Wow! Ya'll really loved Fever, didn't you? I kept getting reviews asking for more. I won't be typing any more of Fever, because it was meant to be a short three-shot. But, I still have a ton of ideas involving Rise of the Guardians! This is inspired by Perfectly Dysfunctional, a series of Family/Friendship Generator Rex oneshots by Shyma Tavrott Lupin. I liked the idea of doing a similar idea for RotG. There will be family stuff, friendship, backstories, and FairyFrost (of course). Enjoy! ^_^

The sand was alive as long as he was. That was how the dreams spread all across the world, never ending, always changing. It weaved through the air, through every fiber of DNA, through every drop of water, within every living creature.

Technically, Sandy didn't have to be present for the dreams to come. That was fortunate, as there would be many dreamless nights and a very exhausted Guardian otherwise. He loved being there when the sand lit up the night sky, though. He loved going to individual children and playing with their dreams, melding with them, making them better than before.

The Sand Man had access to every thought, both conscious and unconscious, that existed within a dreamer's mind. He would find the happiest or most meaningful of these thoughts and bring them forward. If the person was having a problem, he would try to weave a dream that would point them toward a solution.

Tonight, however, he was not looking in on the room of a child, old woman, or lonely bachelor. Tonight, he was visiting the dreams of his fellow Guardians.

Sandy tried to visit the minds of his friends at least once a week. It allowed him to learn about them and spend time with them in a way that was impossible when awake. His inability to speak acted as a barrier, even now. True, Jack chatted with him often, mostly because the young Winter spirit could easily hold a conversation on his own. Also, Bunnymund, who preferred silence, spent more time with him than any of the others. Still, such encounters taught Sandy little.

Because of dreams, however, he knew his fellow Guardians better than they could ever know each other.

A golden hand rested on North's brow. The jolly bringer of Christmas had been stressed lately with December 25th approaching quickly. Dark circles rested under his eyes, which twitched randomly.

Over the course of a few hours, Sandy had given Santa a steady stream of dream sand. Putting him to sleep all at once would have been too obvious and would have led to a reprimand upon the Guardian's awakening. Instead, the Sand Man worked slowly, convincing North that he needed to sleep. Now, the day's stress was showing on his ruddy face. He was beginning to dream of work.

Sandy sighed. Dream sand naturally worked with the mind. If left to its own devices, stress-related dreams could sometimes emerge from it. Closing his eyes, the Guardian of Dreams entered North's mind.

He slowly took North away from the factory, away from the deadlines. He probed his subconscious mind and elected on a specific dream that had been used many times before: the Guardian of Wonder's first snowfall.

North smiled in his sleep as his childhood self gazed up at the silver sky, reaching out to catch the tiny flakes of snow, trying to see their shapes before they melted on his hands. He ran with his dog, chasing white-tailed deer and laughing.

Little did North realize, the dog had bright gold eyes.

Dog-Sandy barked joyfully, running after a snowball thrown by North. He jumped into the air, closing his jaws around it. He snuffled at the ground and trotted around the boy's feet. After a few dream-hours, the pair went inside. The dog rested his head on North's knee, sniffing the scent of hot chocolate and enjoying cookies snuck from the plate on the table.

A content smile was on Sandy's face as he separated himself from his friend's thoughts. North would have peaceful dreams tonight.

Bunnymund was his next stop.

The Easter Bunny liked dreaming of the past, of the days when there were many Pookas still roaming the deep places in the earth. Sandy effortlessly melded with the dream, where Bunny ran with his brothers and sisters through their warren, not noticing that there was one extra brother whose fur was the color of sand.

Sandy laughed as he ran through the tunnels as a Pooka, playfully cuffing his brother's fur. In this time, Bunny was known as Aster. When he became the last of his kind, however, he had no one to call him by such a noble name. Over time, after he became a Guardian, he was simply known as "Bunny" or by his last name, "Bunnymund". Sandy was the only one who knew the Guardian of Hope's original name, but he had no voice with which to say it.

A furry foot thumped the ground and Bunny's nose twitched happily as he and his family skillfully robbed a vegetable garden.

