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Kensi had to fight the big grin on her face as she eyed her partner from her peripheral vision while he slept soundly on a short stack of files. She really couldn't begrudge him this nap, but the minute Callen and Sam came back from following up a lead, he was going to get quite a few jokes and she was sure all of them would have to do with their sleepover the night before. Blushing at remembering last night, Kensi ducked her head to stare back at her computer and lost her focus as she remembered the many times she was woken up by Deeks.

The first time she had been in what Deeks called her 'classic starfish formation' that left him clinging to the edge of the bed and her blissfully unaware of the position she was putting him in. The next time she had buried her face into his neck and entangled her arms and legs with his so that it took a few minute for them to untangle. The next four times, much to her frustration were similar variations of the second and the last one she'd remembered was when she'd woken up, completely sprawled out on top of her partner and snuggled close that she woke to the smell of ocean, something cinnamon-like, and just downright him that made her insides twist and turn. She'd wanted to lay with him like that for days and for someone who was supposed to be just friends with the guy she was on that probably wasn't good news. Kensi had zoned out for too long though and the rest of the team had filed in to catch Deeks passed out and her zoned out.

"Awwwww, look what we got here," Sam grinned and his voice brought Deeks shooting out of his seat sputtering. Even she had to admit it was pretty darn hilarious, but then she remembered that she was the reason he was so exhausted and then felt bad.

"Leave 'em alone guys," Kensi sighed, trying to refocus her attention on the laptop in front of her.

"If momma-bear is defending you the booty must've been good," Callen teased them mercilessly.

Kensi shot their team leader a glowering look of disapproval that kept the older man from continuing while Deeks only grinned happily. The rest of their day at OSP was very uneventful and despite the cumulative time she'd spent sleeping last night, even she was a little tired. It didn't help that her body truly felt like she'd been in a building that exploded and every muscle ached. She'd had to watch her partner wince for her as she fidgeted and grimaced through the day or when she got up for a coffee refill and walked as if she'd ridden a horse for days.

"I can take care of that for you," Deeks has said once Sam and Callen had left for the day.

"Huh?" Kensi asked as she shut everything down and began digging for her keys.

"You're clearly sore and I have a remedy for that," Deeks said casually.

"If it involves passing out on my sofa with a tub of half baked, I'm sold," Kensi sighed dreamily.

"Not quite," Deeks chuckled. "But I could be persuaded to bring by the Ben & Jerry's in addition to the other stuff."

Kensi eyed him warily as if waiting for him to propose some incredibly ridiculous plan.

"Don't you trust me by now?" Deeks gave her a look of hurt that made her frown in further suspicion. She did trust him though – with her life.

"Fine, what's your plan?" Kensi asked, knowing when she was defeated.

"You just have to relax and I'll meet you at your place in a couple hours," Deeks rushed, already getting excited over his idea to help her feel better.

"If you say so," Kensi grimaced and headed for the exit and home.


Deeks was beyond nervous. Nervous maybe didn't cut it. Overwhelmingly panicked might be a better description of how he felt at this moment. When he'd brought up the idea of him helping her feel better he really didn't think she'd take him up on it, but here he was, standing on her door step with two grocery sized paper bags. One bag held the ingredients for dinner, some of her ice cream, and a six pack of beer while the other held the contents that were not food or drink related. With a long sigh, Deeks kicked gently at the door since both his arms were full. He only had to wait about thirty seconds before she opened the door wide to let him in.

"Need some help there?" Kensi asked, offering out her hands to him.

"Nah, I've got it," Deeks swerved around her and set the bags down on her kitchen island. "You just park it on the couch and give me a few minutes."

Kensi grudgingly nodded and perched herself on the edge of the couch while Deeks dug through one of the large bags.

"First on tonight's agenda is a hot steamy bubble bath," Deeks said as he pulled out a bottle of vanilla bubble bath and a small jar of bath salts. "I'm going to get it started for you and you're going to stay right there."

"This isn't some trick so that you can give me a sponge bath, is it?" Kensi called after him.

"Could be if you wanted to," Deeks called over his shoulder with a wide grin.

"In your dreams!" Kensi laughed and tried not to fidget as she waited. She heard him start the water and some shuffling and after about five minutes he returned with his long sleeves rolled up past his elbows. Her eyes caught on his muscular forearms and she tried to keep the drooling a mental and non-physical reaction.

