All-American Girl

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Kim's POV

Ever since my parents got married Dad wanted a boy and he got his wish- eight years after I was born- anyway, before my brother was born Dad treated me like a princess (which I didn't like). After I was born, Dad was happy- but disappointed- and he got over it real quick too. I guess it was how I acted, I mean we lived on a farm in Oklahoma, and if you didn't do your chores you were grounded- and I didn't want to be grounded- I milked the cows, and pushed hay barrels so I got pretty strong, I did karate, went fishing, and even went hunting with the guys in my family. Don't get me wrong I also did house chores like cooking, cleaning, and I even had to take of my baby brother. Even after my brother was born Dad was still caring and loving.

Since the day they got married

He'd been praying for a little baby boy

Someone he could take fishin,

And be his pride and joy

He could already see him holdin that trophy

Takin his team to state

But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket

All those big dreams changed

And now his wrapped around her finger

She's the center of his whole world

And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect,

All-American Girl

When we were 15, Jack asked me to go out with on a date- after Rudy saved the dojo- I was flipping out on the inside. I was falling for my best friend (which I thought only happened in the movies, but I was glad I was wrong). I would never admit that though. On the second date, we went to a movie, it was supposed to be scary but it wasn't, but I used it as an excuse to get closer to Jack, so every time it was supposed to be frightening, I jumped in Jack's lap, and he held me and then he walked me home. Best part was we were still best friends no matter what happened.

Two months after we started dating, we had our first kiss- which I didn't mind waiting, because I didn't want to be rushed and I didn't want him to feel rushed. It was after had won his hardest match- it was against Kai- I was still mad what he did to Jack in China but I didn't give Kai the upper hand and let him get to me. Kai did hit on me though- which Jack knew about but I assured him that Kai was a hand-breaking-attack-hiring-sore-winner-idiot that meant nothing to me.


We all just finished getting back from the dressing rooms we all showered and got ready for Jack's last match- it was an hour long break for the last two opponents- I won the girls' tournament (which ended another hour ago), and I was wearing a purple tank top and dark blue skinny jeans that Jack bought me because Eddie and Jerry thought it would be funny if they let Tip-tip in my dressing room and take my shirt and pants a few weeks ago- let's just say that Jack didn't hold me back that day- (Jack has VERY good sense of fashion in my opinion) and I put a black cardigan over the tank top with black Nikes. Jack attacked dodged gracefully and eventually forced Kai out of the square. Jack just won first place in the tournament- which as kind of expected of him- and he gave everyone a high-five and was about to give me a hug when I pushed him back.

He gave me a confused look,"No you don't I took an hour to get ready and you're all sweaty. Not going to happen Jack." I just pointed to the dressing rooms and said," Go take a shower and change, and then I will give you a victory hug."

Jack just shook his head and rolled his eyes, but a smile was appearing on his face. "Fine, I'm going." he said turning around and putting his hands up in the air like a criminal. The others left to go to Falafel Phil's, Kai's and the other dojos left, and the decorations were taken off the walls and ceiling. I was waiting for Jack and I closed my eyes for a minute and felt two arms wrapped themselves around my waist and I smiled and opened my eyes and turned around to see Jack dressed in purple V-neck, dark blue jeans, and black Vans. We laughed at our choice of clothing. then we our eyes connected and it was like time stopped and Jack was leaning in and I did to we met in the middle and kissed it was sweet and passionate; we broke apart when needed oxygen. Then one thought came to my mind and Jack's:



After that Jack started to lose practices and matches, whenever I wasn't there so I tried to make it everytime but I couldn't sometimes- cause I was sick or out of town. A few months later- we were both 16 by then- Rudy was worrying about Jack and my skills on the mats, and Jack's dad, Rodney Anderson (he and his mom divorced after Jack started doing karate- around when Jack was 5- so ever since they divorced Jack changed his last name to Brewer), told Rudy to tell Jack to stop dating me. I heard the the conversation and stopped listening- to shocked too- when Rudy told him that his Rodney told him to stop seeing me. I wrote a note to Jack and Rudy.


Dear Jack and Rudy,

I overheard what you two were talking about when you left the door open enough for me to. I am so sorry for distracting you, Jack, during your practice and matches. Rudy, I am sorry about disgracing the dojo's name with Jack and I dating.

Sorry again,

Kim Diane Crawford

PS- Jack, I will always love you no matter where you go or what you do.

