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Prompt: Writer's Choice – Difference


Snake Eyes frowned at the paint swatches that had been shoved into his hands for the redecorating of part of their new base. Scarlett had asked him to pick out his favorite shade so they could paint the walls of the dojo with it, but he could honestly find no difference in most of the shades.

Hesitating internally, he picked out a nice shade of tan that would work and offered it to his girlfriend. She glanced at it and frowned a little, "Are you sure about that one? It's kinda bland."

Snake Eyes offered the swatches back to her, an unsaid suggestion that she choose instead. Scarlett shook her head, letting out a breath as she said, "No, I said you could choose and if that's what you chose, then so be it."

Though he was happy this part was over, part of him still felt like he'd lost some little battle that he didn't know about.