"Alright your highness, it's time for you to taste the greatest piece of candy you have ever tasted!", yelled Gloyd Orangeboar of Sugar Rush, the one of a kind, candy, racing arcade game. Right now, Gloyd was withe ruler of Sugar Rush, Vanellope Von Schweetz, near the Candy Corn Fields. The pumpkin hat wearing child was bursting with energy on his present, he wished to show his beloved President.

Vanellope, on the other hand, was both confused and exasperated at her friend's enthusiasm over the Candy Corn Fields. But, she did love candy, and her new friend had the "most delicious candy", so she went for it.

"Okay, now here you see we are in the Candy Corn Fields, which yours truly has grown and nursed hisself", he boasted, as Vanellope silently rolled her eyes,"And since I'm the most avid lover of candy, second to you, Ms. President. I have decided to give you a the first taste of a freshly blossomed candy corn!"

Gloyd then proceeded to pluck a fresh candy corn from the crops, and gave it to Vanellope, telling her to savor the taste of each bite.

Vanellope admired the new candy corn, shiny in all its glory. The a intoxicating aroma playing with the girl's mind. She couldn't help herself anymore, and just scarfed the whole thing down, well, the best she could scarf it down.

Gloyd gave a proud smile and promptly asked her, " How does my apology gift taste? You know, from the time I acted like a complete jerk to you, with everyone else?,From now on, whenever you like, just come down here, but only one. Have to share with citizens and racers, you know? If you like, I could teach you how to spot the candy corns that are ready?"

Vanellope was too busy taking Gloyd's advice on savoring the candy corn, that she couldn't speak properly. So, she gave the candy loving boy a thumbs up and a positive sound from her full mouth.