Unwelcome Visitor

Summary: Sebastian's had a long day, and a crisis in the apartment is about to make it longer. (Same 'verse as Unbearable Living Conditions)

Sebastian slammed the door of the apartment as he walked in, unconcerned with the way either his boyfriend or other roommate would protest because he'd had a really long fucking day and he was going to slam the door if he wanted to. For good measure, he left his backpack and shoes right in front of the door, too. All he wanted to do was find his boyfriend, convince him to abandon whatever important homework he was trying to finish, and drag him to the couch for some quality cuddling. Kurt was a fucking cuddle master, a skill that Sebastian did not know was necessary in a prospective boyfriend until he actually started dating the best in the business.

Depending on what homework assignment was most pressing, Sebastian expected to find Kurt with papers and books sprawled all throughout their tiny living room or huddled behind a computer screen on his bed in his even smaller room. What Sebastian did not expect was to walk into the kitchen and living room area to find Kurt standing on the counter, wielding a heavy pot like a baseball bat.

The pot was swung in his direction as soon as he walked into Kurt's line of vision, and Sebastian raised his hands on instinct in the universal sign of surrender. Kurt's tense position from the cabinets slumped as he realized that the intruder was just his boyfriend. Instantly, Sebastian's mind was filled with all kinds of theories about break-ins and mass-murderers while Kurt had clearly been at the apartment alone, and his bad day became impossibly worse as he considered all of the late-night crime show scenarios he could have walked in to find.

"What –"

"I found a mouse in our kitchen."

Sebastian took a second to let the words sink in, and then another to clear out obviously unnecessary fear that had been taking over. "You found… and your solution is to wave a pot around at everyone who walks through the door? You couldn't tell that I wasn't a mouse?"

Kurt ignored Sebastian's logic in favor of scanning the floors. "I didn't see where he ran. He could be anywhere by now."

The relief of not having to confront a serial killer combined with the particular joy of seeing Kurt off of his game (which pretty much never happened, because Sebastian never won any of their arguments) made him feel remarkably better, and Sebastian smirked, enjoying the unusual display of weakness. "What happened to all that talk last week about you being fearless and taking and taking New York by storm? After that class with that one professor who always gives you hell? Are small, furry animals the exception, then?"

"Shut up, Sebastian, you didn't see it. It's a filthy little creature and it could be anywhere." Sebastian laughed at the sudden pair of crazy-eyes Kurt was sporting, which only earned him a glare from the boy. "Right, laugh. When you're on your deathbed because some diseased animal bit you in your own home, do not expect me to take care of you. I will laugh at you and throw a mouse trap at your face."

Sebastian shook his head and sniggered. "See babe, this is why you need a man around the house, to take care of all the things you're just too delicate to handle." He walked to the other side of the kitchen where a broom was leaning against the wall. Just give me a minute, I'll –" Sebastian cut off his own sentence, freezing in place and looking slowly down at the floor in front of him.

"What is it?" Kurt shifted uneasily as his boyfriend examined the floor.

A pair of beady, black eyes set into a small, furry face regarded him seriously, attached to the tiny animal that was sitting next to the foot it had just run over. There was half a second of incomprehension before Sebastian realized what he was looking at.

"Holy shit, it's a fucking mouse!" Sebastian made a mad scramble for the kitchen counter, almost knocking his boyfriend over in the struggle until they were both precariously perched on a space that was much too small to accommodate them. There were a few moments of tense silence as they both watched the unwelcome visitor make a break for the far wall. Then Sebastian made the mistake of looking over at Kurt.

His boyfriend's grin was positively wicked. "You're absolutely right, sweetheart," Kurt cooed at him, his voice dripping with delighted sarcasm. "I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a man like you here to panic the minute a small, furry animal touched him. That was the manliest shriek of terror I've ever heard."

"Shut up and give me a weapon," Sebastian muttered, crossing his arms and sulking.

When Blaine got home from his last class an hour later, he was confronted with a heavy pot and a (pathetically small, by comparison) wooden spoon waving in his face. His roommates were huddled together on the kitchen counter. There was evidence of things having been thrown (and a few of them having been broken in the process) because, as he finally managed to pry from them, they'd seen a mouse. The clearly weighty revelation was met with a shrug from Blaine, because yeah, they lived in an old apartment in New York. Mice happened sometimes. Not really sure what to do for them besides wish them luck with their struggle and warn them not to use the coffeemaker as ammo under pain of death, Blaine went to his bedroom, where he wondered if it would be considered animal cruelty to bring a cat into the chaos of their apartment.

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