I sit at the end of the table for dinner. The only sound of silverware on plates.

"How was your game, Claire?" I stab at my food.

"Fine." The sound from his side of the table halts.

"Are you alright? Is something bothering you?" Valerie sits between us both and says nothing keeping her head low.

"Yes I am fine. No need to worry." I look at Valerie. "What about you Valerie? Are you bothered by anything?" I sneer.

"No my lady." She continues to look down.

"Really." I say condescendingly. I put my silverware down. "Then you won't mind me asking. Are you in love with the lord?" All noise stops.

"As I love you my lady." She sounds unconvincing.

"What deems this question, Claire?" The lord asks angrily.

"Nothing I'm just confirming my suspicions." I almost growl.

"Then let me confirm some of my own. Have you been sleeping around whilst I am gone?" I show no signs of recognition. "Have you?" He almost yells. I still say nothing. "Is it him? The servant? Are you his little whore?" He yells this and I shove the chair back. I storm out of the dining room. After a few minutes he follows. I look back to see him catching up fast. I get to my study and close the door, but before I could lock it he shoves through pushing me back. "It's true isn't it?" He yells.

"Not like you're the saint." I yell back.

"Not that you would know." He says threateningly. He gets closer. I take a step back, but the bed is behind me and he reaches to grab at me. I swat his hands away.

"No get off." I scream. He thrusts himself onto me and I try to shove him off, but he's too big. He kisses me, but I recoil sickened. "Get away." I scream again. But he pushes me onto the bed. I kick at him, yet he is pinning me down and I can't do much, but just let him. I scream the whole time though. "Is this how you treat her? With such force. Hu is this how you treat her."