I'm back! Yay! More fluff, perhaps. Yaoi warning. Not proofred. Sorry for spelling errors.

Watching as I stood on the cliff, the wind brushing my hair, flowing in my clothes. I look down on the town below me, eyeing one certian demon. Disgusting spider. My crimson eyes narrow at the infamous spider demon- Claude. He is holding my sister's hand- her name is Alice. She looks a lot like me, or that's just what our closest friends say. But Claude... He's dangerous. Too dangerous. I hate the way his dull eyes scan over Alice like she's some sort of meal. Hissing in annoyance, I turn on my heel and storm away. I fold my raven wings closer to my shoulders, pausing, trying to create a lie to get Alice back home. I turn back around, run, and leap off the cliff. I spread my wings, closing my eyes, relishing the feel of the air wrapping around me. I dive head first, pull up at the last minute, and land softly. I run past other demons, making my way to the couple.

I call, "Alice!" My sister turns around sharply at the call of her name, her own crimson eyes focusing on me. I walk up to her as they two stop, "Hey, Alice. Mom and Dad called. They want to come over, so we have to clean our house." She furrows her brows, "I don't remember them saying such a thing." I gulp- I hate lying to her, "Well, they did. Time to come home." Alice smiles, "Fine." She turns and pecks Claude's cheek, "See you later." He looks down at her, "Call me." Alice nods, "I always do." I beckon her as I walk away, "Bye, Claude. C'mon, Alice." She smiles and runs after me. Alice eventually catches up with me, walking beside me, "You didn't need to lie. It's okay if you just want me to be home." I don't look at her, "You know I hate Claude." Alice shrugs, "But I love him." I look at her through the corner of my eye, wondering if Claude loves her.


I snap from my daze as my young master yells at me. I jump, "Yes, my lord?" He growls lowly, "You were...drifting off. Again." Why can't I stay in the present? Alice was a long while ago- a century before I made my current contract with Ciel Phantomhive. Looking down at him, I say softly, "I'm sorry, my lord." He snorts, "What were you remembering, anyway?" My eyes drift to the floor, looking at nothing, "A distant time, my lord." He looks up from his office chair, "A distant time, you say? Interesting." I hope he doesn't press the subject. I shoot him a quick glance.

My little master, how I love you so. My little master, how I wish to pull you into my arms and keep you safe. If only I could protect you from all of the obscene dangers of the world. My little, young, proud, soft, master. How I love you so.

Ciel goes back to doing his paperwork, "Sebastian?" I watch him twirl his quill in his fingers, "Yes?" He sighs, "I'm...confused." I knit my eyebrows together in concern, "About what, my lord?" He stands suddenly, "Nevermind. What time is it?" I pull out my watch, popping it oopen, "Time for you to go to bed, my lord." He walks towards his office door, "Very well. I will skip a bath tonight." I follow him faithfully, "Fine, my lord." I follow him to his room, where he sits on the edge of his bed, and I slowly undress him.

"It's fine! I'll be fine, Sebby! I know you have your doubts about Claude, but I'll be fine!"

I believed her. I believed that he wouldn't hurt her. I believed in his lies. He tricked both of us. He killed us. Tore us apart. Forever. Never will I see her smiling face, her bright eyes. He reached into my core, and broke me at the very base. He watched as my sister screamed in agony, her life being ripped from her. And he meant to do it. Damn spider. Damn spider. Damn spider. Damn spi-


I slip Ciel's night shirt on over his head, "My lord?"

He looks up at me, "Sleep in here tonight. That's an order." I pause, "My lord...? Please excuse me, but why?" He takes off his eyepatch, "Because you look like you're going to crumble any minute. I konw you- and this isn't how you usually are." I take his eyepatch from him, smiling as his marked eye gives off the distinct faint glow, "Thank you, my lord."

He crawls under the covers, and I walk to the other side of the bed. Demons don't need sleep, but we can if we want to. I remove my tail coat, folding it and placing it next to the bed. I pull off my tie, setting it atop the other butler attire. I strip off layers of clothing until I'm left in my white undershirt and pants. Crawling under the covers, I face away from Ciel, "Goodnight, Bocchan." He whispers back to me, "Goodnight, Sebastian."

Bocchan as no appointments in the morning. Maybe I'll let him sleep in.

I look through the glass window, spying on the two like I usually do.

He won't mind.

I freeze on the spot as Claude's eyes reach mine. He pretends not to notice me, but a smirk settles on his features. Alice is talking away, sitting down on the couch. A smirk? Claude has never showed emotion before.

Perhaps I'll also make him a cake. Bocchan loves his sweets.

I gasp as he turns and stands in front of her, blocking my view of the only other raven demon in existence. What is he planning? Suddenly, he reaches down and grabs Alice's shirt and lifts her up off the couch. I let out a feral growl as I stand and run to his front door.

"C-Claude?! What are you d1doing?!"

I grab the handle and try to push the door open. Damn- it's locked.

Or maybe some other sort of sweet. Anything with large amounts of sugar should be fine.

I ready myself, taking a few steps back, ramming my shoulder into the door. It wont budge. "Alice! Hang on- I'm coming!" I shout through the door. I ram into it again as I hear Claude let out a low chuckle. Panicking, I ram myself into the door again, ignoring the pain shooting through my body.

"Sebastian! Sebastian!"

I clutch to the sheets, fighting back tears. Why won't this memory cease to replay whenever I close my eyes? That's probably why I haven't slept since...

"He can't save you now, dear Alice."

I grit my teeth, ramming into the door again. Damn. This door is strong.

Suddenly, I hear a sword being unsheathed. I bang on the door, "Open up, coward!" I hear footsteps running my way, "Sebastian! He's going to ki-"

I step back and kick open the door. Just as the door flies open, a demon sword is plunged through my sister's chest.

No! Stop it! I don't want to remember this! NO!

Blood pours from the fatal wound, blood pours from her mouth.


The sword pulls out and she falls to her knees, revealing Claude, standing, smirking. I run to her and catch Alice befroe she falls.

"Alice, please. Don't go," I whisper to her.


"ALICE! Hold on!" I scream.

"S-Sebb-by... I-I can't...I I-I love you."

"NO! Alice, don't go!"

I clutch her head to my chest as I feel her breathing become shallow. This can't be happening to me. I close my eyes, buring my face in her hair. It should've been me. I couldn't save her. I failed.

What did I do to deserve this? Why?!

I look up at Claude through tear-filled eyes. He drops the sword and watches us with a smile on his face. I growl at him, "You sick, twisted, bastard! I swear, I'll kill you. I will kill you!"

He laughs. Laughs. How dare he?! "Darling, Sebastian, you won't be able to do that..." He grabs my wrist, pulling me from my dead sister's body. Though tears tream down my cheeks and my mind if fogged with panic and sorrow, I know what he wants the moment he pins me to the wall...

No. No! NO! NO!

"G-get off me! No! Get off!"

A chuckle, "Darling Sebastian..."

I cut my brain off, refusing to remember the rest of that night- and the years after her death, in Claude's spider web. I grit my teeth. Never will I forget, never will I stop wanting to kill Claude. I look over at Ciel- he's sleeping by now.

If I fall...

...who will catch me?