"Kens?" Deeks was now just a few feet in front of her and waving a hand before her face. "You just go soak in the bath and relax and I'm going to cook dinner."

"Uh, what's on the menu?" Kensi mentally kicked herself for zoning out.

"Sketti with meatballs and garlic bread," Deeks said, moving to unpack the bag of food. "Italian food makes everything better."

"Whatever you say," Kensi rolled her eyes, but inside she couldn't be happier. This was her favorite type of night. A night with a hot meal, Deeks, beer, Deeks, ice cream, and maybe Deeks… She shook her head to clear up that train of thought and headed for her bathroom.

Deeks watched her turn the corner and disappear and he got down to work. Half an hour later and he had finished cooking and he called down the hall to Kensi.

"Dinner is done – were you finished in there?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute to dress in something else," Kensi called and Deeks saw her walk swiftly past his peripheral vision in nothing but a white fluffy towel. Which of course led his brain to think thoughts of his partner dripping wet and naked. This was gonna be a long night. He'd managed to get each plate ready before she returned in shortish shorts and a semi-form fitting t-shirt. Deeks tried his very best not to stare as he handed her a plate filled with the pasta and bread.

The duo made themselves at home on the sofa with plates piled with the spaghetti with meatballs and some garlic bread. Kensi was drooling over the food before she even took her first bite and she couldn't help the moan that escaped past her closed lips.

"God Deeks this is amazing!" Kensi groaned in approval and proceeded to inhale the remainder of her plate while Deeks chuckled and they both watched an episode of Top Model.

When both plates were empty and both partners were firmly stuck on the sofa they began to really relax. Kensi hoisted her feet up and laid back so that her head was on the arm rest of the sofa and her feet rested in Deeks lap.

"Tickle them and you die," Kensi pointed out as she stared at the TV.

"I wouldn't dare," Deeks snorted as he glanced down at her feet. It was a tempting thing though.

They watched another episode and both could feel themselves dozing off a little so Deeks straightened his back out and tried to snap himself awake. He still had one more thing to do for her that would help her feel better.

"You getting the ice cream now?" Kensi asked after a yawn.

"Maybe later," Deeks said as he fidgeted in his seat some. "You still trust me, right?"

"Mhmmm," Kensi replied sleepily.

"Good, cos we have one last thing to do tonight," Deeks said as he lifted her feet off his lap and to the floor.

"More?" Kensi was starting to wake up a little more now at the thought of doing more.

"Yep, Deeks' extra special massage," Deeks said, trying to put some playfulness into his words so she wouldn't see just how nervous he was over the idea of touching her body.

"A massage…" Kensi's voice sounded doubtful.

"Yes," Deeks said before he took her hands and pulled her up from the couch. "It'd be much easier to do in a bed though where you can lay out."

Kensi looked tired and a little confused but she followed him to her bedroom.

"I swear I'm not trying to be a perv but it'd be easier to avoid the bruises if you weren't wearing a shirt," Deeks suggested, hoping the blush spreading across his cheeks wouldn't give him away. "I can close my eyes and then you can lay face down on the bed and tell me when you're ready."

"And you know that if you peak you're dead meat," Kensi threatened tiredly.

Deeks slammed his eyes shut and nodded vigorously and even turned around to give her the privacy she desired. He heard the rustling of clothes and then after about 30 seconds she spoke up.

"Ready," Kensi said and he turned around and opened his eyes, trying to just see her body as some random body – not the glorious body of his partner whose brains he wanted to screw into the next decade. She was relaxed on her stomach wearing a pair of short and loose orange jogging shorts and a black bra with her head turned away from and resting on her arms. He could be glad for that much at least. Deeks was already having difficulties keeping the second brain check when his eyes met with the glowing skin of his partner stretched out in long legs and a virtually bare back. "Deeks?"

He'd waited too long and wanted to smack his forehead. "Yeah, sorry, didn't hear you the first time." Deeks maneuvered himself onto the bed so that he straddled her upper thighs and faced her back. "Do you mind if I unsnap the bra so I don't have to work around it?"

"If you have to," Kensi sighed, but tensed a little when he undid the offending garment and let the back straps fall to the sides and pushed the shoulder straps a little further down her arms so he had clear access to her shoulders.

Mentally shaking off his nerves he poured a healthy amount of vanilla-chamomile massage oil into his palm and then rubbed his hands together to warm the oil before he started at her shoulders. She flinched when he lightly squeezed her shoulders and he froze.

