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Prompt: Writer's Choice – Home

Part 5 of 5


Dread Wing groaned as he found himself in a familiar situation. Without opening his eyes, he grumbled, "Did the explosion really have to be recreated Gangryn?"

His scientist groaned back, "An unfortunate side-affect my Lord."

A new voice asked, "So, are you two ours or the other place's?"

Dread opened his eyes to see Ulrich looking down at the pair with his normal annoyed expression. The sight of a certain green and non-mutant dragon cub roosting on his shoulder brought more relief than it should have, letting Dread Wing say, "It's good to see you again too Ulrich, Snapper."

The head technician visibly relaxed, "Yeah, you're ours. I'll spread the word."

The mutant Lord nodded at him, mumbling, "Yes, do that please."

Gangryn got up from where he'd landed, muttering to himself, "At least the explosion wasn't as big this time."

Dread Wing gave him a light glare, "Just be quiet Gangryn."

"Yes Master."

"Dread!" a happy voice called out, yanking the mutants' attention to the door of the lab. A certain human teenager was there, leg in a cast and using a pair of crutches with more skill than a person should have.

Burying his anger at the sight of the crutches and the cast, Dread Wing quickly got up and went to hug Peak. It was returned immediately, with a soft "I missed you."

Dread murmured it back to his human, just relishing in the sensation of being able to hold him again. It was good to be home.