"Pass me that sweater," Santana pointed to the cream colored item folded on her bed. Lizzie leaned over and tossed it not so gently at Santana. "Real nice," Santana playfully rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe you're leaving me again," Lizzie ignored the girl. "What the fuck am I supposed to do for an entire fucking month?"

"Same thing you did last year." Lizzie sighed as she dramatically flopped back down onto the bed. "Don't try to make me feel bad, I invited you to come." Lizzie popped right back up.

"You know Dale goes on break soon."

"Not my fault. Plus, don't act like you're not gonna be boning him the entire break." Santana shrugged with a smirk. "Toss me those jeans."

"Toss me those jeans," Lizzie muttered under her breath, chuckle.

"Santana!" Antony screamed from downstairs.

"Ugh," Santana rolled her eyes, already knowing what her father wanted.

"Santana! Please!"

"I'm coming!" She shouted with attitude. "Be right back," she sighed to her best friend.

As Santana headed downstairs, Lizzie laid back down on her comforter. She closed her eyes, tired from the drive home.

"Tired?" A soft voice jolted her back awake only a few minutes later.

"Oh," Lizzie laughed lightly when the blonde hair sauntered into the room. "I thought it was San. You're happiness startled me," she laughed making Brittany giggle slightly. "And yeah, somebody made me drive home so her and her girlfriend could cuddle in the backseat."

"I'm sorry," Brittany apologized sincerely, her eyes falling. "I-"

"I'm messing, Brit," Lizzie laughed. "I know it wasn't your idea. She was just happy to see you, couldn't blame her." With both the girl's having midterms they hadn't seen each other in almost three weeks. It was the first time since last year they'd let three weeks go by without spending the weekend together. They figured their month break together would make up for it.

"You want some help?" Lizzie offered as she sat up and crossed her legs on the bed.

"Oh, you don't have to," Brittany sat down beside her placing the laundry basket down. Lizzie just shrugged and started to help Brittany with folding her wash. Santana told Brittany to hold off on paying for the washing machines at school so she could wash everything for free at Santana's.

"Santana tells me dance is going really well?" Brittany nodded with a smile. "I gotta see you live," Lizzie smiled referring to the many videos Santana had shown her.

"We have this benefit show the month after we get back," Brittany told her. "I'm a featured soloist and in some group things. I'm sure Santana's gonna come, I'd love it if you came with her."

"Wanky," Lizzie said in her best Santana voice, making both girls laugh while Brittany playfully hit the girl's arm.

"Seriously though," Brittany smiled.

"I'll be there."

"You know, I'd love for you to visit with Santana too." Lizzie and Santana were rooming together this year, so Brittany got to know Lizzie pretty well whenever she got to visit. Santana was the one with the car though, and since Brittany usually had dance on the weekends, Santana was visiting Brittany more often than the other way around. Brittany still managed to catch a bus to Kenyon every couple weekends, but Santana couldn't go without seeing the girl almost every weekend. Brittany wasn't complaining one bit, but she always felt a little bad that Santana left Lizzie alone most weekends.

"Thanks," Lizzie laughed. "I don't think Santana would appreciate me cutting in on her Brit-Brit time, though. Plus, I don't mind having the place to myself every once in awhile," she smiled. Santana actually invited Lizzie every time she's gone to visit Brittany, but Lizzie knows how much the time they spend together means to her friend. Plus, they always include her when Brittany is in town. "It also leaves some weekends open for Dale to visit," Lizzie smiled.

"I don't know how you do it," Brittany shook her head. Dale went to school on the other side of the country, meaning he had to fly in whenever he visited, making their little visits quite expensive. Watching Lizzie and Dale's relationship was really inspiring to Brittany. It made her feel kind of bad for missing Santana so damn much when they didn't see each other every weekend.

"Makes the time with him that much better," Lizzie shrugged. "I'm sure you've realized that by now though," she laughed lightly. Brittany nodded with a smile.

"I wish you were coming with us," Brittany admitted. "The lodge is incredible."

"Me too," Lizzie laughed. "From what I've seen the place has got to be the source of wizardry or some shit." Brittany laughed but cocked an eyebrow at the girl as she folded one of her crew neck sweatshirts.

"Please," Lizzie started. "First Antony finally finds a girl and then San actually falls for someone and lets them in. And both of those girls are freaking beautiful blonde angels. Fucking magic." Brittany giggled while she tried to ignore the girl's compliment. Anytime Brittany was around, Lizzie always made some comment about how she was some godsend to Santana.

"Does Dale get home soon?" Brittany asked once her laughter subsided.

"Mhm, next week."

"How long has it been for you guys? Like five years?"

