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Horses began charging forward and the kids began hugging them. They soon discovered that all it really took was touching the horse and whatever part they touched began to disintegrate. The kids had epic fun poking, prodding, and generally annoying the horses. The first horse charged near Riley and she flamed it. The horse began to melt into golden sand.

"Alright kiddies," Riley flamed another pony before turning back to the kids, "We need a fighting song. If you sing very loudly and clearly it will make the guardians stronger and it will allow you to defeat pones by yourself."

"What do we sing?" one kid asked.

"Oh I'll teach you," Riley smirked evilly.

Ten minutes and fifteen melted ponies later Riley had taught the kids the song. She had proudly named it "The Stinky Man in the Dress" sung to the tune of "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

"Who's afraid of the man in the dress? The man in the dress? The man in the dress? No one's afraid of the man in the dress. Because he really smells!" the kids sand in chorus.

"Beautiful," Riley complimented, "Now sing loud and sing proud and give some ponies some hugs!"

The remaining kids broke off into a run, each one chasing down a horse to hug while screaming loudly parts of the song. It was chaos, but a fun kind. Now that there weren't kids hiding behind her, Riley was free to fight. She smashed a snow globe and jumped through. From place to place all over the park she appeared. Riley would jump out, flame a pony, and jump back in. Sometimes she pulled kids out of the way or had kids jump into the portal with her. Every time she jumped she yelled something fun and ridiculous like "Burn Baby Burn!" or "Fire Power!" At one point Riley forgot she was unaffected by magic so when she stood in front of a horse, it charged right through her.

"Well that felt strange," Riley said looking at the pony who was dashing away after it went through her internal organs.

"You're so cool Red Lady!" one of the kids shouted, "The ponies can't touch you!"

"I'm too awesome for them!" Riley shouted back.

The kids grinned widely before running off to join his friends in hugging a pony. Aw she was spreading the love. Granted it was a love that disintegrated ponies, but they were evil ponies so it was okay. Riley decided the guardians needed a little assistance and jumped into another portal.

"Bunny! You're big!" Riley whined.

Bunny was now his normal size and was frankly kicking butt. He was leaping over ponies and whirling his boomerang around and being a kick ass guardian.

"I happen to like this size Sheila," Bunny said using one pony as a springboard.

"But you were so cute! And fluffy! And I wanted to see you be a bad ass little bunny!" Riley complained while casually flaming two ponies.

"That reminds me," Bunny landed in front of her, "I am not fluffy."

Clearly Bunny was trying to be intimating but Riley was unaffected.

"You are the cutest fluffiest bunny ever!" Riley shouted before jumping back into a portal.

"Fluffy Bunny help us," Riley heard one of the kids shout as she left.

She had begun to spread her nickname. Bunny was so going to kill her if Pitch didn't first. Bunny popped out by Tooth, who she kindly reminded that she could admire all the kid's teeth after the battle, and then jumped into another portal again. This time she landed by Jack who was battling Pitch. Pitch launched some darkness at her and Riley dove to the left.

"Idiot!" she smacked herself in the head, "Impervious remember!"

The next time Pitch attempted to attack her, Riley stood still and the darkness passed right through her.

"It feels icky!" Riley cried as she stepped out of the reach of the darkness, "It was all up in my organs!"

She whipped out her flamethrower and attempted to burn the black. Surprisingly it lit up with ease and melted away. Jack looked at Riley and Riley grinned at Jack.

"First person to destroy the most darkness gets a kiss from the loser!" Riley challenged.

"See if you can keep up," Jack winked.

Ice. Fire. Dark. Fire. Ice. Dark. Portal. Ice. Fire. Fire. Insult. Comeback. Ice. Dark. Comment about icky sensation. Ice. Ice. Dark. Fire. Ice. Finally Pitch was out of breathe and out of places to run. In the distance the kids were giggling and shouting and singing the lyrics to "Smelly Man in a Dress." Santa, Tooth and Bunny joined Jack and Riley.

"Nowhere to run now," Jack said, "You're finished Pitch."

"No there is always darkness and always fear!" Pitch shouted before melting into the ground.

"Where'd he go?" Tooth sounded frantic.

"The children!" Santa gasped.

Riley opened a portal.

"Everybody in!"

They all jumped through and landed in the middle of the park. There Pitch stood surrounded by children. The nightmare horses were gone, in their places were piles of golden sand.

"You should believe in me!" Pitch shouted at the children, "I deserved to be believed in!"

"Oh I believe in you," Jamie said, "I'm just not afraid of you!"

