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Prompt: Remorseful


Clayton Abernathy glared at the mounds of paperwork before him on the mobile desk. The bedridden general would swear that they seemed to increase in size every time he glanced away.

Vowing to not let it beat him, he reached to pull some of the paperwork off the top of one stack when the door to his hospital room opened. His son Scott poked his head in, oddly nervous, "Hey Dad."

Clayton blinked, honestly surprised to see him, "Scott? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?"

His son frowned and stepped into the room, for once without Spudd at his heels, "It's winter break Dad."

Clayton frowned himself, Scott's answer bringing back to his mind that Barbara had told him about their son's upcoming school vacation just last week. All this time in the hospital was skewing his internal calender, something he was upset about. Scott shuffled his feet, speaking before his father could, "Is now a bad time? I could always come back later..."

"No, no, now is fine. I was just catching up on some work." Clayton quickly and carefully pushed the mobile desk aside, motioning to the chair at his bedside, "Is there something you want to talk about?"

Scott looked relieved and embarrassed at once, sitting down gingerly in the offered seat, "Could...could you tell me about you and Mom?"

Clayton felt his brain freeze for a moment, but managed to ask, "What about?"

Scott shifted in the chair, muttering, "Like how you asked her out on a first date..."

Feeling the beginnings of a remorseful mood, Clayton shoved it down with the same efficiency he used to run GI Joe and asked Scott, "Let me guess, there's a girl you like?"

His son blushed almost as red as his hair, but nodded quietly. Deciding that Scott would most definitely not like some of the details involved when Clayton first met Barbara, the general tactfully changed tracks, "Every girl is different Scott, as is every relationship. Why don't you tell me about her?"

Brightening up a little, Scott immediately launched into it, happily describing the girl and what he liked about her. Clayton listened carefully, pleased to note that his son had already been forming a plan for a first date, but had apparently wanted a second opinion about it.

He was even more pleased that Scott had actually come to him about this instead of going to someone else. Clayton knew he'd let his career and his commitment to the team overshadow his relationship with his son, just as he also knew that he was going to work on improving that relationship.

That they already seemed to be taking steps in the right direction made him happier than he'd thought it would.