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"Emma! I've figured the perfect planet to go to next! It's called- you're naked. And wet. Naked and very, very wet. Why?"

"What kind of planet is called, 'You're Naked and Wet-" Emma choked on air when she remembered that she was, in fact, naked and wet. "Oh, my God!" She darted for her towel, hastily holding it to her chest. "What the hell?"

The Doctor blinked a few times. "I, uh-"

"I told you I would be in the shower!" She snapped, tying the towel around herself.

"Yes, well, you didn't tell me you'd be running around completely bare!" He was quick to snap back. "Last I checked, humans put clothes on after they've showered."

"Oh, I am so sorry that I didn't put clothes on in my own room!"

"Please, if anything, it's a guest room!"

"I'm still staying in it! You can't just barge in and be all, 'put on some clothes'!"

"That's not even why I came in here!"

"Then why did you?"

"To tell you...that your towel is slipping."

"Oh, for the love of..."

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