"Basically," Lizzie rolled her eyes. "What about you two," Lizzie nudged her playfully. "Big one year coming up. Celebrating in the same place, how romantic!"

Brittany quickly craned her neck to peek out the door. Once she decided the coast was clear, she began whispering.

"Can I show you something?" Lizzie nodded curiously. Brittany quickly pulled out a skinny rectangular box from her back pocket. She slowly opened it and held it out to Lizzie.

"Holy shit," the brunette breathed. Inside the box was a beautiful silver chain attached to a breathtaking heart charm. The chain hooked through the top right corner of the heart, making the charm hang on a slant. The heart was slightly bigger on the right side where it hung from, giving the heart a funky yet pretty shape. The whole surface was covered with crushed diamonds. Right below where the chain hung connected was a tiny opening carved in the shape of an even tinier heart.

"Brit," she breathed. "It's stunning."

"You think she'll like it?" She asked nervously.

"Are you kidding? It's so Santana. Jesus, how many paychecks did you waste on that girl," she laughed not seriously looking for an answer.

"I just had to make sure I could keep up with whatever she's got up her sleeve," Brittany confessed.

"Santana?" Lizzie checked.

"Yeah...?" Brittany confirmed with slight confusion.

"Sorry, I'm just still not used to her being such a romantic," she smirked as she exaggerated the word romantic. "You've been so good for her," Lizzie said more seriously as she gently wrapped her arm around the blonde.

"Thanks, Liz," she smiled as she carefully wrapped the necklace back up, trying to keep her cheeks from burning too much.

"Ugh!" They heard Santana coming from down the hall. They could practically see her rolling her eyes through the wall. "You'd think a grown ass man would know how to pack himself-" she stopped mid sentence when she saw her blonde girlfriend sitting on her bed. "Oh, hi Brit," her smiled, her tone immediately softening. "You finish your wash already?" She asked as she walked to plant a kiss on the blonde's lips. Brittany softly reciprocated as Santana began lowering herself onto the blonde.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Lizzie chuckled to herself.

"Babe," Brittany smiled into Santana's lips, remembering their company.

"She's fine," Santana rolled her eyes as she leaned off the girl a little. "It's not like I didn't have to watch her and Dale do this all of high school."

"Shut up," Lizzie playfully hit the girl, momentarily catching her off balance. Brittany grabbed her waist to steady her out. "Plus, I've never been this love sick. You're tone does a complete 180 whenever you see her." Brittany had noticed pretty quickly that Santana was different with her. But she certainty wasn't the bitch she claimed to be. She was just much sassier and sarcastic with most people. Brittany thought it was super cute. And everyone she'd met at Kenyon seemed to be a big fan of Santana, proving what Brittany assumed all along to be true: the girl was a sweetheart whether she wanted to admit it or not.

"Sorry somebody finally doesn't make me wanna punch myself every second of the day."

"That's depressing," Lizzie joked back.

"Plus," Santana smiled as she looked at Brit. "Can you blame me?"

"No," Lizzie said honestly. No matter what Santana told her about the blonde, nothing could prepare her for how genuinely good a person the blonde was. She literally made everyone smile just from her presence. Nothing made Lizzie happier than seeing someone so amazing come into Santana's life.

"Is this all you're packing?" Santana asked as she picked up one of the last shirts in Brittany's basket.

"No," Brittany shook her head. "My Mom's got the rest with her. She's gonna check my suitcase with the rest of the family's. I just got off the phone telling her what I wanted. We'll see if she listened," the blonde laughed. Santana missed seeing her laugh.

"How's your Mom doing?" Lizzie asked softly. "San told me everything was going well?"

"Mhm," Brittany smiled, her heart finally feeling light again. "She actually just told me she's got a whole inch of hair now. Last time I saw her it was all peach fuzz," she laughed lightly. "We've gotten her lots of great wigs though. She doesn't love wearing them, but I think she might as well have some fun with the sucky situation."

"That's awesome," Lizzie smiled as Santana's hand rubbed up and down Brittany's back.

It turned out Brittany's Mom had a rare bone marrow type that didn't match anyone in her families. As soon as Santana heard, she immediately donated her bone marrow in hopes to help. Unfortunately, after going through the excruciating procedure she wasn't a match either, but she ended up having a not so common type as well. She urged Antony and her Mother to try and by chance Antony was a perfect match. After the transplant went flawlessly, they were able to start chemo, ultimately working towards making Samantha cancer free.

"Who knows what would've happened without San's help," Brittany sighed as she planted a soft kiss to the girl's temple. Santana turned to face Brittany as she grabbed the girl's chin with her hand, pulling her in for a short but gentle kiss.

