A/N: Hey this is a story I thought of the other day. UsUk High School, real names used.

I lifted the cool blade to my face and stared at my distorted reflection. As I stared at my face I herd my classmates remarks echo throughout my mind. All the terrible insensitive hurtful words they spoke, drifted in and out of my sub conscience. I am hated at my school, and that is not an exaggeration! They've wished me death upon multiple occasions. And it's not just the words that get to me, it's the beatings. Everyday either during recess or after school they would gang up on me. I can't fight back or I would break my dear mother's heart. My family is the only thing in this world I care about. Mattie, My twin brother, my mom and my dad. That's it. Why you ask? Because they're the only one's who care about me. I set down the knife just to pull my jacket off to reveal the scares all up my arms. I grabbed the knife with my right hand and held it up to my left. My arm shook as I continued to think about what had happened today at school and tears brimmed my eyes. Swallowing I pressed the knife up to my skin, shutting my eyes I quickly slid the blade across my skin cutting it. Hot tears poured from my eyes and slid down my face as my blood drained from the cut and a stinging sensation filled my body. I opened my eyes and stared down at the fresh cut I had made and watched the blood continue to escape through the cut. I continued to sob not only for the physical pain but the emotional as well.

"Alfred! Dinner time!" My mom called from down stairs. Wiping my tears and calming my voice I yelled back.

"Coming mom!" I quickly slipped my coat back on to hide my new cut and ran down stairs to eat with the only people that care about me.

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