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Anyways, I've ranted enough: here is chapter one of Professor Uchiha: My Tutor.

It's huge… It's elaborate… It's full of spoiled, blue-blooded, pig-like rich people… Sakura thought, grinding her teeth at the very thought of being in the same building as those merciless wretches we call "rich people". She was poor. Dirt poor. The only reason she was at this college, at this time, was because some rich kid attained a scholarship he didn't want, and she won his prize of leftovers from acing the exam. So here she was, in her school uniform: a simple, white button down shirt with a short black tie, and a red pleated skirt—all which were neatly ironed.

She scanned the school before her with keen emerald orbs. The architecture was elegant—it was just like those rich fools to go all out. To use the money her parents were forced to give them just so they could live large. Konoha was an unfair city. Konoha was a rich city catering to rich people—and what happened to the poor people? They were out casted. Her father, unable to fulfill his payment to the hospital even after her mother's passing from sickness, was thrown into unemployment, and later sick himself. No rich doctor would help him. He died on the streets too.

Sakura held a burning grudge against all who were rich. They destroyed her life, and that was the goal of all the rich: to be rid of the poor. They were getting pretty good at it too, except she was intelligent, finding herself in this college of all places. She could finally sleep in a room, on a bed, in comfort—something she hadn't indulged in for years. She could finally eat, even if it was rich and flashy food. But there was one thing she couldn't do: make a friend.

Haruno Sakura didn't have any friends. They all moved away from Konoha, the living conditions being much too high of a price. And these rich people weren't going to bother associating with her, a poor kid of all people, who luckily made it into a school to finish her education. She had just turned eighteen the week before, making her the youngest freshman.

All this she thought about, standing in front of those large doors, screaming "do's" and "don'ts" in her mind. She pushed one of the massive double-doors open, facing the lavish interior. The hallway alone could've been one of the schools she went to as a child it was so massive. Her jaw dropped in a gawk. The sight of it was intimidating; these things were supposed to only exist in fairytales, weren't they? Her light tap of a step echoed in the hall and she walked to the office to meet the first rich-fool. There, she would confirm her arrival and be assigned to her dorm room.

She saw the door, still fascinated by the effort put into each and every individual detail poured into just an office door. Just slam a slab of wood up and put a knob on it, rich fools! Sakura gripped the knob lightly, seeing as it looked so beautiful and delicate that slapping it might break it. She turned it, and saw the spectacle wearing receptionist.

"And you are?" The receptionist sniffed, getting right to the point. She tossed her red mane of hair off her left shoulder, revealing her nametag: Karin.

"Haruno Sakura…" Sakura bowed breathlessly. She couldn't help it. No matter how much she hated these people, they always held the power of superiority over her. She succumbed to them. It must be that rich aura that constantly demands respect—that screams their wealth and their family name out to the world. They think they're more than human… Sakura thought to herself.

Karin gave her a curt nod and looked down to her paper, neatly typed out in some sort of calligraphy font. Everything had to be perfect in the rich world, didn't it? "How lucky," Karin mumbled to herself, and then faced Sakura to address her, "You don't have a roommate. Your room is on the first floor and is labeled 'C'," she explained, handing her the key. Sakura took it and granted Karin with another bow.

"Thank you, Ms. Karin," she stated, this time with more confidence in her voice. Karin waved her hand to "lead" Sakura to the exit of her office. The pinkette huffed: these rich people were not making it easy for her.

"The first floor in room C, huh," Sakura mused to herself as she trudged over to the elevator. She had considered herself lucky not to see any of the other students when she arrived—that is, up until now. She saw two of them: girls, unfortunately. Boys would just ignore her, probably not noticing that she was a new girl. But girls? They wouldn't give her a break.

"What's with the tacky hair-dye, commoner?" A tall, lean girl with silky golden hair addressed Sakura with a witch like smirk. Sakura flinched; she had never dyed her hair, nor did she plan to. Everyone had always said her hair was beautiful—no one ever insulted it before. And now here she is, in the midst of all these highly educated rich people, and the first thing they insult is the one thing she was constantly complimented about.

"It's natural," Sakura lifted her chin, trying to regain her air of confidence. She could feel her heart sinking into her stomach just from one insult. How would she make it through even the first week of school at this rate?

