The Secret

AN: In this one-shot Jack and Kim are already dating, but it's a secret. A song is in this, You're Biggest Fan by Nick Jonas ft. China Anne McClain (sung by Jack and the girl part is his cousin, Melissa). I randomly got this idea when I was in Math class. M.A.T.H. –Mental Abuse To Humans. If you read this AN put poka dots in your review. The lyrics are from Google. I am working on a truth and dare one just I saw this song and fell in love with it… don't ask how; I usually listen to rock/metal songs, but country songs too.


No One's POV

Jack and Kim had a secret- they were dating for two months- but if they told anyone… Let's say it wouldn't be pretty. Kim wanted to tell people, so they could finally stop being flirted to, asked out, or touched… inappropriately (for Kim). Jack wanted that too, especially the touching Kim part, - what she was his girlfriend; he was jealous- but, he was waiting for the right moment. It was coming soon: Jack finally revealing their relationship to the whole school, by playing the acoustic guitar and singing a song with his cousin, Melissa, in the hallway at their study spot before school. Everyone knew that they were cousins, by their last name, but Melissa was an identical twin to Kai, except her hair was curly; she also had glasses, she did karate as well, but she acted way better than Kai.

Nick Readington, star football, basketball, and baseball player, he does karate once at the Dave's Scorpions but quit and joined Bobby Wasabi when he started being friendly towards Melissa, now he was Melissa's boyfriend. He was about 6ft. 3" and had a buzz cut black hair, stormy gray eyes, he wore glasses too, and was built like Jack but lighter skin color. He was into the arts- art, music, and writing- in fact, they met when he heard her singing and Kim got them together, but that's a different story. He was announcing to the people in the hallway room to be quiet, "Everyone be quiet!" he screamed and walked away.

Jack started strumming his guitar and nodded at Melissa and she returned it. Then they started singing and Jack walked down the hallways towards Kim, Nick walked up behind Melissa then hugged her from behind and kissed her on the cheek she relaxed and leaned against him, returning the gesture. Then Nick was pulled away from her by his sport buddies.


"Never thought I would but did it

Never thought I could did it like that

Did it like this

Did it like everybody knows

That we got something real, shawty

I know what I feel so shout it like that

shout it like this

Listen up everybody knows but you

So here it goes

Cause I never really noticed

Took a while for me to see

Playing back the moments

Now I'm starting to believe

That you could be at the show and know everyone

But it's you who makes me sing

I may not know where we are, but I know who I am

Baby, I'm your biggest fan


Listen, every time you smile for me

Takes me a while to bring myself back

Cause you're all that

And I just had to let you know

That I'm screaming out in the crowd for ya

I can be too loud, Cause I don't care

I let 'em all stare I just want everyone to know the truth it's only you

I never really noticed

Took a while for me to see

(while for me to see)

Playing back the moments

And I'm starting to believe

(starting to believe)

That you could be at the show and know everyone

But it's you who makes me sing

I may not know where we are

but I know who I am

Baby, I'm your biggest fan

(Jack rapping)

You showed up and you looked so classy

Made me think twice 'bout the way I was acting

You were there from the start of it all

Like a dream came to life now I'm left in awe

Stars shine but your light is the brightest

And love flies but your love is the highest

You're so sweet that it drives me crazy

A summer like no other you're my L.A. Baby

(End of rap)

No I never really noticed,

Took a while for me to see

(while for me to see)

Playing back the moments

And I'm starting to believe

Starting to believe

That you could be at the show and know everyone

But it's you who makes me sing

I may not know where we are

But I know who I am

Baby, I'm your biggest fan


Baby, I'm your biggest fan


That you could be at the show and know everyone

But it's you who makes me sing

I may not know where we are

But I know who I am,

Baby, I'm your biggest fan."

The crowd erupted into screaming, crying, stomping, whistling, and clapping. Some teachers on their lunch break ran in to see some damages, but left when they saw none. The Wasabi Warriors waited for the audience to slow to a silence. "That was for me wasn't it, Jackie?" Lindsay asked in a sickly sweet song, but before Kim could slap her, Melissa said some things that were totally like her.

"Sorry, Sleaz- I mean Lindsay, but it wasn't for you." she said. Then Lindsay went away; towards Nick and Melissa followed her screaming, "Lindsay, don't you dare you touch my man! Or you will be dealing with a super peeved forth degree black belt!" Let's just say, Lindsay moved to Swathmore after that, and everyone knew to back off Nick, and Nick was pleased he finally have the girls that were throwing themselves at him off his back.

Anyway, back to the present, Jack was starting at the two girls, with a humorous look on his face. Then he jumped back to reality and said, "This song is dedicated to Kim Crawford my girlfriend for two months."

Everyone was shouting at once, "Kick prevails!", "WOOO!", "20 people owe me money!", or even "I knew it! Eddie, pay up!" Jack and Kim snuck off the cafeteria, to have some peace and quiet and just enjoy each other before everyone else was in there.

"I can't believe you did that for us." Kim said in awe. Jack just put his arms around her waist, and dragged her to himself.

"I would do anything for you and us." he said and kissed her, and Jack tilted his head, making the kiss more passionate. When they pulled away, Kim was smiling like a fool, and Jack was finally stress-free for the day. Whenever a guy would get in Kim's personal space- like face to face- Jack was there in a flash, it was quiet funny and hot to Kim when he would do this. Kim was on his arm when she could, because Jack would pick her up between classes and then to the dojo at the end, Jack loved this action because it meant she trusted him enough to take care of her. They knew when to back off eachother, and when to press the envelope, Kim was the best case of this.

One day someone went too far in the flirting game- one sided-, it was on her way to practice- Jack was sick so he couldn't walk her- he kissed her, and she was disgusted with him and pushed him off of her. She flipped him and kicked him in his 'friend'. Then she started to think about Jack, and ran towards the dojo and ignored the questions from the others and ran in the girl's dressing room, locked the door, sat down and cried. The boys tried to get her to tell them what is wrong; then Melissa got an idea, the only one that worked, to call Jack.

When they did called Jack, who was over his cold, and he came running in. He was about to ask where Kim was, then they heard her first sob. Jack kicked down the door (he promised Rudy he would pay for damages) and ran over to Kim and hugged her to himself. The gang left and walked to Phil's, Eddie was hungry and they knew the couple wanted privacy. "Kim what's wrong? Please tell me. I want to be there for you." he talked in a whisper, gentle, yet firm, like he wanted to be sweet and kill the person who did this to her.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry." Kim said ashamed and catapulted into the story about Brett wanting to be boyfriend and girlfriend again and how she tried to ditch him. "I am pathetic. I couldn't even ditch him. I am so stupid." Kim said to herself and Jack was heartbroken, angry, and felt stupid. He was heartbroken because these things were nottrue, angry at Brett who kissed his girlfriend, and stupid because he couldn't walk her to practice because he was sick.

"Kim, you are not pathetic or stupid. You couldn't ditch him because you are wearing bright orange that anyone could spot from a mile away. You are smart, strong, beautiful, and perfect. Your little quirks like when you like Reece's Pieces better than Reece's Cup even though they are the exact same, make you who you are. I love you." Jack said like he meant it; and he did mean it. Kim was surprised by his last sentence.

"I love you too." Kim said, and Jack crashed their lips together and feels safe and loved. The next day, Jack finds Brett with a smug look on his face until he sees Jack, then he almost pees his pants. Jack… well let's not get into details, but Brett moves, but no one knows where. Kim was on a happy high (you know when you lose control of your actions) and kisses Jack with fiery passion and Jack happily returns, until the gang groans in disgust.

The End

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."-Maya Angelou

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