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Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

"Are you sure you want this, Bella?" my manager stressed. "I don't think the president will like it very much."

"Listen," I said. "I've been working tirelessly for years. I've been with the president ever since I was five, and I'm seventeen now. Never have I taken a sick day off, and I've never disobeyed him. I think I deserve a break from show business."

"But you're at the peak of your career right now!" he said, looking agitated. "Why do you choose now to take a break? You can always finish high school later!"

"When?" I challenged, my hands on my hips. "When I'm sixty-five?"

"You know what I mean! Look. Everyone's going crazy over this news. You can't do this to your fans!"

"They'll live," I said, laughing as I closed my suitcase. "I haven't seen my parents in two years. I think I deserve to take a few months off and visit them in my hometown, don't you think?"

"No," he said pompously. "I do not think so. Bella. They're comparing you to Marilyn Monroe. If you leave Hollywood now, they're going to be comparing you to…Vivian Vance!"

"What's wrong with that?" I asked. "Vivian is a wonderful actress."

"She was never the main character of the TV show that made her a star, Bella."

"So?" I asked, laughing. "Max, Vivian was one of the reasons why I Love Lucy was such a hit! I wouldn't mind being compared to her, so what are you going to do about it?"


"Now listen, Max," I said sternly. "Everyone already knows I'm taking a break. There's no point in taking the news back. Now let me clarify. I'm going back to Chicago to see my parents and finish high school. It's not like I'm planning to elope with a man."

I paused, then shrugged. "I've never even dated a man, so that's out of the question either way. My point is, I need a break from Hollywood. I know exactly what you're worried about, but I don't think my fame will exactly drop rapidly just because I'm out of sight for a couple months, do you?" I glanced at the clock. "I'm going to be late for my flight. I've gotta go." I kissed Max's cheek in farewell.

"Be careful!" he called as I exited my penthouse suite. "Don't get into any trouble!"

I rolled my eyes as I pressed the button for the elevator. He was just being plain ridiculous. What could possibly go wrong in a few, short months?

"Bella!" my mother, Renee, cried as she hugged me tightly. "I've missed you so much! Look at you! You've grown into a beautiful young woman!"

"Good to see you, Bella," Charlie, my father, said gruffly. "How was your flight?"

"Oh, it was fine," I said, smiling as we entered the living room of our family house. Even though I had a lot of money from my career, my parents preferred a simple and casual lifestyle.

"Are you excited to be away from Hollywood, darling?" Renee asked as we sat on the couch. "It must be different, mustn't it?"

I shrugged. "Well, I'll tell you one thing. I'm excited to be back in Chicago. It hasn't changed one bit! Of course, the last I saw it was when I was twelve, so that was…1958. Wow. I feel old."

"You feel old?" Charlie laughed. "How do you think we feel?"

I laughed with him. "Don't be silly. You haven't changed either. Is there anything new around the city?"

"Oh, yes, now that you mention it…" Renee said, perking up. Her eyes shined brightly as she jumped to tell me the news. "There's a new family in town. They're so gorgeous, all seven of them. The head of the family's a doctor. Isn't it wonderful?"

I frowned. "Why is it wonderful, Mother?"

"Well, now, you're only saying that because you haven't seen them!" Renee said, nudging me. "I was at the hospital yesterday because I'd tripped down the stairs, and I thought I'd sprained my ankle-"

"Oh, no, Mother!" I said, immediately concerned.

"Oh, don't worry," she said impatiently. "You know how clumsy I am. I'm fine. It was just a brief shock to the muscles. Anyway, as I was saying, an unfamiliar, gorgeous, young man came and examined me. My goodness, he can't have been more than twenty-five! He was perfectly polite, and, believe me, he was so professional too! It's too bad for those nurses, though. Apparently, he's married!"

"Oh, Mother," I said, chuckling. "That's not so strange. Tons of people marry early these days."

"You just haven't seen the young man, Bella," Charlie chimed in. "I went to go pick up your mother from the hospital, and she introduced me to the guy. He looks like he's barely twenty-five!"

"Alright, alright," I said patiently. "We'll say that it's astounding if it pleases you. Anything else?"

"You don't believe me," Renee said, pouting. She perked up again. "Wait a minute. Get a load of this. I was at your high school this morning. You know, the one you'll be attending starting from tomorrow? I enrolled you, and I was just coming out of the office, when, the most beautiful group of five kids walked past me!"

I'd almost forgotten how Renee loved to gossip. It was all her friends' fault. They always got together to play cards and talk about other people.

"Let me guess," I said. "They were the doctor's kids?"

Renee gasped. "How'd you guess?"

I patted her arm. "Lucky guess, I suppose. Go on, Mother."

"They were so beautiful! They're all adopted, you know. But they looked exactly like their father! Beautiful and pale…oh, yes, and they all had golden eyes."

"Golden eyes?" I repeated. "Well, that's strange."

"But that's not the point!" Renee said impatiently. She seemed frustrated that I didn't get her purpose of telling me all this. "Apparently, they're all romantically linked."

I blinked. "But they're adopted, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are," Renee said, finally pleased. "Four of them were paired up with each other. One of the boys were alone though."

It was silent as she looked at me expectantly.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Mother?" I asked, confused.

"Well, why don't you get to know them, darling?" Renee asked. "That singled out boy was honestly the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen in my life. I couldn't believe that he had no partner."

"Mother!" I said, appalled. "You want me to get to him?"

"Well, why not?" Renee asked, surprised. "I thought you two would be wonderful together. As soon as I saw him, I thought of you. It's like you were meant to be!"

"Oh, now, Mother, don't be ridiculous."

"I'm not. Bella, why don't you find out more about them and tell me tomorrow after school?"

"So you can go gossip about them with your friends?" I asked, glancing at her knowingly.

Renee cleared her throat as she looked away. "Of course not, dear. I'm just curious."

I laughed quietly. "Just as a matter of curiosity, what is this family's name?"

Renee brightened. "Cullen. You'll do it then? Be sure to bring home news, darling!" And on that note, she flounced towards the kitchen.

I turned to Charlie, my mouth open.

He shrugged. "Renee will be Renee." And he heaved himself off the couch and followed his wife out of the room.

Now, I wasn't particularly looking forward to my first day of school tomorrow. I knew that Renee would be itching for news.

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