I've read these Percy Jackson fics were Annabeth goes to asylums. Their names are Goode High Academy for Insane Youth and the other is The Asylum. After reading those, I decided to make my own fic. So here it is.


At two o'clock of the afternoon, a girl of about fifteen or sixteen years old was being escorted by two men to a bulky old building that was to be her new home. With her wrists and ankles chained. The girl's mind kept replaying images of what had gotten her stuck in this mess. She remembered the pain she had felt after that happened. If only she hadn't said anything.

The men suddenly stopped five feet away from the building's doors. The girl gulped in fright.

The man at her left roughly pushed her towards the doors. The girl started to have goosebumps. She wanted to run, run away from this eerie place.

But she couldn't, not when she was chained. So she walked, slow short steps, to the doors.

Then reluctantly entered the asylum.

i know, i know it's short. but that was intentional. that was just a prologue.