"Natural? Please, don't make me laugh. Natural hair is brown, like mine, or blonde, like Ino's," a brunette girl beside her spoke. She had her hair tied up in two neat buns on her head. She looked elegant and older. She must be a senior. Sakura pulled back a tear that threatened to show. Their words cut through her like a sword to flesh. She breathed in a sharp breath, still controlling herself.

"I assure you, my hair is natural… and you can look at the roots if you don't believe me," she stated simply. She wasn't sure what they would say to that, and she didn't have to be, for the elevator arrived before they could answer. She thanked the heavens that they weren't getting in with her, but someone walked out.

A tall, lean man stepped out. He was clad in a black suit with a nametag on the side. His charcoal hair styled his bangs out of his face, revealing his elegant features. His nose was not tipped in the air as most rich men his age, but there was a certain rich dignity about him. She swallowed. Who was this guy?

"Good evening, ladies," he greeted kindly, though only a slight smile curved his placid features. Ino and Tenten greeted him with stunned eyes; obviously they, too, thought him to be handsome. Sakura sighed. He was rich; he wouldn't take interest in someone like her anyways. "I did say ladies," the man practically restated, looking at Sakura directly. She stepped back as she felt red racing up her neck. A rich man addressing her? There was no way.

"G—good evening," she stammered, wondering why he would take an interest in her. She soon found out: he was a professor. She spotted his nametag on the inner collar of his suit jacket: Prof. Uchiha. Uchiha's a nice name… Sakura thought to herself.

"I'll be your music teacher; so, try not to miss your classes," he stated simply, making his request sound a lot more like a demand. In the end, he walked off, not speaking another word, not giving her a chance to answer, but he left his mark on Sakura: it was written all over her face. She had a teacher's crush.

Sakura groaned and slid down the wall of the elevator. "I did say ladies"… that's what he said… those words echoed in her mind. Those words, spoken in that clear, smooth voice of Professor Uchiha, her music teacher. She would see him again as long as she made it to class, which she intended to make it to every class. She cut off her thoughts with a shake of her head. He's rich: filthy rich. Why was she thinking about a rich man like this? Not to mention he was her professor. Sakura glided her fingers through her loose pink hair, now frowning as she thought back to the comment the girl named "Ino" made on her hair. A small tear rolled down her pale cheek.

The door slid open, and Sakura walked out of the elevator, now in search of her room. This hallway was even more grand than the entry way. Sakura concluded that the school was trying to meet the standard of living from each individual rich student that attended their college. They didn't want bad reviews or anything, but this? This was too much. Portraits hung on the walls, renowned artists' names on each individual picture, and those were the real things. This wasn't a school! This was… a party… Sakura thought, anger curling her lip.

These rich people and their ways—were they even here to learn? College was probably just some sort of a social club to them, where they could meet others like themselves: rich pigs. Konoha was a despicable city with despicable ways and despicable people. Sakura grimaced, wishing she could have followed her friends off to somewhere distant from this place… somewhere happy, where her parents could have lived. But no, she was stuck in Konoha.

She almost walked right past her room, due to her thought, but when she walked into the single dorm, she gawked. Just as her mouth, the room door was left open as well as she looked over her room—or, house. Each and every dorm was like its own personal condo. These spoiled brats! Sakura fumed in her mind. This is the "much needed education for the people" her father's money was paying for?! She threw her suitcase onto the king-sized bed. As if a single dorm room needs a king size! She huffed as her thoughts portrayed on her face. Now she was even happier to be alone in the room. Sakura didn't think she could take it if she heard one complaint about the room before her from a rich kid.

She looked at her schedule for the day: there were no classes, but there was a gathering in an event room downstairs. The gathering was announced and suggested by one of her classmates: Naruto Uzumaki. She rolled her eyes. I knew it was just a social gathering… I hope I learn something here… Sakura didn't want to go the gathering, but as the minutes flew by while she unpacked, it nagged at her. She wondered who would be there, what would go on, and what was the purpose.

