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"Expel her," he grunted heartlessly, clenching his fist in enragement. His eyes flashed with contempt as the knuckles of his hand turned white. His cheeks were flushed up and red with his apparent anger, and his lips curved down into a frown.

"You know we can't do that," Kakashi answered the raven patiently, trying to calm the man down. That was a task the caretaker had never been good at: after all, when an Uchiha decided to get angry, he got angry.

"What do you mean 'we can't do that'? We are the Hatake and the Uchiha—we can do whatever we want. Expel her," he ordered again, his lip curling as his rage rose. He glared harshly at the silver haired Hatake. It was a ridiculous situation. It was obvious that a Yamanaka had caused another student physical harm—if you could lower the abuse to that vernacular. She should be expelled—kicked out of the school and never to return. She hurt Sakura… because of me. He rebuked himself for being so forceful—he rebuked himself for the loving the freshman. He had ruined her life in so many ways, and what pained him the most that if he tried to do anything about it, he would just make it worse. That is what he told himself.

"Yeah, and she's a Yamanaka," Kakashi argued, sighing in frustration. The Hatake had their fair share of anger issues as well. "You know our business and theirs are way too close in money and business to do anything like that to one of their children. And we don't have any solid proof that Ms. Yamanaka abused Ms. Haruno—you heard Ms. Haruno cry and Ms. Yamanaka tell her to keep screaming—that's not abuse."

Sasuke growled in frustration, running his fingers roughly through his charcoal mop. He knew Ino did wrong; he just knew it, but Kakashi was right. He didn't have any solid proof. Ino would come out clean as a whistle from any complaint Sakura, a commoner, would make—even with an Uchiha as her witness, considering what kind of Uchiha he was: an accident. "I'm telling you, Sasuke, the second you get evidence, I'll give Karin the notice, and we'll kick her right out, but until then—"

"I know that, I'm not an idiot," he snapped. Kakashi just looked at him. "… Sometimes."

"You left the Haruno girl alone, in the darkness per se," Kakashi rebuked him, a solemn frown clouding his fake nonchalance. Sasuke bit his bottom lip harshly, his eyes glancing away from his caretaker.

"It was for her own good," he defended his decision, wishing he could take back his words with his entire being, but feeling the necessity to be the farthest person from Sakura. "She was being tortured because she spent time with me… if I'm out of the picture, then she can go back to doing what she wants in life—to finish her education."

"Are you that dense?" Kakashi curled his lip. "Are you serious, Sasuke? Do you think that after all this time that she's spent with you that she even cares about her education anymore? That's not what a girl wants: girls don't care about their education when they find a man that has such a desperate desire to take care of her. What she cares about is that man, and having him hold her in her time of need. I know that—because guess what, Sasuke? The girl I threw away committed suicide soon after I let her go. You need to rethink your little strategy," he snapped coldly, glaring into the onyx orbs of his junior.

Sasuke ground his teeth, turning his face away from the Hatake. His mind took in the words of Kakashi, and held onto them, grasping for dear life. His mind tried to convince his stubborn will to go and to talk to Sakura Haruno—to protect her from herself, from doing anything rash. He shook his head. Now wasn't the time for him to be making rash decisions either. "I loved Rin." Sasuke looked over when he heard the shaking voice of his senior. It was actually possible for him to get emotional?

"Rin was my everything," Kakashi continued, his fist clenching in passion. "But family problems arose and I couldn't take the pressure of loving a commoner, as a Hatake, I was put into pressure from my peers and my entire family. I broke her heart and let her go; I thought she would eventually get over it and I would find her married to another man, and I would be able to live bitterly as I saw her happily married as she had learned to love someone other than me.

"But that wasn't the case. She constantly came up to me, asking me to change my decision—no, begged me, rather. But I was cold. I was stubborn, and I set my mind to obeying my family's wishes. Every time she would beg me, I would shoot her down until I finally broke her heart into fragmented pieces. She stabbed herself, finding 'a life without me more painful than death'. That's what she said in the note she left for me… beside her dead body…" Kakashi's eyes glistened with tears as he thought over his past, which he had thought he had successfully pushed aside after all these years, but when Sasuke began to go through similar circumstances, things began to well up inside him again.

