Prompt from SheWhoScrawls: REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR. A gypsy stops Holmes, asking to tell his fortune, including his involvement in the two world wars he would live to see.

This was a hard one for me. WWII is a very personal subject and I've never considered anything Sherlockian for that time period. So it's short, and really doesn't cover much, but I offer it to you. Please remember to be grateful for those who died during that terrible war. It made men out of boys and reminded us that the price for freedom comes at a great cost. May we always remember the great men and women who did, and still do, devote their time and ultimately their lives in defending our God given rights.

And if that doesn't make me sound American…

Holmes ducked out of the alley and plunged into the crowds of London; the shoe leather in his pocket rubbed against his leg giving him a confident air as he pieced this last bit of evidence together in his most current case.

He should have enough evidence to finally give Seymour the trial he deserved.

Weaving between market stalls, he was suddenly stopped as a stooped woman grabbed his coat tail and pulled him to her. He yanked it away defensively, thinking her to be an old beggar or worse, a spy for Seymour.

"I have no money for you today." He said curtly. "Good day to you."

Her weathered and trembling hand reached towards his face; her eyes searching. "You are a man of many secrets. I would love to see your soul."

He stepped backwards. "I am not interested in what you have to say. Soothsaying is an evil work and I do not place my faith in such petty things."

"You will lose a loved one soon."

He stopped dead and turned back. Seymour had gone to great lengths in his game and Watson's safety had been jeopardized many a time. "What do you know?"

Her face was crinkled with lines and her teeth rotten, but her eyes were kind. "You will live to see much, Mr. Holmes. There is war coming."

"Yes, we've been dreading a-

"It is worse than you can imagine. There will be one war, but you will live to see its successor. It will combine continents, death will be everywhere. And you will see it."

"I…." Holmes was at a loss for words. "I thank you for your time." He pulled away and walked down the street, cringing as the woman shouted after him:

"God bless you, Mr. Holmes!"