Here's the prologue to the new story I'm working on. The first chapter should be up soon, it just needs to be proof read, but school is about to get crazy, so I'm not sure how often updates will be.

Enjoy! :)

It didn't take a glamorous late night party with a stunning low-cut dress, killer heels, and free flowing alcohol. Instead it was practical flats, a modest pink and white sundress, pink lip gloss, an ice cream cone, and a well-timed step to the left.

He bumped into her, and her ice cream cone collided with his Armani suit. Suddenly she's embarrassed and blushing; sputtering apologies and grabbing napkins in an attempt to clean up the sticky ice cream. He grabs her wrists halting her frantic movements. She glances up, biting her lip in apprehension and meets his piercing gaze.


One, one thousand.

Two, one thousand.

Three, one thousand.

His eyes have lost the look of annoyance and taken on a 'deer in the head lights' look and she's got him hooked. Suddenly he is the one who is apologizing, waving off his goons, and buying her another ice cream cone. They spend the rest of the afternoon walking down the avenue talking as if they were old friends.

It's the most natural thing in the world.

Boy meets Girl.

Boy falls, and Girl is beautiful and sweet; everything he never knew he needed. And just like that she is in. It was almost too easy.

A week later she has drained all his accounts and left him drowning in a pool of his own blood.

Piece of cake.

And just like always, SHIELD would promptly dispatch an agent in another vain attempt to pick up her trail and take her out of the game. She was counting on it.