Something amazing happened then. Pitch seemed to shrink in size and as he did all the golden sand on the ground began to rise into the air. It formed together and began swirling. The sand condensed and brightened. Out of the top of the sand pile emerged Sandy.

"Sandy!" the guardians and Riley cheered.

Sandy's sand formed fireworks which began to light up the sky in golden displays. The children oohed and ahhed. Sandy landed on the ground and immediately was tackled in a hug by Riley and Tooth.

"I'm so glad you're back!" Tooth cried.

"I missed your cool and silent ways!" Riley admitted, "No one else could compare in Fluffy Bunny!"

"Give him some air," Santa said.

Tooth and Riley backed off only for Santa to scoop up Sandy in a hug.

"Put him down, mate," Bunny said.

"Yeah we still have someone to take care of," Jack motioned to Pitch.

Pitch was attempting to scurry away while everyone was distracted.

"We seriously need to put him on a leash or something," Riley muttered, "At least tie his legs together."

The guardians gave chase into the woods.

"Come along, children!" Riley waved at them, "Team Red Lady charge!"

"Charge!" the children shouted and gave chase.

They encountered the guardians in the woods standing around Pitch.

"See! You still have fear!" Pitch shouted pointing to black ponies of doom that appeared around the clearing.

"We're not afraid," Jack stated.

"But you are," Santa pointed out.

Pitch had a horrible moment of realization before the ponies started charging. Pitch quickly ran away into the woods.

"Aw I pegged him for screaming like a girl," one kid said.

"I did too kid," Riley ruffled his hair.

A shriek was heard in the distance. Riley and the kid shared a high-five.

"Jack, it is time," Santa said.

Jack looked at the kids who were gathered around him. He glanced at Riley. Riley gave him a thumbs-up.

"I'm ready," Jack grinned.

"Do you Jack promise to protect the children of the world? To make sure their hopes and dreams live on? To do your best for the children?" Santa asked.

"I do," Jack said.

Riley was briefly reminded of a wedding. With Santa as the Priest and Jack as the groom. Oh Jack in a tux. That was a nice thought.

"You are now guardian!" Santa said.

The children and the guardians cheered.

"You'll do a good job, mate."

"I'm so happy for you Jack!"

"You found your center after all."
"In case you were wondering," Riley pushed her way through the crowd of children to in front of Jack, "The phrase is "You were right Riley" and I totally won both bets as well."

Jack used his staff to pull her close.

"You're a smart mouth aren't you?" he asked.

"Oh I wonder who else is like that?" Riley asked sarcastically.

"Smart ass," Jack chuckled.

"Cute ass," Riley whispered, "I'm still waiting for that kiss. Plus interest. Plus the bets I won."

"I'm more than willing to repay," Jack stroked her cheek, "But I won the bets."

Riley was about to argue but she was cut off by a kiss from Jack.

"No kissing in front of children!" Santa separated Jack and Riley.

"We'll save it for later then," Jack winked at Riley.

"Alright, alright, it's time to go," Santa ushered them towards the sleigh.

"You're leaving?" Jamie asked, "Will I see you again?"

"Of course we will," Jack ruffled Jamie's hair, "But we never really leave. We'll always be here. In your heart."

Jamie smiled at Jack and Jack smiled back.

"Time to go!" Santa called.

Jack hopped into the sleigh next to Riley.

"Help all the little ones home, okay?" Riley shouted, "And you guys did awesome today! You were the best army against evil ponies of doom that a girl could ask for."

"We will!" shouted the older kids.

The younger kids shouted various good-byes, and come back soons, and a couple of Team Red Lady cheers.

"Red Lady?" Jack raised an eyebrow.

"Of course," Riley said, "I needed an awesome legacy too."

The sleigh began to take off and the guardians waved at the children till they were out of sight.

"So I believe I owe you something," Jack leaned towards Riley.

"No kissing in sleigh!" Santa shouted.

"Oh I knew they would get together," Tooth sighed.

Sandy was a bit confused, since he missed most of the relationship development, but smiled at them anyway.

"You better treat her well, Jack" Bunny threatened.

"I will, she is my first believer after all."

"Thank you!" Riley finally got the recognition she was asking for, "So what do we do now?"

The guardians all looked at each other.

"Cookies?" Santa suggested.

"Why not?" Bunny shrugged.

"Only if we floss afterwards!"

A thumbs up.

"I can think of something I'd rather do," Jack whispered.

Riley leaned in and kissed him.

"I said no kissing in sleigh!"

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