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WARNING: Riley curses a lot.

In a sort of cliché way, it had all begun with a rabbit hole. Riley had seen Alice in Wonderland before and knew that following random rabbits into rabbit holes was a bad idea, but no one had ever mentioned just leaning over a random rabbit hole. Especially one that looked like it was made for Big Foot rather than a tiny bunny. Besides the hole had popped up randomly and caught Riley's attention when the snow piled up on the ground suddenly gave way. She couldn't possibly ignore such a thing. Well curiosity killed the cat and in this case curiosity caused the eighteen year old college girl to be seriously late for her physics lecture. Riley fell in.

"Oh my f*cking god!" Riley screamed as she slipped and slid through a series of underground tunnels. She quickly lost her balance and was basically belly surfing her way through the tunnels. Up and over hills, around corners, and up the walls Riley slid.

"This! Doesn't even! Physics!" Riley screeched as she did a loop-d-loop after a particularly fast turn.

She slid past a series of tunnel exits all with vastly different destinations.

"Was that China?" Riley asked no one in particular as she slid past what she swore was the Great Wall of China.

Suddenly all the other tunnel exits disappeared and Riley felt herself gaining speed.

"Oh sh*t," Riley realized what was happening two seconds before it happened.

Riley shot out of the tunnel and into thin air, much like one shoots a cannonball out of a canon. All below Riley was white and there was a moment where Riley could swear that her life flashed before her eyes and then gravity pulled her down. Riley squeezed her eyes shut and braced her hands over her head before landing in a snow drift.

"Oh sweet Jesus," Riley cursed softly, her face in the snow.

She didn't know how, but she was alive. Sure she had almost peed herself in terror but she hadn't and from what she could feel she was in one piece. That was something to be thankful for at least. Riley gave herself a few minutes to collect herself before the cold of the snow began to seep into her clothing. Eventually she struggled to her feet and looked around.

"Oh, where the hell am I?" Riley asked herself as she stared at her surroundings.

There was snow, mountains, snow, and to add a little spice to her life snow. Basically she was doomed.

"Okay breathe," Riley reminded herself, "Now what do you have with you? A physics notebook. Not much help. Some pens. I can write my will at least. My wallet. Perhaps I can burn money for a fire. Oh my iphone! Thank the gods!"

Riley quickly took her phone out of her purse and held it up triumphantly until she realized that she had no bars.

"Mother f*cker!" Riley cursed.

It was at that moment Riley noticed she had Wi-Fi. Really having Wi-Fi made even less sense than the rabbit hole she just fell down, but who was she to look a gift horse in the mouth?

"SIRI, where am I?" she asked the phone.

"I do not know."

"Really SIRI? How can you not know?!"

"I cannot find your location. I am sorry. Would you like to see a map?"

"F*cking Apple maps," Riley realized she was doing a lot of cursing for one day but decided that this was a special condition.

"I have received directions to a location. Would you like to see them?" SIRI piped up.

"You received directions?" Riley was flabbergasted, "How can you not know where we are but receive directions? Also who sent you directions?"

"Did you say directions? I shall open them for you," SIRI continued on, "The directions say go towards the highest mountain in the distance."

"What kind of directions are those? And no SIRI open Facebook, I have to tell people what happened," Riley told the phone.

"I cannot open Facebook," SIRI stated, "Would you like to see the directions?"

"No, I would not like to see the directions. SIRI video message my mom," Riley was beginning to lose her temper.

"I cannot call Mom. Would you like to see the directions?" SIRI asked.

"SIRI can you open anything except for those stupid directions?!" Riley screamed at her phone.

"No. Would you like to see the directions?" SIRI asked oblivious to Riley's anger.

Riley felt the anger seep out of her like the air out of a balloon with giant gaping hole. She was no longer angry. She was just exhausted and confused and a bit cold. At least she was wearing her winter boots and coat, she reminded herself. It could have been worse. This could have happened to her in the summer.

"Sure SIRI. Show me the directions," Riley gave in.

"I will show you the directions," SIRI announced and opened a document containing directions.

SIRI began to read the directions out loud and Riley sighed before giving in and following the directions.

According to her phone, Riley had been walking for almost an hour. She had been trying to entertain herself by asking SIRI ridiculous questions but that quickly lost its amusement when SIRI kept asking her if she wanted the directions reread to her. Frankly, Riley wasn't sure how much longer she could go on. She was cold. The snow was shin deep and Riley was basically shuffling her way through it at this point. She could barely feel her toes through her cotton lined boots and her hands were curled up in her sleeves. She had the hood of her bright red pea coat pulled as far over her head as she could but her cheeks and nose were still freezing.

"SIRI I'm going to freeze to death," Riley announced.

Her phone was clutched in one of her hands up her sleeves in hopes of keeping it from freezing, but Riley doubted it was meant to survive an hour trek in what seemed to be Antarctica.

"I'm not wearing nearly enough layers. I'm so cold even my jacket doesn't help," Riley continued, "I'm going to die wearing my moose sweater. I mean it's cute but out of all the things I could have died in."

