Author's Note: I apologize sincerely for not explaining before posting this. See, this takes place during "The Runaway Rainbow", when Rarity and Cheerilee see the third star. I hope that explains enough... Anyway, enjoy!


Midnight slipped into the forested mountain, dark and free. A small, pink unicorn noiselessly stepped on the dew-covered grass, thoughtfully moon-gazing. As the trees thinned out, the pony could see a cliff. She settled onto the edge of the mossy cliff calmly, but she looked very troubled.

She shook her head, causing her multicolored mane to let out many leaves that it had picked up during her walk. I am alone. I am glad, but it would be better if you were here. If I go back I will be with strangers. Friendly strangers. But not as good as you.

The starlight softly cascaded down on her as she looked at the sky in a plea for help.

A rustling sound was heard from the dense thicket, making her jump. She turned around defensively, her eyes burning with anticipation. I bet it's that dragon.

As the unicorn had guessed, a very small, dark blue dragon pushed through the leaves. "I scared you, didn't I?" he asked smugly.

His companion huffed and whirled around, to face the cliff's edge once more. Why bother?]

"…I'm sorry," the dragon sighed. "For everything. But we'll get you home soon."

She closed her eyes. Why should I listen to him?

He blinked; a bit shocked that she was so mad. Then, he sat next to the unicorn and stared hard at the moon, thinking.

The pink pony opened her eyes and turned her head to look at her companion. "Look. I don't need you. I can find my home by myself…Spike."

Spike rose. "Fine…just…" he trailed off.

"Just what?" she snapped.

He took a deep breath. "Just…good luck." The dragon walked away, but stopped at the entrance to the forest and took a quick glance at the unicorn. He then continued into the thick wood.

. . . .

A purple star streaked across the sky, a brilliant trail of light following it. The unicorn stood up and gasped. "No…"

The quiet of night hung in the air for a few seconds, before she broke the silence. "…I have to tell them." She whirled around to face the forest and sprinted towards the strangers' camp.