"Hope is the ability to hear the melody of the future. Faith is the courage to dance to it today."

Laughter filled the air as the children all looked upon the dancing young woman. She was doing twists and turns, her feet keeping in time with an imaginary beat. The children looked at each other then back at the dancing woman with toothless grins and chocolate-smeared cheeks. Finally, one small girl had the voice to ask, "What are you doing, Miss Patricks?"

"I'm dancing. Don't you hear the music?" the young woman called out. She made a small leap, trying to imitate a graceful ballerina. Unfortunately, she looked more like a clumsy monkey. Another fit of giggles fell upon the group of children, all shaking their heads. Some cupped their ears, trying to listen to some undetectable tune of sorts.

"No! There's no music!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you have one of those headphone thingies on?"

Miss Patricks had let out a soft laugh. She had stopped dancing. A bright smile beamed towards the group of children. "That's the thing about this music. It's really special. You can't hear it with your ears."

A young boy with a buzz cut and a bruise on his cheek threw his hand up in the air. "What do you mean, Miss Patricks? Is it magic?" he asked. A ring of agreement echoed across the small kids.

"It is very much magic, Logan. You can only hear it inside your heart. You can only hear it when you believe that you have the power to change the world," the young woman told them as soon as she sat down cross-legged on the circle carpet. Most of the children were wide-eyed and awed.

It took a few moments of excited silence for a girl with gingery hair and a face full of freckles to ask, "How can we change the world, Miss Patricks? We're just kids."

"Just kids? Just kids?!" Miss Patricks practically wailed with dramatic disbelief. "You are not just kids! All of you are special. Each and every one of you! Everyone has a special gift that they can use to change this world for the better. But, the first thing you have to do is believe that you have such a special gift. Believe that you can change the world. And you will!"

The children began to smile at each other, whispering words of encouragement and hope. One of the girls with long blond hair, complete with straight bangs, curled into a small ball and squeezed her eyes shut. Her hands went over her ears. The other kids looked at her with bewildered eyes. What on earth was Sophie doing?

Miss Patricks could only laugh as she raised an eyebrow towards Sophie. "Are you listening for the music?" she asked, the trace of her laugh still remnant in her voice.

"I can almost hear it!" she exclaimed, her voice light and feathery.

By the time the designated story time was over, all the children were dancing around the daycare room. Miss Patricks joined them, sometimes even picking up the children and twirling them around. There was laughter, whoops and gibberish singing. The senior teacher could do nothing but smile happily as she walked in on the scene.

Three claps. That's all it takes.

All the children immediately stopped dancing. Their faces were wrought with disappointment. It was home time. One by one, all the children hugged Miss Patricks tightly. Some dragged their heels to the mud room. Others skipped, still dancing to the imaginary music.

Once all the children left the daycare, exclaiming their good-byes as they held their parent's hand, Miss Patricks began to clean up the daycare room. She reorganized the toys and threw all the unwanted paper away (due to them being "unworthy" or "not right").

"Ranon, thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate it. I can't believe she wouldn't come in and call in sick so late," the senior teacher murmured. Miss Patricks smiled in response.

"No problem. These baskets of joy are far better than memorizing trigonometry and DNA codes," she chirped. Both women shared a chuckle before finishing up their cleaning.

"You truly are an angel. Juggling senior year and a part-time job. Not to mention all those children at home. Sometimes I wonder if you really are just a teenager," the senior teacher after all their paperwork had been filed. Ranon could only smile at such a statement,

Miss Patricks, although she was more simply known as Ranon, was a high school student who absolutely adored taking care of children. She took a job as a daycare teacher's assistant but has shown her affinity for children so well that she's been asked to lead lessons. Being an older sister to 9 children certainly had its advantages.

She was 17 and carried herself more properly than those her age. Ranon was born on the 31st of December. She had long, brown hair that fell to her back. It was straight and unruly, often found in tangles. Her eyes were bright and chocolate brown, framed with thin lashes and awkwardly shaped lids. Her skin was milky beige, covered in sporadic brown freckles. Ranon was a sweet girl who could make friends in a heartbeat but also lose them in an instant, as well.

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Who is this?" Jack Frost suddenly interjected. "Why do we have to know about Ranon Patricks-Mord?"

The five Guardians all sat in Santa's workshop, circling around the fireplace. The Guardian stone had risen out from its hiding place, illuminating a bluish silhouette in the form of Ranon. Jack's blue eyes searched the faces of each and every one of the Guardians for an answer. "Well?"

"There was other Guardian, Jack. She brought faith to every child, telling stories of magic and wonder, hope and dreams. She created 'happily ever after'," North said in his thick, gravelly voice. He stepped towards the Guardian stone, his boots making loud thuds along the way. "Storyteller had unique ability. All the stories that she told would come true or it was already true. Pitch Black wanted these powers but when Storyteller say no… she was lost."

Jack's eyes widened slightly, only to shift to the ground. His mind was reeling for a solution to this seemingly unfinished puzzle. "But she would've came back, right? If enough children believed in her, why didn't Storyteller come back?"

A soft hum could be heard as Toothiana put her hand on North's shoulder, her wings flapping at an impossible rate. "You see, Jack. Storyteller became a human after she was lost. Pitch Black made sure of it. I don't know how he did it, none of us do. But, every hundred years, her spirit is reborn into a descendant of her bloodline. Ranon here, she's the chosen descendant. She has Storyteller's abilities," she explained with a soft tone in her voice. It was motherly and sweet, like much-needed hugs after a long day.

"There is catch. On how to bring Storyteller back," North had said, as if to remind Tooth and Bunny rather than inform Jack. "She must believe in magic and in us until she reaches 18 years old. If she does not, we lose Storyteller for 'nother hundred years."

Tooth took a deep sigh then nodded, "Many of the chosen ones lived a happy, human life. But, like you didn't feel right simply as Jack Frost, all of them would feel like something was missing. Ranon is almost 18. We need her to believe in us."

"We need to get Story back."

Bunnymund's words were prominent and final. He was standing by the fireplace, twirling a boomerang idly. His green eyes were hard-set and they never left the ground.

Jack didn't know anything about this Storyteller. The others didn't tell him before about this former Guardian. In the back of his mind, he wondered why they would tell him about it now. There had to be another reason other than the small time-frame until Ranon turns 18. He didn't question them, though, which was unusual.

With the way Bunnymund had acted, Jack could tell that this was beyond serious. They need this done. The Guardians needed Storyteller.

Jack didn't know the reason but it was hell of an important one. He didn't need to live 300 years to know that.

Hey there, everyone! KikaLee here! As you can see, I am doing a re-vamping of this story. For the most part, it will stay the same as it did last year. But, there'll be changes in terms of pacing and some plot points. Other than that though, Ranon will stay the same, along with everyone else! Hope you enjoy this new version of Storyteller: The Guardian of Faith! ^^