Our Only Salvation


To Quinn Bennett, it just seemed like another ordinary day: wake up, get ready, go to school and go home. And on that fateful cloudy mid-October morning, it precisely started out like that. But there was one tiny thing that was different in her routine.

"No." said Quinn's father.

"But Dad!" protested Quinn. "It's Kelly's birthday! I really wanna go!"

"I already gave you my answer: no. You are not going to that party on a school night, especially when her parents aren't even going to be home."

"Come on! It's not like there's going to be any alcohol or anything like that."

"Even if there isn't, you're still not going," argued Quinn's father. "You're falling behind in school, Quinn! If you want to get into that college, you have to earn good grades."

Quinn groaned in frustration.

"Why are you so stubborn?!"

"And why are you so persistent about all this?!"

"They're my friends, Dad! I don't get to see 'em that often!"

"I don't care! You're not going! End of discussion!"

Quinn sighed. She grabbed her old, beaten up backpack and stormed out of the kitchen.

"God, I just hate you sometimes!" she said, exasperated.

"Pick up your brother too on the way back!" said Quinn's father from the kitchen, which she could have sworn he also mumbled: "At least he doesn't argue."

His words, though to himself, stung a little. She hated being compared to that eight year old goody-two-shoes Isaac. To her, he was just a little brat who only acted like a suck up to get more attention from his mother and her father. Sometimes, Quinn wished that he'd just disappear along with everyone else whenever people were starting to become a pain in the ass.

"He's not my brother..." Quinn whispered before opening the front door and walking out.

Quinn couldn't help but notice the horrible traffic on the way to school. The streets were flooded with cars and the sidewalks were no different when it came to people. She knew Brooklyn was crowded, but she never expected to be this crowded. She sighed. Getting to class was going to be a pain. While passing the people on the sidewalk, something caught her eye. It was a TV in the window of an electronics shop that was showing the news. And what they were reporting caught Quinn's eye. Not only were there meteors appearing all across the world, but they were ordering a city-wide evacuation. At first she thought it was a hoax and that it would all blow over.

And then it began; the one defining moment that would change her life forever.

A huge boom echoed throughout the city, followed by a small earthquake that was powerful enough to make her and several other people lose their balance. As soon as it passed, Quinn quickly got back on her feet wondering along with everyone else what could have caused it.

First came the screaming... then the roars. And not your average animal roars either. They were otherworldly. Quinn's eyes widened when she saw a large pack of what looked like mutated wolves accompanied by ten foot tall behemoths with huge thick claws wrapped in armor and chains. Her breathing hastened as fear took hold of her. Quinn dropped her bag on the ground backing away slowly while the whole city block erupted into chaos. When some of the monsters started heading in her direction, she, along with many others, bolted in an attempt to escape.

She ran as fast as she could, passing by cars and people scrambling to get to safety. During the madness, Quinn felt an earthquake from another meteor crash which made her trip and fall flat on her face. She winced at the searing pain of her now-skinned knee but picked herself up and kept moving. She found an alleyway near by and hid there, with several random people, hoping to catch her breath. She was never the most athletic person in the world... and that alone put her at a disadvantage when it came to a crisis such as this.

From inside of the alley, she watched the scene unfold with horror. Winged people in golden armor also joined the fray and attacked the monsters. At first, Quinn was hopeful that they were there to save them. But after a moment of watching, it became apparent that they weren't, as they were more focused on killing the monsters than saving the humans. It didn't take long for the streets to be paved with blood from all three parties.

Quinn heard a loud thump on the building next to them. She and the humans she was hiding with looked up to see one of the monsters looming over them, preparing to strike. They all screamed and ran out of the alley; although an unfortunate few were trapped inside when the beast jumped down and blocked their path. Thankfully for Alexis, she was not one of them.

However, her escape did not last long.

She felt a sudden harsh pain in her skinned knee and once more collided with the ground. She cried out and grabbed her knee... only to find an arrow sticking out of it. Quinn struggled to hold back her tears as she looked up and saw a couple of monsters with archery bows standing on cars and shooting arrows. Quinn moaned as she attempted to stand up despite her injured knee screaming and begging her not to do so. But one of the archers saw her and promptly shot an arrow into her hand, pinning her to the ground. Quinn screamed in agony. Both her hand and her knee felt as though they were burning as blood pooled out. The tears she tried to hold back finally broke through and poured down her face.

Quinn's remaining hand shakily moved to her injured one. She grabbed the arrow hoping that she could remove it, but it hurt too much to even tighten her grip around it. The next thing she knew, she lost all breath as she felt something being plunged into her back. Quinn knew not whether it was a blade or a bullet; all she knew was that it was sharp and excruciatingly painful beyond words. Bleeding from her mouth, she turned her head to find one of the monsters was standing over her with a sword stabbed into her back.

Without warning, a huge sword was rammed through the chest of the monster who stabbed her and was swung upwards, cleaving its head and chest in half. Once its body crumpled to the ground, Alexa saw a figure cloaked in armor and a crimson red hood approach her and pull out the sword protruding from her back. The air rushed into her fatal wound while the blood rushed out. She uttered a weak and pitiful moan.

After sheathing his blood stained sword, the hooded figure kneeled next to her. Quinn saw that this figure, a man, was... odd looking. His snow white hair and eyes appeared natural and there was a symbol of unknown origin embedded on his forehead. It didn't help that his clothes and armor weren't exactly what humans usually wore either. Quinn's main concern though, was if he was on the side of the monsters or the winged people. Though she was raised to not judge a book by its cover, she quickly concluded that the man was on no one's side, as he did not look like he was from either party.

Quinn's hearing was dulled as if her whole head was plunged underwater. Her eyelids grew heavy and it became harder to breathe. She was dying and she knew it. But she forced herself with all of her will to stay conscious in hopes that she would be able to escape this fate. It wasn't enough. She quickly found herself reaching out to the man, trying to say "Help me", only for the sentence to come out in unintelligible gasps. The man's expression remained the same throughout that encounter: icy and stern. Not once did he show a flicker of remorse in his eyes.

Her strength finally spent, her hand collapsed to the ground and she felt herself slip away. Quinn was terrified. She didn't want to die; there was so much she had not done with her life. She wanted to graduate from high school, go to college, get her dream career and maybe settle down with a family. But soon, Quinn could no longer could she feel pain, temperature, or even the hard ground beneath her. The last sensation she felt, was the man gently closing her eyelids.

She soon heard nothing.

Her breathing ceased and her heart shortly after.

She was dead.

Author's notes: I decided to completely rewrite this as, one, we know little about Strife aside from the info given from the novel, two, I find that planning with Death's story as the template was far easier than making things up as I go along. This is the last time I am deleting and re-uploading this fanfic.

Our Only Salvation (formerly Last Remnant) is a fanfic I've been planning for a year now. The reason I had not started it until now was because I wanted to wait until Darksiders: The Abomination Vault and Darksiders II came out to see and understand more of the Darksiders universe. I'm very excited to finally write this. Darksiders has been on my mind since the arrival of Darksiders II so I needed to get my thoughts out on the computer immediately. I hope you enjoy what is now here and what comes next.