Sasuke looked at his senior, his eyes losing the rage they had earlier possessed. He clenched his jaw and placed his hand on Kakashi's shoulder. "I'm sorry," he said simply, but sincerity flowed through his voice. Kakashi sighed and shrugged Sasuke's hand off.

"Come now, don't patronize me," he mumbled, trying to return to his nonchalance. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before talking once again. "My advice to you is don't let everything fall apart. Forget the money, forget the status—love who you love, and don't ever let them go." Sasuke nodded solemnly, the words dancing through his mind.


Kakashi sighed as he made his way out of the raven's room. I haven't talked about that in years… he mused, referring back to when Rin was alive. Those were glorious times… that is, before his parents had found out about his love of a commoner. He couldn't help but allow the memories of her sweet smile—those soft, preciously rose lips spreading on her face in all their elegance—to course through his mind like a gentle river of pain. It hurt to remember her, but it hurt him even more to think that he was the one who caused her misery in the first place.

That boy has guts… Kakashi told himself, thinking about how Sasuke was striving to accomplish what Kakashi couldn't: be with the one he truly loved. It was strange how both he and Sasuke had fallen in love with commoners; the stranger thing being of how they both chose to deal with their situations. The Hatake allowed a sigh to ease through his lips as he reached into his suit jacket's pocket, revealing a crinkled note.

The paper, somewhat soft and yet ripped from its age, had faded writing on it and was stained with dots of deep red—almost black—blood. Kakashi frowned harshly, reading over the faded handwriting: "I love you, Kakashi. I always have loved you and I always will, and I can't live without you. After everything that you've told me, I've realized that a life without you is more painful than death." Tears threatened to tug out from his eyes, but he fought them, giving his head a quick shake to bring himself back into composure.

Kakashi had just finished teaching his class, surprised he was able to maintain his composure through the lesson even after his conversation with Sasuke. Seeing the faces of the students who he knew were guilty of abusing his, in a sense, adoptive son's beloved was infuriating. It shook the very marrow of the Hatake's bone. Sure, the Yamanaka had power, but Sasuke was an Uchiha and he was a Hatake. How dare the Yamanaka meddle in the affairs of who Sasuke happened to love.

But the Hatake knew exactly why Yamanaka Ino feared Sakura. Yes, it was fear that drove the young woman to do as she did. She was afraid of losing her power. Ino, being the richest student in the entire school, was in control. She could talk down to anyone of any family because hers was the highest—she was just that powerful.

On the contrary, however, if there was a certain student who just so happened to come under the protective covering of a family more powerful than her family, in essence: the Uchiha, then her power would be overruled by that student: Uchiha Sasuke was just that powerful. And that's where Sakura fit into the puzzle: she was the beloved of Uchiha Sasuke—the one that threatened to take away her power as a Yamanaka.

It was all high school business really. The entire idea of "keeping power" was somewhat childish and would be amusing if it didn't involve torturing the student body as Ino had done. That was unacceptable. Kakashi Hatake knew the culprit was Ino for all of those obvious facts; he just needed the appropriate evidence, as he had told Sasuke. But where was that evidence? He wasn't a detective: that was the Nara family's job. There is a Nara here… he mused, but quickly scratched that idea from his mind. There was no business in a professor requesting help from a student who could very well be involved with the culprit.

As he continued down the halls, he slipped his hand into his back pocket, pulling out a book from within. His eyes darted across the pages as he read. His mind was only half focused on the plot playing out in the story. How could he find time for leisure when he knew Sasuke was struggling as he was? There wasn't much Kakashi could do but encourage the raven, and he had done that. Now all that there was to do was wait for the results. Would they end together? Or would they break apart for eternity—never to speak to or see each other ever again? Sounds more interesting than my book… he chuckled aloud only a bit; he didn't want to make light of the situation too much. "Kakashi!" Kurenai called out to the Hatake, who responded by turning towards her.

