"...So, have you thought of anything?' Wreck It Ralph asked as he folded his gigantic arms together.

Vanellope mumbled as she bopped her head back and forth. "Ehh... I don't know. I still haven't thought of anything." She placed her hands on her hips. "I guess maybe I could get one of those recolors..."

Ralph nodded his head. "Yeah, recolors! That sounds like a good idea!" He then raised his left hand, pointing up at the bright green sky. "But which recolor...?"

Vanellope was about to answer as she farted loudly again, giggling as she shrugged. "Well, that interrupted my witty remark! I guess I'll just have Snowanna copy herself."

"What are you gonna make her a recolor of?" Ralph asked as he allowed Vanellope to jump on his right shoulder.

Vanellope stuck her tongue out as she thought, snapping her fingers as she let out a cute little poot. "I'll make her have the colors of the rainbow! Then she can have an afro circus!"

Ralph laughed heartily, with Vanellope laughing alongside as the two headed towards Vanellope's castle, to bake up the rainbow recolor of Snowanna.