No. No, I am NOT dead! I promise.

I've just been busy with work, drawing, and reading other ROTG fanfiction in hope that it inspires me. And yes, I am inspire, I just don't know where to start. I want to do something original though, you know? And I want to actually attempt at a chapter story. Shocking right?

With that said, does ANYONE have any suggestions?

I'd prefer to stick with the cannon characters - Jack, North, Bunny, Sandy, Tooth, etc. NO FRIGGIN' OC's. I HATE OC stories, and I refuse to read/ write them. They most all involve silly Mary Sue characters where Jack falls in love blah blah blah. No, I won't write them, sorry.

So, with that said, any suggestions darlings? Hmmm?

Thanks to all who have reviewed my two ROTG stories, and sent private messages. I really appreciate it, and I promise I will write something soon - I just have to figure something out. :D

In the mean time, there are PLENTY of worthy ROTG fanfiction out there, "Protect," "Shadowed Victory," 'Invisible," "Winter Child", "Sin with a Grin", etc. They are amazing. Go read them...NOW.