He stepped through hesitantly, eyeing the grinning woman.

"Are ye snake man? Brother told us about a snake man 'e didn' know tha name of! Did ye come 'ome befer Finnegan? Is Finnegan comin' 'ome soon? I'm Tavia! Tha means twin! Really, ma should 'ave named me fer triplet! Me, Annabelle, 'nd Finnegan are triplets! 'M sorry, I'm a terrible 'ostess! Would ye two lads like a drink or somethin' ta eat?"

"No, ma'am," Tommy said, his grin so wide Snake Eyes thought his cheeks would turn red soon.

"Tavia," a voice barked,"Stop all yer squirrel chatter 'nd let tha men breath!"

Another woman strode into view that shared the woman's face, except it was somber as her eyes flickered over the two men.

Snake Eyes felt another strike to his heart. They really had been triplets...just like he said.

"Second thought, lass," she said and jerked her thumb behind her,"Go inta tha kitchen 'nd get 'em some biscuits."

"Aye, Annabelle," she chirped happily and quickly left the room. The woman watched her leave for a few moments, making sure that she got into the kitchen before stepping up to them. She didn't say anything for a long while, wiping away grease smudges staining her face.

"Finnegan's dead, i'n't 'e?"

Snake Eyes opened his eyes.

He was still in his bed in the Pit. Scarlett was by his side, still asleep. Tommy was next door, awake. He could hear him walking around with quiet steps before they stopped completely.

The commando gently pried himself away from his fiance and left for his sword brother's room.

The Young Master was staring out the window, thinking hard. The moonlight made his eyes look hard and cold.

He knew what Snake Eyes was thinking even before he entered the room...

They stared at each other for only a moment before Snake Eyes shut the door once more and Storm Shadow started to pack.

Annabelle and Tavia belong to me.

Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Duke, Hawk, and Scarlett are from DC Comics.

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