"I gotta finish packing," she smiled before returning to the floor.

"So can Antony really not pack for himself?" Lizzie asked as she sprawled herself onto her stomach.

"Seriously," Santana rolled her eyes.

"Christine couldn't help him?"

"She's out working or something," she shrugged.

"I can't wait to see her!" Brittany did a tiny dance making both the girls laugh. While Christine stayed in Michigan to support Samantha, Antony ended up spending almost a full month there after his bone marrow donation. Once the chemo was over, though, Samantha finally convinced Christine to leave. Nothing, besides Samantha, was keeping her in Michigan. Her job could easily be transferred to an Ohio office and Antony had been practically begging her to move in a month after they got back from Blue Creek Lodge. He even offered to move there to be with her since Santana was in college and all, but she didn't feel right uprooting him from his life.

"I can't believe she moved here," Brittany smiled in disbelief.

"I'm pretty sure he's got something up his sleeve," Santana mumbled to herself.

"Hm?" Brittany eyed the girl. Santana quickly looked out her bedroom door to make sure Antony wasn't around.

"He said he has to talk to me about something important," she rolled her eyes. "I- I'm pretty sure he's going to propose!" She whisper yelled with a smile.

"What?!" Brittany and Lizzie both spit out not so quietly.

"Shh!" Santana hushed. "I mean- he didn't say anything yet but it makes sense! They're totally in love-"

"Totally," Brittany agreed with a nod.

"And if he's gonna do it I know he'd definitely be into doing it where they met. I doubt he wants to wait another year." Brittany squealed and hugged Santana out of excitement. Santana's heart was already accelerated from the thought of Antony being so happy, but Brittany's warmth only sped it up more. Santana loved Christine, she'd been nothing but sweet to Santana and her father, and she made Antony one happy man.

"Go Antony!" Lizzie sang. "Geez, fucking Blue Creek Lodge. He's gonna come back all wifed up!" Suddenly Lizzie's face got a little more serious and she eyed the two girls. "You two better not come back wifed up. I mean, I better be there when that shit goes down!"

"Shut up," Santana rolled her eyes as Brittany giggled, her arms still wrapped around Santana's neck.

"Brittany?!" Christine's distinct voice boomed through the house from downstairs. Within a split second the blonde was sprinting out of the room. Santana and Lizzie giggled as they watched her disappear. Santana had seen Christine and Antony when they visited for lunch last weekend but Brittany hadn't seen the woman in months.

"She's so freaking cute," Santana shook her head. Lizzie could only agree. They fell into a comfortable silence as Santana continued folding her clothes into her suitcases.

"You're still wearing those bracelets?" Lizzie laughed as she noticed the girl's faded blue bracelet with Brittany on it. Santana shot her a glare. "I mean, don't you think it's time for an upgrade or something? It's cute and all but-"

"It was all I could afford last year. I didn't plan on falling in love."

"So you've had time to prepare this year," Lizzie raised her eyebrows with a smile. Santana sighed in defeat.

"You could say there's an upgrade coming," she admitted.

"Good girl," Lizzie scrunched her nose up cutely.

Suddenly, the girls heard some commotion downstairs.

"Santana!" Mr. Lopez called from downstairs.

"Be right there!" Santana said with a raised eyebrow. "Help me zip this?" She asked Lizzie. The girl nodded, jumped off the bed, and sat herself down on the suitcase. Santana sent her a glare.

"Watch," she shrugged. "So much easier to zip now." Santana rolled her eyes but the girl was right, the suitcase zipped right up.

"Thanks," Santana muttered when Lizzie smirked at her. "Let's go."

As soon as they made it into the kitchen where the noise was coming from, Santana stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes fell on Brittany who was hugging a smaller woman with dark hair. Definitely not Christine...

"Mom!" Santana squealed as the two pulled apart. Her Mom opened her arms as Santana ran into them. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to say goodbye before you leave me again for another month." Santana gave her a tiny pout. Technically, it was her Mom's year to celebrate the holidays with. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding San," she said as she took the tan girl's face in between her hands. "I told you, you're a big girl now," she laughed. Santana had told her mother multiple times she'd gladly stay home to be with her this year. However, they both knew that wasn't what she wanted. Santana's Mom pulled her daughter in for a tight hug and began whispering. "It's where you belong," she told the girl. "Go spend time with your girlfriend. I'll be here when you get back."

"Thanks Mom," Santana breathed with a smile. She pulled away with a smile.

"You girls have fun, okay? But not too much," she eyed them. She turned over to Santana with warning eyes. "I told Brit to look out for you, so don't do anything too dumb."

"Yes Mom," Santana rolled her eyes.

