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Gin was scared. He was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital with Tōshirō and Byakuya, desperate to hear news about his father. Byakuya was pacing and Tōshirō was fast asleep, spread out across two chairs.

This must be how they feel when it's me… Gin thought to himself. …So scared… Afraid of losing me… Dad… I-I love ya… Please, be okay…


Hours had passed by before nurses would let them see Jūshirō. As expected, Tōshirō kept his distance from his brother, too scared to even look at him. He stayed by Byakuya's side, his eyes fixed solely on his father.

Gin sat on the hospital bed, horrified by the sight of the oxygen machine that was breathing for Jūshirō. He had seen this far too many times, but the bandages around his dad's wrists were something new.

The Ichimaru couldn't do it; he needed Rangiku there with him. He stood up, desperately fighting back the tears that threatened to overwhelm him. With a quick mumbled apology to Byakuya, Gin was gone.


Rangiku was quiet as she sat on the couch with Shunsui. Her head was in his lap, exhausted from having cried so much. Shunsui was intent on drinking himself into oblivion, not wanting to remember this day at all.

There was silence between the two of them except for Rangiku's sniffs and the contents of the sake bottle sloshing around as it moved rather abruptly every now and then.

"I miss Gin…" Rangiku whispered, wanting desperately to talk to Shunsui about her problems.

Shunsui frowned. He put down the sake bottle and pulled Rangiku onto his lap. He held her tight, resting his chin on her hair. "I know you do… I'm sorry, but it's best to just forget about them… I'm so sorry this happened… But at least we have each other now… It'll be okay… Just… try and forget Gin, okay?"

Rangiku shook her head, trying not to snap angrily at her beloved Shunsui. Gin was her best friend and her reason for living, and if she couldn't have him, then she didn't want to live.

Silence filled the air between them once again as Shunsui continued to drown his sorrows in alcohol and Rangiku slowly slipped off to sleep in his lap.

Just as Rangiku felt herself slipping into a dream, a loud, urgent knock on the door brought her back into the world of the conscious.

Shunsui stood up and moved to get the door. Rangiku flinched as she hears him yelling at someone and moved to see what was going on.

"Ya don't understand..." Gin whispered from the door as tears ran down his cheeks. "Ya not gettin' it..."

"What's going on?" Rangiku asked as she moved to stand between Shunsui and Gin.

"Dad is in hospital..." Gin sobbed. "He... tried to kill himself..."

Shunsui fell silent at these words. He stared at Gin for a few more seconds before he turned and grabbed his car keys from the key rack on the wall. He grabbed Rangiku's hand and pulled her towards Gin before je grabbed the younger male's hand next.

"I didn't mean for this to happen..." Shunsui whispered as a single tear slipped down his cheek. "I..."

Neither Rangiku nor Gin spoke as they got into the car and instead held hands, needing nothing more than comfort.


Byakuya growled as Shunsui walked into the room, his face stained with tears. He didn't say anything and instead watched closely as the brunet grabbed his boyfriend's hand.

"Juu-chan..." Shunsui whispered as he squeezed the pale man's hand tightly. "I... I'm so sorry... I love you so fucking much... I'm sorry for what I said... I'm so sorry... I love you with all my heart..."

"The doctors have said he slipped into a coma."

Shunsui turned at Byakuya's voice. He wiped at his eyes, hating himself for what he had caused.

"...How..." Shunsui whispered. "...How did this happen...?"

"You broke his heart." Byakuya's voice was cold and unforgiving. "It did not matter what I did for him; he was distraught. He swallowed the entire packet of my anti-depressants and pain killers. He also slit his wrists."

Shunsui shook his head. "..."

"They had to pump his stomach several times. He was awake during it and he resisted. He didn't want to be saved."

"..." Shunsui lowered his head, resting it on Jūshirō's shoulder. He cried, never having felt as horrible as he did now. He couldn't live with himself, having made his loved one hurt enough to want to end his own life.

Gin and Rangiku stood by the door, watching. Gin was struggling to keep his emotions under control, seeing the way Shunsui was so distraught and Toshiro slept in clear heartbreak, tears slipping down his cheeks, even during his sleep.

Gin collapsed to the ground, not wanting to be in the same room as his father while he was in a coma.

Rangiku wrapped her arms around Gin's shoulders, holding him close. She knew that no matter how much she loved Jūshirō, there was nothing that she could do to help other than look out for her best friend.


Two weeks had passed by, and Jūshirō still hadn't awoken from his coma. Byakuya and Shunsui had not left his side, and Toshiro did the best to be with his dad that he could for a twelve-year-old.

Gin was sitting at home on his bed, unable to cope. This was just too much for him. He had never thought that his father could mean as much to him as he did, but here he was.

Rangiku was downstairs, trying to make lunch for them in an effort to try and cheer Gin up, despite knowing that it was useless.

Gin understood that it wasn't his fault that Jūshirō had tried to end his own life, but he knew that his difficult, hateful nature had made things hard for his dad; especially after everything he had done to his family within the last couple of months.

The Ichimaru knew that he was being selfish, but Gin couldn't keep up; not anymore.

Gin got to his feet and moved to his desk. He pulled his pocket knife out of his drawer and flicked it open. With a glance to the bedroom door to make sure Rangiku wasn't about to enter, he raised the blade to his wrist and pushed in deeper than he usually did. He immediately felt the effects; he didn't feel the pain but his vision started to become dotty and fade. His ears rung and he felt nauseous.

The Ichimaru barely heard the shout Rangiku made, and he could only stare as the girl wrapped his arm in an abandoned t-shirt she had picked up from the ground. Blood stained through it, and Rangiku had to wrap several clothing pieces around the wound and lay her friend down on the bed for nearly twenty minutes before the bleeding stopped.

Gin was still conscious, but he was in a lot of pain and very dizzy. Rangiku stayed with him, trying to keep the tears from falling down her cheeks. They stared at each other, Rangiku in heartbreak and Gin in confusion; why should Rangiku try so hard to take care of him...? To stop him from dying...? She should have just left him there...

But then, when Rangiku placed her lips over Gin's just seconds later, everything made sense. Rangiku felt the same way about him and Gin did towards her.

Gin raised a shaking arm and placed it around her, pulling her closer. Rangiku complied, opening her mouth. Their tongues battled for dominance for a few seconds before they pulled away, staring at each other once again.

"I love you, Gin..." Rangiku whispered, taking his hand in her own. And that was when she broke down.