He replaced his serious expression with his nonchalant façade. "Why, hello there! You finished teaching, yeah?" He smiled, overshadowing his perturbed features. Kurenai frowned lightly, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I've known you long enough to know that face, Hatake," she said seriously, looking into his coal orbs. Her face said enough: she was screaming at his "liar" if he'd ever seen it more obvious, but he wasn't ready to admit to it quite yet.

"Hm? A face? What face might that be?" He asked innocently, forcing mischief to dance in his eyes. His nonchalance wasn't coming off as naturally as he would have liked it to, but he had to make do with what he could manage.

"The face of concern…" Kurenai responded, a frown curving her lips downward. Kakashi sighed, giving into the woman.

"All right you got me; I'm worried to Sasuke," he admitted, a fatherly gleam in his coal orbs. The English teacher gave him a questioning look, requesting him to expand on his story. "Everything with the commoner, Ms. Haruno, is going downhill for him… to be honest, I fear he doesn't have a chance at getting her back. He broke her heart—much I did to Rin, only not as cold." Kurenai nodded slowly, understanding what the Hatake was saying.

She breathed out near silently, but then looked him straight into his eyes. "If worse comes to worst, I have one thing that just might… bring them back together," she encouraged. Kakashi's eyes light up, but he gave her a skeptical look. She continued: "I haven't watched the full video yet, but it seems that someone planted a video camera on Ms. Haruno's desk—and it has recorded sound on it as well. And the time frame is a few minutes before my English class started."

"A video camera?" Kakashi was confused. Who in this entire college would take an interest in the Haruno's desk? She was the commoner everyone hated. It would make more sense for them to plant a venomous snake in her desk than a video camera. "Why on earth would someone plant a video camera at her desk?" Kurenai could understand his confusion. She, too, was confused at first, similar thoughts making their course through her mind.

"We can thank the resident pervert: Mr. Inuzuka Kiba and his best friend Aburame Shino—they handed the camera over to me. We really need to make that uniform skirt longer," Kurenai snapped. Lustful eyes such as the ones from that disturbing little boy were defiling the girls of the school with videos and pictures, the end result being eye rape. Kakashi shrugged his shoulders. He didn't find the skirts to be too short: their length didn't faze him in the least.

Then again, if a full grown woman was wearing a skirt similar to that length… well, maybe then he would have problems. "You're probably right," he noted with a thoughtful muse. "In any case, shall we watch that video? I'm itching to see if it will be evidence." Kurenai nodded, glad she was able to lighten the mood of the Hatake. Without further delay, they headed to the receptionist's office.


"I'm sick of being in the middle of everything! Why does my personal space have to have all the cool gadgets and crap?!" Karin complained in a whiny tone, setting up a screen in a small room for the physics and English professor to watch the video they had found. The Uchiha liked her alone time, but she seemed to be getting less and less of it as the time went on. She had just finished telling little Miss Haruno a white lie, and then she informed her cousin of what the Haruno had requested: a drop out forum. Not long after that, here comes Kakashi and Kurenai to use her space. Would she ever be alone?

"Oh, don't complain little one," Kakashi teased, an impish grin playing at his lips. "We won't be here long. Besides, you'll have the office to yourself—this room is closed off," he noted nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders without a care. Karin only rolled her eyes, continuing to plug the camera into the flat screen.

"There…" she breathed as she finished setting it up. Her crimson orbs flashed up and looked the Yuhi and the Hatake straight in their eyes. "Please keep the volume low and don't disturb me!" She snapped. And with that order, she strode out the room, returning to the main area of her office. Kakashi and Kurenai only looked at each other, unsure of why the redhead had such an aggravated annoyance.

The Hatake reached out and grabbed a remote control, pointing it at the screen as he pressed the play button. And now, they listened to the contents:

"Inuzuka Kiba, what do you think you're doing?!" The unmistakable voice of Aburame Shino was heard. That boy seemed to always be getting Kiba out of trouble—at least, until now.

"What do you think I'm doing? Poor or not, she's a girl! And a girl's got parts that this guy wants to see. She's the only one who's not in my collection of pictures and I need her before that d!#$ Yamanaka gets her expelled!"

