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Prompt: Forward

Note, this is set in the same AU as the previous prompt 'Heavy'.


Apex sat in a quiet corner off the main hall in a tiny sitting room, trying to nurse a headache away with a cup of hot tea and silence. Blaze Wind came by, the white and purple drauman sliding into the chair opposite hers. Keeping quiet, he handed her a bit of folded paper.

She accepted it and flipped it open, reading its contents before letting out a groan and allowing her head to flop forward into one hand. Blaze raised an eyebrow, murmuring, "That bad?"

The young woman handed the paper back to him to read. Blaze skimmed it, letting a wince show on his features, "Ouch."

"They're just kids Blaze, what can we do?"

Apex was actually looking close to tears, clearly uncertain how to handle this. The drauman shrugged, "What'd you do to any misbehaving kid, my Lady. Discipline them."

The redhead sighed and brought the paper back to herself to read again, grumbling, "Would they even respond to it?"

Blaze Wind nipped at his own lower lip, fighting the urge to roll a cigarette, "They'll have to. If they keep going how they are, it won't be easy for anyone."

Apex sighed again, appearing to read the paper yet again, "I just wish I knew how Mother handled this. They say she was the best at dealing with the young mages."

Blaze gave a non-committal nod, thinking on the subject at hand. A group of young mages, ages ranging from fifteen all the way to nineteen, were trying to rebel against the temples, insisting that the current ways of instruction were too old-fashioned and that they should be allowed to learn at a faster pace.

Calling themselves the Dragon's Tears, members of the group were constantly being caught performing spells and rituals above their levels. So far nothing too damaging had been done, but the latest exposure had caught an apprentice who had apparently been making secret copies of a high level summoning book and passing them out to whoever wanted them.

Apex broke him from his thoughts then, firmly stating, "There's nothing for it. I'll put out the order for the Fire Temple to burn any illegal copies they find and to hold any they catch attempting a summoning until either I or another royal gets there."

She rose from her seat, groaning as her sore back protested it, "I need to go speak with Z'neth about this. Summit's busy with the Water Temple's preparations for dealing with the border clashes."

Blaze rose with her, offering an arm to steady his mistress. She accepted it, telling her pride to shut up for now. Falling off her horse had been an embarrassing accident and she wasn't going to risk hurting herself further just because she refused a bit of help. Especially not now with what was going on.

As they walked into the forward entrance hall, Apex suddenly asked, "Is there any word on Peak by the way?"

Blaze shook his head, "Sorry my Lady. That shield still has yet to drop and no one's been able to get in with any of the spells we could think of."

She sighed sadly but nodded at the information, "How's Wing Storm doing?"

Blaze Wind smiled, "Better than expected. He's been coping well without his wings. It must be that training he does during the afternoon."

She smiled back at him, "That's good to hear. I was worried that he might have to be discharged from service."

Blaze snorted, "From the looks of it, that won't be for a while yet."

The conversation was stopped there as a nervous attendant quickly approached them to tell Apex about the day's events for the Fire Temple, which unfortunately boiled down to the junior class burning more things than they should have during target practice.

With a fierce mutter, Apex began to flex her power as the Dragon's Flame, the head of the Fire Temple. Who was it again that had told her all that romantic crap about magic? She'd love to give them a good kick right about now.