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Chapter 2

Still Himself

It has been a day since Yuji was relieved from the hospital and was diagnosed with amnesia. He and his parents, as well as Shana and Yoshida were all sitting in the living room of the Sakai residence. Ike had left earlier, not wanting to overstay his welcome, but the expression on his face said that he wanted to be there for his friend. But then again, simply having Shana and Yoshida there would be plenty, he doubted that there would be a need for him. The room that he left was filled with depression, both Yuji's parents and Yoshida were staring at the ground, however Shana was staring at Yuji, who had a look of indifference. It was a look that could be expected of an amnesiac, and though she decided not to show it, she couldn't help but be slightly pissed off. They were all either worried or depressed at the thought of him never being able to remember, but to him it didn't matter regardless. In all honesty she wanted to say something to him, anything at all, be it words of anger or sorrow, she didn't care. She just wanted some kind of reaction to her, the thought of him not remembering who she was, could have driven her up a wall. But for now, silence was the only tone she would carry, just as it was for everyone else in the room.

The room held a tense atmosphere, and it seemed that the only person who was bothered by it, was the person that was the source of it. His look of indifference changed to one that was simply uncomfortable, but the only person to notice was the only one that was actually looking at him. He began looking around the room, first at the stairs, then at the people, who claimed to be his parents, and then at the girl with short brown hair. He didn't know what kind of relationship they had since she wouldn't, or in better words couldn't, say anything when he asked. Lastly he looked at the other girl that was with the people that surrounded him, she seemed one of a kind to say the least. When he had asked who she was, she had simply turned her head in the other direction, refusing to talk. He didn't know if that was a good or a bad sign, but since she was there he could only imagine that they were at least on friendly terms beforehand.

He was still looking at the girl, she had a stern look in her eyes. It took a few moments but he finally realized that she was also looking at him, apparently they had been staring at each other for majority of the time. She seemed to be expecting him to say something, or had been waiting for some kind of movement, but what she received was something she hadn't really expected to see. He had simply smiled at her, it carried warmth and it was comforting as well, although the sight was short-lived since she instantly began to face her head downward to conceal a slight blush. For some reason, the thought of him smiling at her was surprising, he had just forgotten everything about his life, including those who were apart of it. The last thing she would have expected, would be him smiling, however at that moment a single thought passed through her head.

'He's still Yuji...'

She had forgotten that regardless of him losing his memories, it wouldn't actually change who he was. He was still the same person he was before, he would still be kind and caring, since that's the kind of person he is. It was ironic that the person that had forgotten his memories, would be the one to make her remember what she had forgot. She smiled slightly, as she began to lift her head. She looked back to Yuji, though now he was looking down as well.

Needless to say, the atmosphere remained tense and awkward, but one of them began to stand up. That person was Yuji, he may not have had any memories of the people in the room, but he knew that they must have been important to him, so he wasn't going to let them stay depressed, at least not with him around. The sound of his feet placing pressure on the floor caused everyone to lift their heads and look at the young mystes. slight confusion had taken over their expressions, but Yuji answered their looks with a smile, which only served to confuse the occupants of the room even more.

He would be the first to speak since they reached this silence, and for now, a conversation would be a good thing to have. He had look of determination on his face as he spoke, "I... I'm still not sure what's going on, nor can I remember any of you at the moment. But there's no need to act depressed like this, I don't know what I would have thought before, but for right now I don't want to see any of you like this. So please, be cheerful, as I'm sure you were before." He ended his statement with a warm smile, which was reciprocated with multiple small ones.

After Yuji began to sit down his mother stood up, just as he had moments before. The usual smile that she had was now on her face once again as she began to speak, "Oh I know, how about we all go somewhere next week. Like maybe to the park for a picnic, it would be fun don't you think?" Her words passed over the room and everyone began to think it over.

After about a minute of thinking, everyone turned to Chigusa with a smile on their face and answered her suggestion with a nod. Her smile widened slightly as she sat back down, beginning to think over her plans for the picnic. Though she wasn't the only one planning things out, sitting beside Kantarou was Yoshida, who was fiddling with her fingers slightly.

'M...maybe I could also make something...' She wasn't aware of it, but her eyes made there way to Yuji, but when he began to turn her way she shot her head downward, a small blush beginning to form. 'W...what was I...' Her blush deepened slightly as her thoughts continued, 'Was I just planning to...' Before finishing her thoughts she began shaking her head in a wild fashion, which surprisingly only caught the attention of the Flame Haze, Shana.

Shana tilted her head slightly in confusion as she began to think, 'What is she thinking about...?' Not thinking of it as any sort of problem, she decided to worry about it as thoughts of her own began to come to her, 'I wonder if I should bring something..? Melon Bread perhaps?' She would have debated a while longer had Chigusa not interrupted her thoughts.

"Well then, Shana-chan, Yoshida-san, since it's already getting late, how about you two spend the night here?" Both girls were slightly taken aback by her proposal as everyone looked out the window. It was indeed nighttime, it's a wonder how nearly everyone spent the entire day sulking.

Shana and Yoshida looked towards Chigusa and began to talk in a simultaneous fashion, "Um..." Their gazes switched over to each other now, and their voices began to soften, "You see..." And finally their eyes wandered over to Yuji who tilted his head in a state of confusion, "...Pardon our intrusion..." By this point, both of their heads were pointed downward, almost as though they lost something, though it was possibly embarrassment of some sort.

Chigusa's smile widened even more, as she watched the two of them. She may or may not have know of their feelings for her son, but she could tell that he was the source of their embarrassment. As she stared at the two of them, a single thought entered her head, 'I hope he will remember the two of you soon.'

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