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I wish none of this was necessary Tarrlok, but you brought it upon yourself.

You've changed. My brother was…do you plan to interrupt me already? Pathetic. You never have been capable of listening. Not as a boy. Not as a young lawyer—of course I kept track of you then. Like an idiot, I expected you to be someone who would actually help this city, not pursue your own personal agenda. Never as a politician, as Councilman, as head of that glorified band of thugs, as our father's son.

You still aren't listening.


Tarrlok, look at me.

You have betrayed everything you ever stood for.

Any notion of justice evaporated the moment it became inconvenient. You used your power to imprison citizens who couldn't fight back. You used it to overwhelm city council when they held you accountable for your crimes. You used it to attack and abduct a seventeen year-old girl without the intention of ever setting her free.

How did you plan to do that, Tarrlok? Did you even have a plan? Or were you just going to bloodbend her into submission for the rest of her life?

Be quiet.

These are your mistakes. Fortunately, you get to live with them.

Stop it.

All of this, for what? To protect your precious bending population?


You showed your priorities the night you attacked the Avatar in your office.

That night, playing the hero became so important that you were willing to jeopardize the safety of this city.

It would be too generous, calling you weak.

You are a disgrace.

Look at me, Tarrlok.





You will never be a hero.

My city is saved.

I might be willing to let you serve it.



I won't leave you again.

They don't want you.

It doesn't matter.

I will always have a place for you here.