"You know Yamanaka's plans?" Shino asked warily, knowing that Ino would never speak of anything to the careless dog lover. His lips slipped all sorts of secrets he was supposed to be keeping. In short, he was the absolute worst at keeping his mouth shut—second only to Uzumaki Naruto.

"As if I couldn't! She's been talking about it so carelessly loud—and you know I'm always in the girl dorms," he laughed perversely. "Anyways, I heard her talking to Hinata and Naruto and Sai and Temari about it—Shikamaru was there too!"

"Looks like you're not the only one in the girl's dorms after hours…" Shino mused, half mumbling to himself half speaking to Kiba. Kiba just grunted and continued his story:

"They're probably banging up there or something!" His voice was saturated with perversion as his mind was obviously on the naughty. "But they said something 'bout a failed plan to 'nicely' get Sakura into drugs, so they're just gonna plant 'em on her desk. Works for me! If she falls over my camera will get a really nice view up that hiked up skirt of hers!"

The shuffling of feet could be heard as Kiba made the final adjustments to his camera. "All done…"

"Kiba, someone's coming," Shino whispered. A loud bang was heard before a subdued "ow" and a curse came out from the Inuzuka's mouth. They both shuffled to their seats, acting as if nothing was going on. They were both oddly early to class—which, Kiba was absolutely never early, but this was a special case.

"The heck are you doing here, Inuzuka?" The voice of Shikamaru resonated through the air, travelling to the bug in the camera.

"Oh, nothing! Just planting some cameras!" Kiba answered back mischievously, not daring to tell a lie to a detective. Shikamaru just groaned, beginning to plant the drugs on the table, a bit of the dust floating in the camera's view.

"Just stay away from Temari… it'd be too troublesome to have her mad at you for it."

"Don't worry, I got her photo already!" Kiba laughed impishly, only causing the Nara to groan in irritation.

"You're too much, Kiba," the voice of Hyuga Hinata pierced the air in a calm tune, a ghost of a giggle playing in her sadistic voice. "Sometimes I wonder why I never followed through with cutting off your genitals." No sarcastic retort was heard from that statement. It was obvious that the girl meant that statement with all her heart. What would stop her from doing so anyways? Simple: the torture Kiba was receiving from simply knowing that one day, she really could follow through with that statement.

"I think that's enough…" Shikamaru mumbled, ending his actions of scattering the dust on Sakura's desk. A giggle escaped the voice of the Hyuga in some sort of response. "If we get caught for this you know we'll get more than expelled…" his voice trailed off.

"Oh but it'd be too much fun to get caught!" Hinata squealed. Did she really want to get caught, or was it a façade she was putting up? None could tell.

"Um, did I mention the cameras have bugs?" Kiba mumbled a question directed towards the Hyuga and the Nara. There was a silent pause before words were spoken again. "W—What?" The Inuzuka stammered; they must be staring at him.

"Where is the camera?" Shikamaru demanded to know. There was another long silence before Shino spoke up:

"I unhooked it; it's not active anymore," he lied, and a sigh of relief was heard from Shikamaru and Hinata. The rest of the recording was what the professors already knew, except now, they knew the background.


Kakashi stared at the screen, his lips parted in complete awe. Kurenai's face held a look of equal surprise, her mouth dropping into a feminine gawk—if that is possible. Miss Yamanaka was not the only student involved in this mess: Hyuga, Nara, Uzumaki, and Matsumoto were—and even Ichihara Temari! "This is a bigger mess than we thought…" the Hatake mused, his eyes veering over to the woman sitting beside him, who slowly nodded in a response.

"We should let Inuzuka and Aburame off the hook even though they vandalized school property with that camera," Kurenai noted, folding her hands on her lap. Kakashi nodded in agreement; after all, they wouldn't have their solution if it wasn't for those two. The Hatake breathed in a sharp breath; right before he was going to speak again, Karin screaming was heard on the other side of the closed door.

"WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE MY ONLY ROOM?!" She practically screeched. The monotone voice of Uchiha Sasuke answered her in incoherent words from the closed door. Kakashi and Kurenai looked at each other, both getting up in unison and joining the Uchiha's in the main room of the receptionist's office. "Oh, well good for you two!" Karin's whole demeanor changed, her crimson orbs sparkling. Kakashi and Kurenai met Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura in the room, their faces glowing, Sakura's eyes still swollen from tears.