"Lizzie!" she called out. "I didn't even see you there, get over here!" She pulled the girl into a hug.

"I'm gonna go get Christine's suitcase," Antony dismissed himself.

Santana walked over to Brittany and pulled her into her arms.

"Finally," Santana sighed.

"We're going home!" Brittany joked in a silly voice.

"I missed you," Santana laughed lightly.

"Missed you more," Brittany kissed the top of her head.

"We're decorating our room again this year, right?" Santana asked softly. "You brought the lights?" Brittany giggled.

"Yes you little Christmas elf," she tapped her nose with her finger. "Now that you aren't all anti-Christmas this year we can really do it right."

"Wanky," Santana flirted.

"San," Brittany gasped slightly. "But that too," she flirted back.

"Alright," Antony called. "Girls, go get your stuff. Time to say your goodbyes."

"Ugh," Lizzie groaned.

Santana and Brittany quickly ran upstairs to grab their bags as Antony began loading everything into the car.

"Have some fun," Lizzie said as she pulled Brittany into a tight hug. "You deserve it. You know, for everything this year," she said hinting at her Mom. "Plus, putting up with Santana all this time can't be easy."

"Thanks, Liz," she laughed. "Have a good Christmas. I'll make sure to sneak San into the computer room more often," she smiled.

"Thanks," she smiled in appreciation.

"And tell Dale I said hi."

"Will do. And you," she smiled to Santana. "If you were leaving me for anybody else, I'd be pissed," she hugged the girl with a laugh. "You're lucky your girlfriend is a fucking angel," she said again.

"Yeah, yeah," she sighed, tightening the hug. "I'll miss you," she whispered.

"Softie," Lizzie teased. "I'll miss you too," she admitted back. "Don't have too much fun," she teased.

"You too," she smirked thinking about Dale.

"Take care of her," she told Brittany who smiled at her friend just before Santana's Mom pulled Brittany into a hug. Right after they got home, Santana's Mom was more than thrilled to learn she'd finally met a girl. She obviously demanded on meeting the girl she'd heard so many wonderful things about. They arranged a lunch and the two hit it off right away. Honestly, Santana felt like she wasn't even there. The two chatted like old friends right off the bat.

"Happy Holidays, Brittany," she smiled. "Have a great time. And thanks again," she smiled softly. "You know, for lightening this one up a little," she teased as she grabbed Santana's shoulder.

"San," she pulled her into a hug. "Have some fun. Relax."

"You too," Santana told the girl.

"I'll miss you. You owe me a girls night when we get back."

"Deal," she smiled. "Thanks for letting me go," she said softly.

"Thanks for going," her mom smiled. She hated when Santana didn't do things for herself. "Your father has my gifts for you two," she smiled at the girls. "Don't open untilChristmas, you hear me!"

"Yes Mom," she laughed.

"Good. Now get outta here," she slapped her daughter on the butt. "Love you both!"

"Love you too!" They both replied as they gave one last wave to both girls and helped Antony lift the last bag into the car. Christine and Antony said their goodbyes as Santana and Brittany hopped in the back seat. Right after Santana closed the door behind them her lips crashed into Brittany's, leaving her momentarily breathless.

"Even after almost a year," Brittany laughed lightly as she caught her breath, "you still have the same effect on me." Santana gave the girl another kiss, her lips tingling.

"I'm so excited," Santana smiled.

"Me too," Brittany kissed her again.

"Did you ever find out if Sam was making it?"

"His parents finally agreed to let him go for three weeks to see Quinn since it was so hard to make time during school. His family's only coming for Christmas week."

"Nice. I'm so excited to see Quinn," she smiled. Quinn had become a pretty close friend. They'd Skyped every week since they got back. It was nice having a friend besides Lizzie and Brittany she could talk to.

"Me too," Brittany smiled, excitement filling both of them.

"You know what I'm more excited for?" Santana asked seductively, her nose rushing against Brittany's.

"Hm?" Brittany asked. Santana paused for a moment. She'd almost forgotten how breathtaking the blonde's eyes were.

"Being with you all the time. Waking up to you every morning." Brittany's lips took Santana's lower one in between her two as Santana's hands found the girl's face. She deepened the kiss as she started leaning further into Brittany.

"Okay love birds," Antony smirked as he shut his car door, startling both the girls out of the kiss. "There'll be plenty of time for that once we get there," he rolled his eyes.

Brittany giggled as Santana leaned her head down on the girl's shoulder. Brittany took Santana's hand in hers.

"Blue Creek Lodge- Round two," Antony announced as he started the car. Brittany leaned down to kiss the top of Santana's head.

"Love you," Santana whispered up at the blonde, the words still making her stomach flutter.

"I love you too."


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