Hey, everybody! I'm trying to join in on the Christmas fun, but just a heads up that I may fall behind a bit as December is a crazy month for me. Thanks to Hades for suggesting the calendar again! It's going to be a blast.

Prompt from Werepanther33, It's snowing.

It's snowing.

The lantern splutters in the howling wind and blows out in a blink.

Holmes shifts uncomfortably on the frozen ground and tries to use his coat to better cover the unconscious form lying in his lap; skin the same temperature as the falling flakes.

It's snowing.

Watson is barely breathing and the carriage driver has yet to return. This will be the last time he ever pays up front again. Blasted country roads…

His fingers dance nervously over frozen stiff tweed and check a weak pulse as his slim understanding of the medical profession flits through his brain. He's not a doctor.

Watson's eyelashes flutter; and for a moment, there's recognition- then he's gone again.

He is alone.

And it's snowing.