"Sasuke…" Kakashi breathed, looking at the man with question. Sasuke nodded, answering the look of the Hatake: all was well now. Things were back to the way they were—if not better. His arm was encircling the waist of the pinkette lovingly, while her hand was lightly placed over his own, begging him to never let go. Kakashi smiled at the sight: things were definitely better. Kurenai cleared her throat, breaking the silence.

"I'm glad for both of you, however, there is still the matter of the drugs." Sakura frowned. She had almost completely forgotten that she had been drugged. They would never find the culprits anyways, she would have to forget about that.

"It's okay if we don't—"

"It was Hyuga Hinata and Nara Shikamaru," Kurenai's voice cut off the voice of the pinkette's. Sakura's emerald orbs widened. How had they figured out? She, of course, knew from when they were abusing her a few days back, but there was no way that the professors could know… was there? "There was a video camera recording everything prior to when you came into the room, Ms. Haruno," Kurenai went on to explain. "Professor Hatake and I have just gotten through watching it."

"Then we'll expel them?" Sasuke spoke up, his voice almost holding a tinge of excitement. Would his beloved Sakura finally be rid of her torturers? The face of Kakashi Hatake turned grim. Sasuke could feel the vein in his temple pulsing. The answer couldn't be good, could it?

"No, we can't," Kakashi sighed simply, massaging his temples with his thumb and index finger. The raven's whole facial structure changed in anger.

"Why the fu—"

"Sasuke," Kurenai interrupted him before he finished a sentence he would more than likely regret. She took a deep breath before she continued: "Drugs were involved—student torture that was literally physical abuse and mental trauma was instigated. Everyone involved with Yamanaka could get jail time: everyone." She repeated as to engrain the thought into his mind.

However, Sasuke didn't seem to mind at all. Let them go to prison. The college shouldn't house criminals. Of course, his reason for getting rid of them wasn't necessarily for the drugs; it was for who they used the drugs on. His eyebrow lifted in a question basically asking what the problem was with them getting a rightful punishment. Kakashi sighed exasperatedly, his eyes giving Sakura his attention. "Ms. Haruno, Ms. Tenten is your friend, correct?" Sakura nodded vigorously. "And her boyfriend is Neji Hyuga, if I'm not mistaken?" Sakura, once again, nodded without hesitation. Where was the Hatake going with this?

"What are you saying?" Sasuke questioned impatiently, voicing Sakura's musings successfully. Kakashi looked back towards the raven.

"Hyuga Neji is where 'expelling' them and 'sending them to jail' has problems. Because of his sadistic cousin—which, from knowing the Hyuga family all their life, I know that she more than likely did this on purpose—if any Hyuga is sent off to such a demeaning place as prison, their family name will be in ruins. Their status will fall substantially—perhaps even to the point of making them commoners." Sakura held back a gasp. Why would Hinata do that? It affected her too!

"That brings other families into the mix…" Sasuke mumbled, Karin continuing his thought: "The Uchiha." Kakashi nodded solemnly.

"Fugaku would be forced to return to Konoha and intervene, considering his remaining power over the wealthy in Konoha. This won't just be punishing a few students: all of these children are from renowned families. It'll be one mess of a court case, and the college won't be the only entity losing money by the load."

The group stood in silence, all pondering of what could possibly be done with the mess. Sakura shifted silently, pressing her side closer to Sasuke in looking for comfort. In truth, she didn't understand what was going on, or what exactly the problem was. She didn't speak the language of the rich and was therefore confused, but she wanted to hear the final results: that was more than likely something that she would be able to understand. Would they or would they not be punished?

"That girl is a nefarious genius," Kurenai mumbled, slumping into a cushioned chair that was in the corner of the office. She thought well when she was comfortable. Sasuke clenched his jaw, responding to Sakura's earlier actions by encircling his arm around her waist more tightly.

