Has anyone noticed I always start these with 'so' or is that just me. I guess that's what I do when I have nothing else to say 'so you're pregnant', 'so you wear ladies underwear', 'so you're a monkeys uncle' it's like the awkward response to any conversation well I guess this means here I am with another fanfiction since I have nothing better to do with the lack of internet oh and heads up these are going to be tiny VERY tiny because they are going to be like Diary entries so hey there it is again soooo oh and all non italicized writing is in Claire's POV always will be no matter what

Dear diary,

I saw him again tonight. He walks my dreams waking and asleep. I can't let my husband find these or he will have my head. I know he means well, but there is something that is so intriguing about my friend. I have never seen his face, for he hides to the shadows, but I hope one day I will meet him. He took me to a wonderful lab last night. We worked until dawn break through the night and I had to wake. I admit when I open my eyes and he is not beside me I weep a small ounce that it is my husband that takes residence next to me. It is not something I like to confess, but he understands me more than the one I was betrothed to. At least no one would find these.

Theres that I will not interrupt anymore so all will be just writing also I have been having very bad storms so my internet and power is wack