After I stuck it to the door of Rudy's office I grabbed my stuff and bolted to the parking lot and drove to my house luckily had no accidents, I kind of flew into my bedroom and cried until I heard a knock on my door and I ran to the door and open it- expecting it to be Jack- but it was my dad he saw my face and walked in, pulled me into a hug, and held me until I was all cried out. When I finished, he asked what happened and I told him about the beginning of practice to when I got home, he sat, listened, and nodded at the right times. After I told him the story he suggested what we did when I was little and upset: go and eat some ice cream. I laughed and agreed we went to Bram's (AN: I don't own Bram's) and I had Chocolate Rocky Road and he got Vanilla yogurt (A/N: I don't own these either) we joked around at random things until we left, then I was tired so I went to bed. When I woke I wasn't hungry so I went to the porch to see Jack there.

"Kim, you and I need to talk about this relationship." he said. Oh no, he is breaking up with me, I thought and nodded. We walked to the mall and then to Falafel Phil's- in silence- which never happens. "Kim you're scaring me you usually talk a lot and I haven't heard a peep from you the whole way here." he said.

"Sorry about that distracted you during practice and matches." I said in a hoarse voice.

"No, don't say that, Kim. You drive me. You are the one that makes me better at karate, school, anything- as long I get to see you smile I will always be striving to be better at anything. I don't care what Rodney thinks about us- unless he bad mouths you or anyone I care about- but that is a different subject. Rodney doesn't know or you or me for that matter," he said confidently," I love you, Kim, and no-one can change that." I sat there in shock for about a minute, after I recovered I kissed him with all I could muster, he kisses back in the same intensity.

"I love you too." I said after we broke the kiss, only for him to swoop in and kiss me again.


Sixteen short years later

She was fallin for the Junior Karate Star

Before you knew it he was droppin matches

Skippin practice just to spend more time with her

The Sensei said "Hey son whets your problem?

Tell me have you lost your mind?

Daddy said you'll lose your free ride to college.

Boy you better tell her goodbye."

But now, his wrapped around her finger

She's the center of his whole world

And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect,


When I was 23 Jack proposed to me and, of course, I said yes a million times and jumped into his arms and kissed him, in other words, it was perfect night. We got married when we were both 24 and I was wearing a sweetheart neckline flowing dress- no sparkles, feathers, or sequence-, with white ballerina flats-I hate heels (which Jack laughed at, hugged me from behind, and said "That's my All-American Girl.")- , and a small white veil. Jack wore a classic black tux with a white dress shirt- no bowties, he hated those (which I laughed at and hugged him)-, and black dress shoes. We said our vows and kissed in front of everyone there.

The guest included my parents, Ryan and Lainee Crawford, and, Jack's mom, Isabella Brewer. Milton, Julie, and Quinn Teresa Krupnick- Quinn is a red head, brown eyed, 2 year old girl. They went to Harvard, with a big scholarship, and now work with the government building things, and the science department. Jerry, Maria Lopez-Martinez, and Angelia Cecelia Martinez, Jerry and Maria met at California's Dancing College and 2 years later got married and had Angelia 9 months later. Angelia is black headed, silver eyed, 1 year and 6 months old. Now they travel around the country, but live in Seaford when they aren't traveling. Eddie, Hannah Kalvis-Jones, and Xavier Jason Jones, Eddie went to California's Cooking School where he met Hannah and now run a resturant named "HEX" for two reasons: it's their initials, and hex means to be bewitched- which Eddie said that's what happened to him when he first laid his eyes upon Hannah. Xavier has brown hair, blue eyes (Hannah has blue eyes), and is 6 months old. Melissa Brewer-Davidson and Tanner Davidson, Jack's cousin –Kai's GOOD twin sister- and husband, Brooke has blonde hair, blue eyes, white, nice build (for a woman), smart, takes karate –I swear EVERY Brewer takes karate-, and is 23, and Tanner has black hair, silver eyes, white, good build, smart, takes karate and other sports (such as basketball, football, baseball, ect.- which made Jack like a over-protective brother, and little jealous), and is 23, too, and she is pregnant.

After the wedding and on the way to the honeymoon I asked Jack "What child would you want?"

He replied "You should already know," I gave him a confused look," I want one just like you." and I gave a kiss. After 9 months, we had a like girl Lillian Hayley Brewer my blonde hair, but Jack's coffee brown eyes, and has a little brother a year after Oliver Henry Brewer chocolate brown hair, and my toffee tan eyes.

And when they got married and deiced to have one of their own

She said, "Be honest tell me what you want."

And he said," Honey you outta know

A sweet, little, beautiful, one just like you,

I want a beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl."

Now he's wrapped around her finger

She's the center of his whole world

And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect,

All-American Girl

All-American Girl

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