"She's not that smart," Sasuke spoke up, his onyx orbs holding a glint of a revelation. Kakashi and Kurenai looked over at him, Karin also glancing towards him, suddenly becoming more interested in the conversation going on in her office. "The Uchiha can't come back to Konoha—Fugaku can't anyways," Sasuke mused aloud, his eyes veering up towards the ceiling as he voiced his thoughts. "Karin and I are 'Uchiha representatives' per se. As much as I hate it, I would be speaking in his stead."

"The Hyuga's name would still be blemished," Kakashi noted, giving the raven a warning glare as if he knew his thoughts even before he finished. Sasuke ignored the look, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

"It's nothing new, Hatake-sensei," Sasuke said placidly, his voice a clear calm. "The Uchiha have always been bailing families out in secrecy, soon backstabbing them. We have enemies, but we weave things out to benefit our self-centered nature." Karin grimaced at the sugar coated insult that her cousin had just remarked.

"So, what will you do?" Kurenai looked up at the young professor, eyeing him suspiciously. She knew he was telling her the truth: the Yuhi family had also been aided by the Uchiha. She was still waiting for the time she would be backstabbed. Her eyes narrowed at the statement: it was no wonder all the families both feared and hated the Uchiha. They could say whatever they wanted and no one could do anything about it; they all just simply succumbed to their overabundance of power.

"The Yamanaka's, the Hyuga's, the Uzumaki's, the Nara's, the Matsumoto's, and the Ichihara's names will remain unblemished. A bit of flattery and a lot of money does wonders on the mind of the rich." Sakura looked up at her music professor. Could he really do that? The pinkette was beginning to get a bad feeling about where this "punishment" for her torturers was headed—although they did deserve it.

"Maybe… we should let them go…" she mumbled, but it was loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. All eyes turned and eyed the commoner in complete awe, surprise, and utter confusion. Did she really just say that? She, who was still covered in bruises and cuts; she, who's legs still ached with near inability to walk from abuse—wanted to let them off?

"Sakura, you can't be serious," Sasuke spoke bluntly, neglecting the formality he was supposed to use in the presence of his elder professors. Karin gawked at the girl, wanting to ask the same question as her cousin, but the words wouldn't come out in her appall. Sakura veered her eyes up to the onyx orbs of her beloved, the emerald holding gleams of compassion.

"I am, Sasuke…" she neglected the formality as well, a frown curving her lips downward. "I know they deserve it—"

"They more than deserve it," Sasuke interrupted, narrowing his eyes at her. What was she thinking?

"But we can't do that or else we'll be just as bad as they are…!" She pleaded him; his anger was obviously ruling his decisions. Sakura loved justice. She did, actually, want them to get their rightful punishment: that was justice. But to execute justice in this way—which, from her hearing sounded somewhat illegal—didn't set well with her. She would rather let it go.

"It's ultimately her decision, Sasuke," Kakashi noted, watching the raven as he clenched his jaw, trying to calm his nerves as he took in what the pinkette had just told him. Would it really make them as bad as Ino? He wasn't tearing her apart and causing her mental anguish—thought, he did want to. Sasuke bit the inside of his cheek, breathing in a sharp breath through his nostrils.

"I'll comply," he gave in, feeling a weight lifted from his shoulders. Sakura smiled at him gratefully. For her, he would really do anything, wouldn't he?


Don't hate Sakura too much lol But here's a little epilogue for you all: after everything happened with almost punishing the families, Kakashi informed the families of what their children had been doing without Sakura permission. In turn, the families withdrew Ino and her gang from the college, thanking Uchiha Sasuke profusely for sparing their family names. He only gave them an infamous "hn" while Karin and Kakashi responded to things he ought to have been. Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata, and Temari lived on with their lives miserably, almost wishing that they had been sent to jail. Why? Now they were living under the humiliation of being indebted to a commoner. Ino's position of power was taken away from her from her beloved father; he said it would be good for her. Not until years later did Ino finally mature and retake her status as a true adult, having learned her lesson from a raven haired Uchiha and a pink haired commoner. Sakura, now free from torture, was able to continue her education and her life continued as you know it from the other chapters. I hope you enjoyed this story as I much as I enjoyed writing it, everyone! :] A word from the actors?

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