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Prompt: Compromise


Kimi tried to keep a smile on her face, resisting the urge to break the arm of the man before her. Though she sorely wanted to, it would unfortunately compromise the mission, which she was doubting was really that vital.

Supposedly the creep that was trying to talk her into blowing off the rest of her shift to 'hang out and party' with him was a high-level Cobra programmer and the mind behind a new computer virus they were making.

Finally escaping from him by playing the card of 'if I don't get back soon, they'll fire me!', Kimi swore to herself as she left the apartment complex to get into her cheap rented car. Slinging the thermal bag into the back seat, she buckled in and drove off, growling to herself.

Why did she have to pose as a pizza delivery girl in the first place?! Couldn't Sensei just sneak in and take care of this the old-fashioned way?

Even as she thought that, Kimi knew the answers to both questions. The guy was incredibly paranoid and had every part of his home wired and bugged. But it was well known that he was weak against a pretty face and loved pizza more than an average person should.

So the mission had her temporarily working at his favorite pizza parlor, with her unfortunately taking every order to his place. The other workers happily shoved them to her, citing the guy's extreme creepiness and horrible tipping for why they did so. But the manager at least had been kind enough to tell her that she only had to ask for someone else to take the delivery in her stead.

Still, Kimi couldn't wait for this mission to be over with already.