Notes and apologies

This is going on all of my stories here, I deeply apologize in taking so long with updates, I assure you I have not forgotten any of my stories and I am not going to stop updating it is just taking me a while. I have times where I get writer's block (very badly as you can see) and even if I have ideas (which I in fact do for all of them) I just cannot get myself to write and I have been starting to get busy again with job hunting and helping family and all that stuff.

I deeply appreciate those who have been sticking with me even after taking so long on my updates, I am trying to finish a new chapter for all of my stories, but I'm not sure how good they'd end up being if I do seriously force myself and I am trying to put off other stories (that aren't posted) until I finish with all updates.

Again I am very, very, very sorry I have not forgotten any of my stories I'm just an idiot who can't get past the block.

Also a random note I might go through and redo each story (oldest to newest), correct any past mistakes, not make too many changes just clean them up and throw in more detail I might have left out and want to add or throw in some extra story and such but I will not do that until I've finished the stories (some will end sooner than others).

If anyone has any ideas they want to see in the story feel free to share them with me (specify story please), it might be able to help me get through the blocks as well and if it is not something I want to put into the main story then I can still write a side chapter with it.

Any characters I use that others have sent in will have a bigger role as the story progresses but since they were not part of the original story-line it will take a few chapters and such as minor characters before they play larger roles and they will progressively become bigger characters and I thank those who are allowing me to use their characters.

...I think that is all, I mostly wanted to apologize for being so slow and assure everyone that I have not abandoned them I'm just having a hard time with writer's block (it's not just the ones on here it is also every story I have, original and fanfiction). I do check the email fanfiction sends things to regularly so you can always send me a message and I will be back to you within the day (usually sooner unless I'm really busy) or I am also regularly on tumblr (send a message if you want any of my URL's although one is an rp account...that I'm on most of the time), so that is another place where you can quickly get a hold of me.

I'm sorry again and thank you for sticking with me and being patient, I really don't deserve readers like you all and I love you! 3