was graced with and instead grabbed both the wrap and Ukitake's hair.

"L-let g-g-go!" Jūshirō whimpered as he tried to pull away. "S-stop!"

"If I have'ta shove it down your throat, you're gonna eat, damnit!" Grimmjow snapped.

"P-please…!" Jūshirō sobbed as hands grabbed his face. He struggled to get away, but Grimmjow was too strong for him.

The white-haired boy was powerless as his mouth was forced open and the wrap was shoved into it. Why did this happen to him? What had he ever done to anyone?

The next few minutes were spent with Grimmjow shoving food into his prisoner's mouth and said prisoner trying to resist him. The blue-haired Vampire had at least gotten the human to eat.

"Why are you still crying?" Grimmjow asked in a weary voice.

Jūshirō pulled away from the male's hand and shivered. "…I…"

Grimmjow grit his teeth. "Goddamnit! I can understand being scared, but this is just ridiculous! Have, at any point, I tried to harm you?"

Jūshirō shook his head slowly. "But… that doesn't… mean you won't…"

Grimmjow sent Jūshirō a filthy glare before he walked out. The Ukitake had relaxed slightly seconds before the door opened again, causing his tension to heighten again.

"What do we have here?"

Jūshirō ducked his head and sobbed harder. More Vampires… Why were they all cluttered in one abandoned house…?

"Ukitake, I've heard so much about you from Grimmjow!"

Jūshirō glanced at the new Vampire. This one was very thin and lanky. His long black hair curled around his face, giving the Ukitake the vague impression of a spoon.

"Guess he finally got sick of being ignored, eh?" The Vampire's lips curled up in a smirk. "He's got anger issues, that one."

"…" Jūshirō wrapped his arms around his body, shaking. "…Please, let me go…"

"Let you go?" A laugh escaped the Vampire's lips. "Now, why would we let such a pretty thing go?"

Jūshirō whimpered as the supernatural being approached him. He turned his head away from a large hand, flinching when long fingers gripped his jaw. He scrunched his eyes shut tight as he was turned to face the Vampire.

"Grimmjow wasn't joking…" the creature's eyes sparkled in an emotion Jūshirō couldn't recognise. "You're stunning."

Jūshirō shivered at those words. He didn't know why, but they sent a chill running down his spine.

"I-I… don't understand…" Jūshirō found himself whispering.

A smirk crossed the Vampire's face. He leant in close enough for his breath to hit Jūshirō's face. "You don't understand? That's okay; I'll have you begging for me soon enough."

Jūshirō gulped as the Vampire stood up and turned to leave the room. His eyes were refilled with fresh tears as confusion filled his mind. What was the other male talking about…?

"By the way," the Vampire called lazily as he opened the door, "my name is Nnoitra Gilga. Remember it, because you'll be seeing a lot more of me."

With that, all hope that Jūshirō had of surviving shattered.