"Was that a sore spot?" Deeks asked, worry clear in his tone.

"No, huh, it's okay," Kensi mumbled quickly. In reality she had just been shocked by the bare contact of his rougher hands slicked with oil on her bare skin. It felt heavenly.

"K, just let me know if I'm doing something wrong, okay?" Deeks asked, stealing himself to continue the massage.

Kensi nodded into her arms and closed her eyes. Deeks worked over her shoulders lightly at first, but then increased the pressure with this thumbs and palms when he found knots or places where she was tense but not bruised. Whenever he'd find an especially good spot she would let a soft sigh and her eyelids would flutter and remain closed. He repeated his actions from the shoulders and slowly moved down her back until her back was slick with oil and her mouth remained in a small 'O' as she made small noises of appreciating. He really wished she wouldn't because if she so much as glanced over her shoulder up at him she'd see the reaction those noises were having on his body. His basketball shorts did little to hide it and all the naked thoughts of Sam Hannah were not helping even an ounce.

Kensi for her part was convinced she was experiencing some form of the best dream of her life. The feel of her partner's strong and warm hands working her back over and the light smell of the oil were making it difficult to process any thought other then 'oh my God, yes'. She knew if any thought of reality were to creep back in it would be something along the lines of 'apparently her lower back was an erogenous zone' because she could feel her lower stomach heating up and her insides clenched in pleasure whenever he hit a sweet spot. She only thanked God that he couldn't notice the pooling moisture between her legs and the pointed state her breasts were now in against her mattress. It took whatever brain power she had left over her body to not squirm herself into the mattress or up into his hands to ease some of the building lust inside of her.

"Did you want me to get your legs too?" Deeks asked, his voice waveringly a little in pitch and she had a second to wonder if this was affecting him too. It probably wouldn't though as he was Deeks, "master of all things woman" and Kensi was sure he didn't look at her like that.

"Uh, sure," Kensi murmured and was rather proud that it didn't come out deeper.

She could feel him moving further down the bed so he was near her ankles and he started working his magic at her left ankle and moved up from there. When after about five minutes he'd finally moved up to her upper thigh she was completely crazy and out of her mind with lust. Each point of pressure with a finger or thumb sent another rush of wet heat to her core and she could help the low gurgle of pleasure that escaped her as her hips dipped slightly into the mattress.

Deeks of coursed noticed and he had to bite back a groan of his own. He knew those noises, though not from this woman, but she was getting turned on by his touch and just that mental note alone made him hard to the point of aching. He had to take a second to adjust himself with one of this hands or the tent in his shorts would give him away completely. Even if he had just been massaging her and she wasn't making those noises or heating up under his touch he would definitely still be turned on by touching her in places he'd only dreamed of, but she was making it impossible for him. How was he supposed to escape fast enough for her not to notice how rock hard he was for her? Deciding that he'd better start her other leg he moved down to her right ankle and a small sigh of relief slipped from his partner's lips as her body relaxed. So apparently her thighs were a sweet spot. He knew he should take less glee from that, but it was damned hard not to.

Kensi couldn't help the relief that racked through her body and brain when he moved down to her ankle again. If he'd continued, she couldn't promise that she wouldn't have rubbed herself into the mattress until she came screaming his name. She really shouldn't let him continue with her other leg, but God she must have been a masochist in another life because she couldn't form the words to stop him. She felt his hands slowly moving up her leg until he was nearing her upper thigh again and she bit down hard on her lip so she wouldn't moan too loud. All rational thought was slowly leaving her brain and she knew she should speak up now, before she said or did something they'd both regret, but he was too good and she was too far gone. Her eyes fluttered open and she finally peered down her body and at partner as he focused all his attention on the back of her thigh. He failed to notice her staring though, so she bold perused his body and her eyes caught on the very well defined erection beneath his shorts. He was clearly trying very hard to be sure that he kept the massage up for her benefit without her finding out that this was driving him as crazy as it was her. In that moment she had no idea why they had been trying so hard not to cross this line that they had drawn. She let out a soft gasp as he found another good spot and his gaze was drawn up at the noise and their eyes caught. They both remained frozen for what seemed like hours but was in reality only seconds – if not moments, because in each of their eyes they saw all the answers they needed.

"Deeks," her voice a low growl. "Fuck me."

