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Prompt: Morals


Zartan whistled a tune in his head as he went about his work, disguised as a security guard for the facility he'd infiltrated. The real guard wouldn't put up much of a fuss, not when stuffed in the trunk of his own car.

Doing the man's rounds (that he'd memorized earlier while hidden in plain site as one of the many janitors earlier that week), the shape-shifter found himself thinking briefly on the 'why' of it all. He was getting a good incentive from Cobra Commander to do this job, that was for sure, but why do it?

Well for one, it fit neatly with his skill set and two, though he'd never admit this aloud, it'd gotten him away from the current main Cobra base. The ninja Storm Shadow had supposedly been seen sneaking in and while Zartan was willing to call bull on those claims, it did calm him down a little to be away, just in case the ninja had done that on purpose.

Using his newly acquired card to open a security door and pass through, Zartan gave the customary half-wave to the other guard stationed there, which was returned dully. Striding towards his destination, the mercenary had to stop himself from smiling at the idea of finishing tonight's job.

Perhaps he should get away for a while. It was one thing to take pride in the job (and he certainly put in the work to be prideful) but it was another to get sloppy because he was only in it for the kill.

He did have morals after all. His own of course, but they were there.