"Rich people and their notions… he probably thought this was the greatest idea in the world," Sakura mumbled, confirming that this guy had to be a class clown: always first to open his mouth, and always first to shove a foot in it. She shook her head and frowned. But if I made an idea and announced it, I would want people to show up… what if everyone else is thinking like me? Then he'll be there all by himself… no matter how rich you are I guess you don't deserve to be lonely. She convinced herself to go. She read over the conditions of the gathering:

"You can wear whatever you want, whether it is a school uniform, a suit/dress, or just a casual outfit. This meeting is just for us to get to know each other better—because who knows who we'll be paired up with when group projects come up! Nothing major will go on, maybe some ballroom dancing, but we're just going to have fun on our last night without school! See you there! -Uzumaki Naruto."

Sakura decided to wear her school uniform; her sense of style may not be quite up to par with these rich people, and she didn't want to be the center of attention in any way. She brushed through her long, pink mane. Originally, she was going to cut it before school started, but she hadn't the money and didn't dare try it herself. When she deemed it neat enough to meet the world, she headed back down to where she would meet Uzumaki Naruto and him alone. No one else would show up, right?

Sakura Haruno, naïve Sakura Haruno: she was dead wrong. The second she entered the gathering room, it was full. Students were everywhere, chatting casually like if they had known each other for years. The first good sign she noted was that she couldn't see Ino or Tenten anywhere. Considering this was a student gathering, she didn't bother looking for Professor Uchiha. She sighed, remembering that she was shy. What was she supposed to do there? It was only supposed to be Uzumaki!

"Hey! What's your name?" A blonde boy addressed her, extending his hand with a toothy grin plastered on his face. A rich kid was giving her a legitimate smile? She accepted the offered hand hesitantly and introduced herself:

"I'm Haruno Sakura," she mumbled, hoping he didn't know her state of wealth. His aqua eyes shot open, the grin disappeared only for a moment; it reappeared, with a more impish curve overcoming its original friendliness.

"Hey, guys! She showed up: the freshman poor girl!" he called out to the whole party. Sakura turned beet red as the music halted, and everyone looked at her. This was not what she wanted. Why was she alienated just for having less money than them? Why did money mean everything to these rich people? They were being dictated! Sakura felt her nerves tense her up; she felt tears forming in her eyes. She knew she shouldn't have come… she just knew.

She heard a sneering laugh of a girl: that girl being Ino. "Oh yeah, Tenten and I met her in the hallway to the elevator! She had the nerve to say that her tacky mop of hair is naturally pink!" Ino mocked with a sniff. Sakura stepped back into the wall, trying to get as far away as possible from the mass of people crowding up to her.

"Can you do anything worthwhile, poor girl? Or are you too busy scraping up your leftover food like a stray dog?" A boy with brown hair and fang-like teeth addressed her: people knew him as Kiba. Sakura held back a glare that dared to darken her emerald jewels. Starting a fight with a rich boy was not the best idea in the world.

"Naruto, do you know this girl?" A very delicate looking female clutched to the blonde boy's arm, looking up at him as if Sakura was some sort of foreign beast.

"She's a poor girl that magically made it into this college!" Naruto called out bluntly. Hinata, the delicate girl, gasped for dear life. A poor girl made it to their college? It was treacherous to the school's normal conduct.

"We were hoping you would make it," a pale faced boy smiled an obviously fake smile. His deep brown, almost black hair hung in his face. People commented to him with laughs and a "good one, Sai."

Sakura couldn't take this anymore; she turned to pull the door to the way out opened, desperately trying to make her exit. These rich people stabbed her, they taunted her—she couldn't continue to give them what they wanted. When the door of her escape was opened, she attempted to dash out, but bumped into a figure. Hesitantly she looked up, the apology not slipping out her quivering lips how she was longing for it to. She saw the nametag: Prof. Uchiha. Why him…? Why here, why now? Her mind went crazy as she just looked into his onyx orbs, fear clouding her vision.

Sasuke just looked at her. Why did she bump him? Why was she trying to get out in the first place? And why did the school choose a freshman teacher to chaperone these fools of students? He would never know. Two others stood beside him: Prof. Hatake and Prof. Guy. They were always arguing and it could get rather annoying. But now, he had to make it across this pink haired obstacle, didn't he? He tried one thing that tended to work with the rest of the girls at the school:

"Hello, Ms. Haruno; no need to apologize, could you please step aside?" The tranquility in his voice soothed Sakura, but she couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She felt like his eyes were stunning her in place, and all the menacing eyes from behind her were still focused on her: she could feel it.