His body reacted before his brain could catch up as his hands were quick to pull her shorts and panties down to her knees revealing her bare backside and the glistening lips of a place he'd never thought he'd see. Next his shorts went down to his knees and spared no delay in thrusting himself forward and into her tight and wet heat. Her cry of pleasure broke through the fog of his body-controlled brain and he began to process what was happening. He was completely sheathed inside of his hot as hell partner and she was begging for him to start moving. She felt like heaven and he could feel the ripple of her interior muscles as her body clenched tight around him and then released to allow him to pull out some. There wasn't going to be any going back after this moment and he knew the only thing he could do was make it as amazing for her as it was for him already. God he was already close and he hadn't even begun to really move.

"Please Deeks," Kensi pleaded. "Shut the brain off for a minute and fuck me like there's no tomorrow."

A low growl escaped Deeks' throat and he gave her what she'd asked for. He drew himself out before swiftly burying himself inside of her again and again. Her fists clenched tight in the sheet beside her head as moans of approval filled the space around them. Deeks lost himself in the sight of his length sliding in and out of her as his hands roamed her backside and hips, all the while keeping his steady pace that was getting even him a little winded.

Kensi's brain was rendered absolutely useless as her body reacted to his in the most animalistic base way possible. Her hips jerked back in time with his thrusts and sounds she'd never heard before were falling from her throat and mouth, but she didn't care because this was so absolutely perfect and right that nothing else in the world mattered to her. He was so much freaking larger than she'd ever imagined, and yes she had imagined but that also didn't matter right now. She could feel herself nearing the edge of no return and God help her she was actually a little scared to put a toe over that edge because if it was anything like the sex, she was going to be forever changed by it. Kensi bit down on her lip hard and the pain brought her back from the precipice before she felt his deft and nimble fingers find her pearl of nerves and it was like he had shoved her off the cliff with no warning. Her body quaked as she screamed his name and her back bowed, driving her hips up toward him one last time. White flashes burned into her retinas as wave after wave of pleasure threatened to drown her. He only lasted a few thrusts past her climax before she could feel his hot seed filling her and his body went rigid above her as he whispered her name like a mantra.

She would've thought she'd be capable of thinking now that they'd finished but her brain felt pleasantly fuzzy and sleepy. Kensi only wanted to curl up beside her partner and pass out for days.


That was the keyword in that sentence and it snapped her back to reality enough for her to react when he pulled out of her and her hips sank back into the bed in exhaustion. She turned around, her bra falling off her uselessly and she sat up to get a better look at him. Their eyes caught and she was surprised to note that she didn't see anything there that she hadn't already seen.

"Deeks," Kensi started, her voice hoarse from all the noises she'd been making, but he held a finger to her lips before she could continue.

"C'mere Fern," Deeks murmured while he peeled off the shorts each had been still around their knees and his now sweaty shirt.

Kensi wordlessly moved into his arms when he'd finished undressing and he pulled her as close as humanely possible so that his face was buried in her hair. She couldn't help the overall feeling of home and safety that she experience pressed tight against him and buried in his warmth, but there was no other words to describe it – them. This was home.

"What's next?" Kensi asked softly.

"I think a nap could be in order," Deeks murmured into her hair and then placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"And then?" Kensi asked.

Deeks chuckled at her inquisitive line of thought. "And then maybe round two, but this time I get to touch and taste you in every place I've ever wanted."

A long shiver shook Kensi's body as she imagined that and Deeks pulled her closer thinking that she was just cold.

"That is of course if you want to," Deeks pondered lightly, trying to keep his words from sounding desperate. He couldn't imagine turning back now – back to what they had been. What they were before was a power and amazing thing, but this was something ten times that and he wouldn't give up on her until she realized it too.

"Only if I get to return the favor," Kensi chuckled into his shoulder before placing a lingering kiss on the bare skin.

Deeks' body loosened in relief at her words and he wondered if he should push his luck tonight. Of course he was going to, because he was Marty Deeks, and he was an expert button pusher. He pulled away some and hovered over her so he could see her face when he said his next words.

"You know this is more than lust and fucking, right?" Deeks gave her a penetrating look that practically screamed how much she meant to him.

Kensi bit her lower lip and nodded. "Definitely more," she whispered back and her stomach did expert acrobatic acts when he smiled brightly down at her before swooping down to finally kiss her.

"Thank God," Deeks laughed as he nuzzled her neck and peppered her with kisses.

"You were saying something earlier about a round two?" Kensi asked between gasps.

"As my lady wishes," Deeks grinned.

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