Me: I am so excited to do this story! Sesshomaru is a little OOC in this story.

Rin: Rin is very excited too! She can't wait to be with Lord Sesshomaru.

Me: You're so cute! You do the disclaimer Rin!

Rin: OK! Silk and Silver does not own InuYasha.

InuYasha: YES!

Sesshomaru and InuYasha just got done battling and were going their separate ways. During the battle, Rin had come over to the group to have a snack and play with Shippou. Kagome had taught Rin a song also, but Rin decided to make her own version of it and was singing it all day long, and it was driving Sesshomaru mad.

Do you ears hand low

Do they wobble to and fro

Are they stringy at the bottom

Are they curly at the top

Can you use them as a blotter

Can you use them for a spotter

Do your ears hang low

Do your ears flip flop

Can you use them as a mop

Can you tie them in a bow

Can you tie them in a knot

Can you throw them over your shoulder

Like a continental soldier

Do your ears flip flop

The song was practically stuck in his head. Rin continued to sing her song and Sesshomaru was slowly losing his sanity.

If she sings it again, I'm pretty sure I'll be in an all out war for control. Sesshomaru thought.

"One more time!"

"No!" Sesshomaru yelled. Rin looked at him.

"Ahem, Rin, why don't you be silent for a moment."

"Ok Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin was silent after that.

Finally, some peace and quiet-

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken came in squealing.

Not again.

Sesshomaru slowly got up and put his boot out in front of him.

"Lord Sessh– ugh!"

Jaken fell on his back.

"L-lord S-Sesshomaru." Jaken said dizzly.

Maybe now I can get some peace and qui-

There was a dog who had a farmer

And Bingo was his name-o

Rin had started to sing again. It was her own version of Bingo. He was going to have to kill the miko when he next saw her.


See this fatty-o


By jingo what a lame-o

There was a dog who had a farmer

And Bingo was his name-o


See I told you so


By dingo what a shame-o

What made it all worse was that every song she sang or learned, was about dogs.

"One more time!"

He was going to annihilate the miko, and he was tempted to do it now.

Me: Did you like it? Sorry it was short. But short is funny, right?

Shippou/Rin: I guess you're right. Hey! Stop copying me! STOP!

Me: You guys are so cute!

Shippou/Rin: Thanks! Hey! STOP!

Me: Well, goodbye!