Sasuke flinched, confused. She hadn't moved. Perhaps what he told the male students? "Ms. Haruno, I need to get through." Still no answer. What was this girl, deaf? He recalled the time that she "hadn't" heard him in the hallway and breathed out a sigh. When he was going to make another loose attempt at requesting her removal from his walkway, she spoke:

"I'm so very sorry for bumping into you I didn't mean it Professor Uchiha!" Sakura bowed her head quickly to hide her tears. The fact that she was seeing him now put the icing on the rotten cake for her. She was already about to cry, but now she had to let the one man she thought gave a care see her in such a pathetic state—and then she bumped him? She felt like a fool.

Sasuke continued to stare at her with confusion. He wasn't a king; she didn't need to bow to him or anything. Kakashi Hatake looked over to the confused professor and said: "Maybe you should get out of her way, Uchiha. She seems to want to get through, yeah?"

"I was going to say that, Kakashi!" Guy scowled, crossing his arms over his chest. The suggestion registered into Sasuke's head. Yes, he could move. Did he want to? No, but catering to the students was unfortunately one of his jobs as a professor in a rich school: they had to be treated like kings and queens in some sort of sense.

Sasuke stepped aside and motioned his arm out the way of the door. "I apologize; I should have realized you wanted to get out. You may go your way, Ms. Haruno," the words were some of the choppiest ones Sakura had ever heard him say. Something about his pleasurable attitude was forced. Rich people were all the same, they only showed sarcastic happiness, evil happiness, or no happiness. But what kind of "happiness" was this? Sakura shook off the thoughts and thanked him, practically running away from the problems behind her.

She knew she shouldn't have gone to that meeting, but she had falsely convinced herself. Of course rich people would go to a rich people's gathering. How stupid could she be? Sakura allowed her tears to flow fully when she reached the privacy of her room. She washed herself in a shower, trying to remove any time she could give herself to think about what happened in that meeting.

After dressing herself in an oversized T-shirt and short-shorts, Sakura slumped onto her dorm bed and stared at the ceiling, not feeling tired at all. She tried to imagine a happy place: a beautiful garden with flowers, and cherry blossoms, and lovely, not rich knights coming to save her, a not rich peasant. That was her fairytale. Would it ever come true? At this school, surrounded by all these rich people, she doubted it. She doubted she would get anywhere close to love.

She closed her eyes, her imagination turned into a dream:

The breeze blew by and swung her long pink hair over her shoulder as her charming knight came to save her. Sakura never saw her knight's face, but she had gotten used to that little gimmick of her dreams. He dismounted his horse—Sakura could feel him smiling at her.

He reached out and took her hands into his. "Sakura Haruno, I love you, and I've come to save you," he said, as he always did. Sakura smiled beautifully at the beloved of her dreams.

"But, I'm just some peasant girl," she quoted the same line in all her fantasies. The knight shook his head.

"No, you are not just some peasant girl; you are my peasant girl—my lovely peasant girl," the knight stated with a strong tone, an air of possessive love saturating his voice. Sakura smiled; this is where the dream usually ended—but it wasn't stopping. The knight released her hands and put them on his helmet as he slowly lifted it to reveal his face.

Sakura saw a perfectly formed chin, only a slight point rounding off at the tip. The helmet lifted higher and she saw lips and a nose without an upturned curve. Then she saw dark, charcoal hair hanging from the sides of his face. The helmet, now off, revealed those unmistakable onyx eyes of her music professor, Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura's eyes turned wide. How did he make it in her love dream?!

Sakura jumped awake: it was three in the morning. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders and shivered. What was this school year going to do to her? She was here to learn—she couldn't succumb to some random good looking rich teacher, could she?

She laid her head back down on her pillow, wishing to have no dreams instead of that dream. Slowly, she drifted back off to sleep, fingers crossed, alarm set for the upcoming school day. Maybe she should skip music class….


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