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Prompt: Writer's Choice – Home

Note, this is the sequel to 'Writer's Choice – Serious'.


Hana lead them through a serious of neatly hidden trails up the mountain, somehow not breaking his ankles in the geta sandals on all the loose rocks and steep inclines. When they got to an ominous looking cave, he stopped and chirped, "And here is home! Master's inside, so just follow Hana in."

The bandaged teen motioned the two women in, but frowned at Spirit and Hi-Tech, "Stay out here! Master hates men, so he might not grant the wish if you two come in!"

Spirit and Hi-Tech clearly didn't like it but they settled down outside of the cave. Hana turned and darted inside, reappearing in seconds with a lit lantern, "This way please, ladies!"

Scarlett and Jinx exchanged a look but followed him in, down a series of twisting tunnels and random caves. It got colder the further in they went and both of them wondered how this 'Master' could live there, if Jinx's suspicion was correct.

At one point, Hana suddenly stopped and pointed into a cave, "You two can change in there. Hana will be back shortly to take you both to Master."

He carefully gave the lantern to Jinx, taking great care not to touch her or let her touch the cloth he'd been holding the lantern with. Scarlett made a note of that, wondering why that was.

Entering the cave, they found a screen next to the entry way to give them both some privacy while they changed. The kimono from before was there, laid with care on a stand, along with a second one that was just as pretty. The two women changed quickly, helping each other with hair and make up.

True to his word, Hana was back in a few minutes with a second lantern, though he called out politely when he arrived, "Hana's back! Are you ready?"

They came out of the cave, Scarlett a little unsteadily in the unfamiliar clothes. Moving slower, Hana took them down a few other tunnels before bringing them into a dimly lit cave. There were several large sitting pillows strewn around and a couple of low tables, one or two holding lit lanterns.

And they could just make out the form of a man relaxing on a pile of large cushions...or at least his upper half. His exposed skin was horribly pale, which gave a startling effect against his long black hair. There was the sounds of chains clinking as the man shifted, looking up at the new arrivals. Poison yellow eyes stared at them with a singular intensity as he rasped out, "Hana, who are they?"

The teen chirped, "They're company for you Master! They agreed to it."

The man shifted a little more, the unseen chains moving with him, "Well then, bring them in. It's not everyday such lovely women come here."

Hana ushered them in, moving some of the cushions closer to his master so they could sit comfortably. Once the teen slipped off, the man looked slowly between Jinx and Scarlett, asking in a surprisingly hopeful tone, "Would one of you happen to play an instrument?"

He sighed when they shook their heads, saying, "Well, perhaps the conversation will make up for it."

Hana suddenly popped up with a tray in his hands that he neatly slid between the three before vanishing again. Jinx hid a smile at the sight of the sake bottle on the tray. Her suspicion was true and, knowing what to do, she quickly poured a cup for the man and offered it to him. His thin fingers accepted it from her with a slight grin, "Ah, at last someone who knows. I take it you know what will happen here, young lady?"

Jinx smiled outright now, "I liked the old legends when I was growing up but I will admit that one always seemed silly to me."

Master Orochi shrugged idly, "What can I say? There are worse vices than enjoying a good drink and the company of beautiful women."

Sipping his drink, he eyed the both of them, "So, what do the two of you wish from this Orochi?"

Scarlett answered then, following Jinx's cue and offering him one of the snacks from the tray, "We heard about a sword..."

Orochi snorted and said in a tone that would take no arguments, "It will stay in this mountain as it always has."

Accepting the snack from her, he said, "Ask for something else and if I can grant it, I will."

Scarlett and Jinx exchanged a look. Well, that hadn't gone how they'd expected. Going out on a limb, Scarlett asked, "Well, is there something we could do for you instead?"

Orochi gave a short wave of his hand to indicate all three of them, "You already are. It's been many years since I've had any company..."

He trailed off, frowning to himself as something came to mind. Looking back up at Scarlett, he amended, "Actually, there is something, if the two of you wouldn't mind it."

Jinx left the talking to Scarlett, neatly refilling the man's cup with sake. Her red-haired teammate said, "If we can do it, then we will."

Orochi actually reddened a little, which surprised both women, as he asked, "Could you bring something of the outside world back to the island for Hana? He likes comic books and candy. Please no electronics though, there's nowhere for them to charge."

Jinx blinked, asking, "Why don't we take him with us for a trip instead?"

Orochi shook his head, quickly downing his cup of sake for courage before telling them, "No! Hana cannot leave this island!"

Scarlett frowned, "Why not? He's got a right to leave if he wants to."

The man turned his yellow eyes to her, a surprisingly sad look in them, "Because even if he wanted to, he couldn't. Hana is a cursed human and it's only here that he can live freely."

That blindsided both of them, making Jinx and Scarlett yelp out together, "What?!"

Cursed humans were rare and didn't tend to live long. At their looks, Orochi said, "Between the mixtures of my own power and that of two others, Hana is able to live an arguably normal life but he can't leave this island. Once he does, my power wouldn't be effective anymore and he would die."

"Which is why Hana will never leave!" came the sudden voice of the boy himself, carrying a pair of smaller trays now. He neatly set them down before Jinx and Scarlett, "Here, dinner!"

Seeing all their stunned expressions, Hana blinked, "It's okay. Hana doesn't mind it. Master is good to Hana and so are Uncle and Aunt. Living here is fun!"

Slipping away again, Orochi got their attention once more, "The full story would take too long to explain, so if you don't mind, please tell me what it is you wish for."

Jinx and Scarlett looked at each other first, then Scarlett asked, "Could we just talk? I bet you know a lot that we could learn and vice versa."

The man seemed pleased by that, re-settling himself on his cushion, "Alright, what would you like to know?"

Jinx thought for a minute, then asked the first question of their new conversation.