Jack Frost was really, really in trouble.

It had been a few years since Pitch had failed to destroy the Guardians, and he was back. This time, he had broadened his options. He was just kinda trying to destroy everything good in general.

Especially the winter spirit, who had been the catalyst of his downfall previously.

Which was why Jack found himself hightailing it to New York City with an army of black fearlings chasing him. The other Guardians were passed out somewhere in the vicinity to the Empire State, or so Pitch had told Jack. It was his kind of sadistic game- find your friends and almost certainly lose, or abandon them and stay safe.

For the fiercely loyal spirit, it was a no brainer. It wasn't as if his passage would cause that much damage, the Chitori invasion a few weeks previously had reduced large portions of the city to rubble. Jack had begged North to let him help, but North assured him that the so called 'Avengers' could handle it,

He landed heavily on the roof of a high rise apartment building, sending a wave of ice into the front ranks of fearlings. They shattered, but the ranks behind swarmed into their place as Jack slowly gave ground to the unrelenting force. Blow for blow, he matched each new threat with a blast of blue energy, lighting the dimming evening sky in flashes of cyan.

He took to the air, zipping along the air currents. He was too close to the city centre for his liking and he really didn't want accidentally destroy a skyscraper, so he moved off to where Tony Starks tower stood. The buildings around it were pretty much already half-demolished, so Jack picked there as his battleground.

He swung to a halt on the giant 'A' above the building as a seemingly un-relentless surge of fearlings broke across him like waves against a rock. The beams of ice shook the building, and Jack could only wonder at the confusion of those inside.

He slammed his staff into the nose of a fearling, then the belly of another, but he was quickly tiring. He decided to end the show, leaping up into the clouds.

From above, the city looked amazing, but he didn't take in the view. He gathered his energy as the fearlings surrounded him, neighing and whinnying their success. A man walked out from the ranks. He was tall and pale, with a slicked back curve of glossy black hair and glowing yellow eyes. He had high, arching cheekbones and his lips curled into a sneer.

"Why, the high and mighty Jack Frost. I did believe you'd put up more of a fight- I suppose I was wrong." He smirked, crowing his triumph.

He didn't however, miss the slightly mischievous look of satisfaction on the young spirits face.

"What are you so happy about?" He spat. The young boy should have nothing to be smiling about.

Jack swung his staff nonchalantly. "You do remember how I beat you last time, right?"

Pitch paused. "You're going to do that energy thing again, aren't you."

Jack gave a small half-bow. "Damn right."

There was a moment of silence.

Then a shock wave blasted the fearlings to oblivion, ripping through their defences like a knife through butter. A blizzard began to stir up, with Jack at its epicentre, his hands clenched into tight fists at his sides as he poured all of his energy into one, massive attack.

He shook with the strain, and the city all around saw the explosion. No-one saw its cause, but a wave of ice such as that could not be contained. Cameras snapped pictures, news broadcasters turned in shock and even the Avengers themselves took notice.

As suddenly as it had started, it stopped.

Jack felt an emptiness in his stomach, then a clenching as, staff gripped tightly in his hand, he began to fall.

Down, to the pavement, far, far below.

And this time, he had no-one to catch him.


Heya! So it is with pride that I am swept up into the Rise of The Guardians fandom. With Jack and Co at my side, I venture forth into an as-yet unplanned adventure of epic proportions, with much sarcasm, Australians and Thor totally misunderstanding human culture! Yay!

-Insert Flynn Rider going 'yay' here.-