At this point Riley had to give up talking because her teeth began to chatter too hard and her body began to shiver violently. It was putting one last effort into keep her warm. A futile effort because SIRI seemed determine to have Riley walk till she froze to death. Riley tried to tuck more of her head into her collar, keeping her eyes on the ground in front of her.

"You are here." SIRI announced suddenly.

Before Riley could react she walked into something very solid and very warm. A sudden tension filled Riley and shiver of fear slid down her spine as she began to realize what she ran into. It was furry. Brown and furry. Riley suddenly snapped her head upwards to glance out the creature. Its eye met her eyes and both screamed. Riley and the whatever creature it was both jumped backwards pointing at each other and screaming. A bunch of small creatures clothed in red and green appeared behind the furry creature which only made Riley scream louder. This caused the small creatures to scream too.

"We don't have time for screaming contests," a gruff voice with a thick accent announced, "Christmas is in two weeks. Get back to work…"

The voice trailed off as the person finally came into view and saw Riley standing there. Apparently there was a door behind the furry creature. Who knew? Riley heard her scream end with a sudden squeak when she noticed the man standing there. He was a big man, not big as in fat but big as in tall and rather big boned. He had long white hair and a beard. He had on a bright red sweater rolled up to his elbows, exposing large arm tattoos stating "Naughty" and "Nice".

"Santa?" Riley heard herself squeak again.

"Oh this can't be good," Santa slapped a palm over his face and dragged it down, "I don't have time for this."

It suddenly occurred to Riley that perhaps she had not been wrong when she thought she was at a pole. She had just been thinking of the wrong pole.

"Bring her in, Yeti," Santa announced walking back inside. The small clothed creatures, elves Riley corrected herself, followed Santa in tripping over their own shoes in the process.

"Yeti?" Riley asked herself as the big furry creature suddenly came over to her and threw her over his shoulder.

"Oh that yeti," Riley really wished her brain would stop stating stupid things and actually focus for a moment but her wish was to go ungranted as she was carried into Santa's workshop.

You know that feeling when you wake up on Christmas morning. It's all the joy of the entire Christmas season at once and the heartfelt anticipation of what's waiting under the tree. That unspoken swelling of happiness when you sneak down the stairs and notice Santa has left a mound of presents. That one day a year where magic exists and even when you get older you can still faintly taste the magic in the air even if you no longer believe in it. That feeling. That wonderful joyful awe-inspiring feeling of good cheer and magic and faith in mankind, that's what entering Santa's workshop felt like.

Riley barely noticed her shivering as her body attempted to return to a normal temperature. This place was quite literally magical. There were toys as far as the eye could see, fabulous machines that buzzed and glowed, and cranes and belts that moved toys and tools around. There were dozens of other yetis stationed all over the place and they were sewing stuffed animals and painting robots and creating circuits for all sorts of electronics. Elves were running around all over the place but they weren't exactly happening with the toys. Instead they were decorating themselves with Christmas lights and licking cookies and poking yetis. Riley didn't care though because this place made her feel like a small child staring at the wonder that is the world for the first time. It was beautiful feeling that she never wanted to let go of. The yeti placed her down in front of a globe that had to be at least five times as tall as her and it was covered with blinking yellow lights.

"Alright let's get this over with," Santa crossed her arms in front of his chest.

It probably would have been intimidating except for it was Santa. She was standing in front of Santa. Santa was looking at her. Santa.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" Santa asked gruffly.

Riley reached into her bag and pulled out her student ID and thrust it at Santa without taking her eyes off him. Santa reached out and took it from her and studied it intently.

"Riley Evans," Santa hummed to himself, "College student."

Santa blinked, looked up at Riley, and glanced back at the card.

"'You're a college student?" he asked.

Riley nodded unable to speak.

"And you can see me?" Santa asked her.

Riley nodded again.

Santa began to laugh, a deep laugh that came from his belly.

"It's been years since I've had someone as old as you believe in me," Santa smiled at Riley.

"You're real," Riley whispered.

"As real as you are," Santa leaned over so he was closer to Riley's height.

"Does this mean the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Leprechauns and Cupid are real? And Big Foot and Nessie?" the questions just came tumbling out of Riley's mouth as the wondrous realization hit her, "And Mother Nature? And Baby New Year? And Jack Frost? And the Sandman? And Rudolph? Cause if they are I owe Big Foot a serious apology because I never really believed in him…"

Riley glanced up at Santa again. He was smiling at her and looked like he was about to burst out laughing. She was in Santa's workshop at the North Pole with Santa and yetis and elves. Riley felt her eyes fill with tears and for a moment Riley forgot all about her situation and reclaimed her childhood and magic by running forward and hugging Santa as she wept.

And that is the first chapter. Sorry it's not very long and for the random crying at the end. I would cry if I met Santa. Burst into tears after I fainted of course. Riley didn't faint which is a first for one of my characters. Anyway HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Please review in the holiday spirit.