Sandy let out a silent chuckle as he disengaged himself from the dream and reached out to stroke Bunny's soft brow. The twitching relaxed and Bunnymund rolled onto his back, yawning softly.

The Tooth Fairy had fallen asleep on her clipboard again. Little fairies continued humming to and fro, bringing teeth and leaving with money. A few had already put a pillow under their superior's head and covered her with a warm quilt.

Like North, Tooth was dreaming about work.

Sandy only had to sift through her mind for a moment before finding a good dream for her. Ever since the defeat of Pitch, Jack Frost was almost always in Tooth's thoughts. The Sand Man had known that she was in love with the Guardian of Fun long before she did.

Within a few minutes, a dream of teeth began to focus solely on Jack's snow-white teeth and finally on Jack himself. Tooth hugged her pillow as the dream versions of her and Jack leaped from the ground and chased each other across the starry sky. Sandy didn't enter this dream, but he did relocate her to her own bed, wrapping the covers snugly around her feathery shoulders.

When he got to Jack Frost, Sandy was horrified to see the youngest Guardian in the beginning thralls of a nightmare. Black sand was starting to swirl, forming images of cracking ponds, unbearable cold, and fire.

In the span of a second, Jack relived his own death. He felt the ice crack beneath his feet before he was suddenly engulfed in stinging black water.

Sandy wasted no time in sending a wave of golden sand crashing across Jack's entire body, effectively absorbing and snuffing out the budding nightmare. Just before the nightmare died, there was an image of strange creatures with red skin and flaming fingertips.

Cursing himself for not being able to keep the nightmare from even forming, the Sand Man immediately set to work creating a good dream.

He had always liked Jack. The boy's vivacity and laughter were contagious. Before he had become a Guardian, Jack had waited for Sandy to appear after nightfall. Sometimes, on slow nights, the two would try to see who could make the best pictures. Jack's snow and ice sculptures were impressive, but Sandy always won.

After hearing about Jack's memories, Sandy had been able to recall a young boy with mischievous brown eyes. His dreams had always been vivid and joyful.

Vivid and joyful. Sandy was surprised at how easily Jack was able to bounce back from such an awful nightmare with a dream about a snowball fight. The Guardian of Fun was never frightened for very long, it seemed.

With a wave of his hand, Sandy summoned the forms of Jamie, Cupcake, and their friends. Dream-Jack skated across the snow, creating a flurry of his special snowballs. After a moment's consideration, the Guardian of Dreams created the image of Jack's little sister. A smile came to Jack's sleeping face. Finally, Sandy put the other Guardians into the snowball fight before melding with the dream as himself.

Jack's wants and needs were written plainly in his thoughts. He needed to be believed in. He wanted to see his sister again. He desperately wished to become close to all of the Guardians, to not be an outcast within their group. He even wanted Bunny's approval, though this wish was buried very deeply in the very back of his subconscious mind.

As Sandy picked up a snowball, he continued to pay close attention to this dream, making sure it continued to assure Jack that his greatest wishes had already come true, that he never had to worry or be lonely.

He was believed in. His sister was gone, but would always be alive in his heart. He was a Guardian. His fellow Guardians did care for him. Sandy glanced at Dream-Tooth and drew lightly on the budding crush that Jack had begun to nurse in his subconscious mind. Dream-Bunny was as snarky as ever, but there wasn't a hint of anger or disapproval on his face. Dream-North was as jolly as ever. And Sandy…well, he was Sandy!

Sandy, who was really enjoying himself, stayed in the dream longer than necessary before reluctantly returning to reality. He had children to visit. As he began to float toward the sky to become one with other dreamers, he focused on his fellow Guardians one more time. North. Bunny. Tooth. Jack.

He closed his eyes and drew the sand close to him, feeling the traces of his friends' dreams enfolding his heart as the moon looked on.

After Jack, I have to say that Sandy is my favorite Guardian. I've always liked mute characters, because they are always able to convey so much without saying a word. Their personalities just jump out more. Do you know what I mean? Plus, he's a freaking badass! I'll be updating whenever an idea strikes me. Peace out! ^_^