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Prompt: Morals


Contrary to whatever the Dragon Flyz and other humans of Airlandis thought, Dread Wing did in fact have a strict code of morals that he followed. One of which was to be very...final...when it came to judgments.

Which was why he was holding court at the moment in his throne room, listening to the argument between a pair of mutants over who owned what land in their little part of Dread's kingdom.

The Lord of Old Earth kept the boredom off his face, observing the pair carefully. The argument itself was apparently generations old, all over a thin strip of wasteland that conflicting maps claimed belonged to either side at the same time.

Moving to stand from his throne, Dread Wing looked down at the now silent pair and calmly said, "The strip of land in question is now a border strip between your territories, belonging to me. It shall not be cultivated or mined without my permission. This is my judgment and it shall stand."

Sitting back down, he made a sharp motion with his hand to indicate dismissal to the mutants and their lackeys. Several of Dread's own dark dramen appeared then, more than ready to help along any stragglers.

Though both of the other mutants looked livid, they accepted the decision and quickly left before they were 'assisted' in doing so. Dread Wing leaned back onto his throne as the next party was brought in, making a mental note to send out a surveyor to update the maps of his kingdom.

This new case was also a land squabble, but it had more grounds. Apparently the land in question had been sold by the first mutant's great-grandfather to the second mutant's great-grandfather, but unfortunately the bill of sale itself was under suspicion, with the first mutant claiming it'd been forged.

Heaving a mental sigh, Dread Wing gave a silent plea for a Dragon Flyz sighting before turning his attention back to his duties as the judge.