Saki- Hey everyone this is the first chapter of my fanfiction

Eve- Can we start?

Rena- Don't rush her eve…

Raven- Saki is slow enough anyways

Saki- I-I'm not slow!

Chung- Saki, did you finish your weekend homework?

Aisha- You won't go to highschool if you don't do homework

Elsword- She's right Saki

Saki- Eve, can you slap them for me with and exception of Rena

Eve- Request Accepted, Targets: Raven, Aisha, Chung, Elsword

Everyone except Eve and Rena- Crap

This is a Elsword x Eve Fanfiction but may include other couplings, mostly Els x Eve though, thanks you for reading~!

Elsword – Lord Knight

Aisha – Dimension Witch

Rena – Grand Archer

Raven – Veteran Commander

Eve – Battle Seraph

Chung – Deadly Chaser

It was him, he woke me up, he accepted me, he made discover….emotions, that person, his name was…

(Eve's PoV)

"Yo! Hurry and get up Eve!" a voice yelled right into my ear

Irritated a bit by being yelled at, I followed my instinct and slapped the red headed boy straight in the face. I instantly sat up, "Is that how you respect a queen?" with a bit of a noble tone coming from my voice.

"Yeah, whatever Eve, everyone's getting ready to head to Altera and you're the one we're waiting for," Elsword said with a ignorant voice as he walked out of my room.

I instantly got up and started getting ready for a journey to Altera. I went into the closet to get dressed, and woke up Moby and Remy, started packing some supplies we might need like potions and food. After a bit of breakfast we left the Bethma Inn and started heading towards the Cargo Airship, we knew it was the only way to make it there. We snuck on quietly and noticed we weren't alone. There were nasods walking around.

"We need to keep out these nasods' way or we'll die." Raven said cautiously trying not to be heard. Raven was a tall black haired nasod hybrid. His lover was nothing else besides the green haired elf Rena, who strongly resembled his fiancée Seris.

"These nasods, I did not make them, were they made by someone else?" I said with a bit of worry. I had a slight frightened look in my eyes, no one noticed besides Elsword. I picked up a stone that was probably dragged in when we snuck in and threw it in the center of group of artificial nasods. They were all distracted by the stone and motioned Aisha to teleport over them and use Guillotine Press. She did as I said and took out the group of nasods. We made our way through each nasod leading to the top of the airship, the culprit who made the artificial nasods, Wally.

"Armageddon Blade!"

"Magical Makeup!"


"Giga Prominence!"

"Thousand Star!"

"Sharpshooter Syndrome!"

We attacked one by one creating deadly attack combos each skill we use. Wally was soon defeated and I took him by the neck and said with a venomous tone "You created nasods without my consent, you've corrupted my race!" without hesitation, I threw him off the cargo airship. Everyone looked at me shockingly, somewhat scared but they knew me, I cared about my race, to rebuild it, but I couldn't let their opinions stop me. We went back into the airship and took a bit of a rest. I sat next to Elsword and fell asleep suddenly from exhaustion.

(Elsword's PoV)

I saw it earlier, the fear in her eyes, the worried emotion, is she developing emotions?

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder and took long enough to notice Eve has fallen asleep next to me. She's pretty cute when she's asleep, almost innocent. I slapped myself in the face and woke up Eve a bit.

"Don't move…" She said tiredly and fell back asleep.

Eve, a nasod with no emotion, who lost her race due to a war, who wants to revive her race, she's somewhat interesting, something you won't see everyday, what's the word….oh yeah, unique.

Everyone was woken up by a sudden jerk and noticed we landed. Everyone ran out once they opened the doors and looked for the closest inn. Altera Inn we checked into 3 rooms, instead of 6 due to ED saving. Obviously Rena and Raven shared one but we had to debate either who would share one room between Aisha, Eve, Chung, and I.

"I would hate to share a room with Elsword, and Eve sorta um, talks too much in her sleep about the nasod race so I'll share one with Chung~!" Aisha said smiling.

"So that means Elsword will share a room with Eve~!" Rena said happily.

Obviously either Chung or I had no saying in this. We all soon headed up to our rooms to get some rest for tomorrow. Eve, every time I thought of that time in the airship, I just get flustered and blush. Where is Eve anyways? I look around the room to find her gone, but right before I panic, I see a white figure outside the inn. I hurriedly run down the stairs to the door leading outside.

"What are you doing out here? It's already late, go back inside," she said with a slight worried tone in her voice. Her golden eyes shined in the moonlight, it was beautiful, it sorta made me fall for her a bit more.

"I was wondering why you were outside instead of the room?" I asked nervously having a feeling she might slap me.

"Just needed air…" she said quietly sitting down on the grass as I sat with her.

She rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep slowly. Eve I thought she's something very unique even if people see her as something bad, she's definitely different than that…

I laid down with her close to me and let the calmness of the night drift me to sleep.

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