Super model Kanda Yuu was having one of those days, he really believed he was surrounded by worthless and pathetic idiots. Why someone might wonder? Simple. Everyone around him were acting like complete idiots.

It began this morning, when Kanda was rudely awoken at eight in the morning by none other than his manager-step father. As The young man opened the door to his luxurious apartment, Tiedoll had told him to get ready because he had a photo shoot. The ravenette simply stared at the man before glaring full-heartily.

"What the fuck do you mean a shoot?" Kanda angrily asked barely starting to full awake, something Tiedoll knew would only get worst.

Tiedoll already knowing his son, knew his way around the model. "You see Yuu-kun," the older man started while completely ignoring the deadly glare directed his way.

"I got a call this morning asking to please have you at the photo shoot at nine. They decided to move the date sooner since you know how popular you are." The glasses wearing man explain to a now fully awaken Kanda.

After a while of talking, Tiedoll managed to convince the younger man and got the model ready for a day at work.

That was only the beginning of Kanda's problem, but still they drove to the location where he would spend most of his suppose day off.


Once Kanda got ready, he was informed by the photographer that he would be modeling along side a few other models for a couple of poses which did not sit well with Kanda. He really didn't like people getting in his personal space, and that space was pretty wide.

After changing, the long haired male stepped into the set and began to pose while hopping everything would end soon.

Only two models joined him, but it still bothered him. He didn't like people – model or not – to flirt with him when he worked. He only focused on the camera and ignored everyone else.

He wished the photo shoot would have taken place at the Black Order building. Where a man named Bak Chan would be the one taking the pictures, but since it was all unplanned he just went along with everything.

Kanda only tried to model inside the B.O building and to his somewhat acceptable photographer. Unlike others, Bak would only focus on his work and not ogle at him through the camera's lens. The blonde was annoying as hell, but the model could put up with him. Sometimes.

Sighing softly the ravenette kept trying to ignore the hot gazes around him. Ignore the rest, he thought. After a while it was time to change setting and clothes.

"Alright Kanda please unbutton your shirt and get ready for some water." The photographer said as he adjusted his camera. Kanda simply raised an eyebrow, but soon remembered the early heads up Tiedoll gave him and comply.

As they sprayed water on his hair and shirt, he felt the white fabric sticking to him like a second skin, it was somewhat uncomfortable. After they thought it enough water everyone on the set except for Kanda left. The model continue to pose now really hoping the shoot would end sooner.

To his annoyance – or luck – the lights went off, just as the male model needed only thirty more pictures. It was very dim, and because of that the photographer didn't see a cord laying around. The man tripped with his camera, and as a result the expensive device broke as the photographer landed on the floor.

"Well this is just great," Kanda mummer under is breath. He decided to find a towel since he was feeling a bit cold.

As the model sat on a chair, someone told him it was fine to leave seeing how they couldn't fix the lighting problem, and the camera would take time to fix. Without being told twice Kanda decided to leave. Only to later hear that they didn't what him gone anymore.

To hell with you people, Kanda curse getting irritated. He took his black leather jacket, send a text to Tiedoll and left the building not feeling like sticking around.

With all the hurry on getting out, he didn't even bothered changing into a new shirt. He still had his damp shirt under his jacket, Kanda simply shrugged it off. Whatever.

He took a wool cap from inside his jacket, tucked his long hair in and adjusted his sunglasses on his face. He decided to walk home feeling the need for some fresh air. Tiedoll would bring his car back later.

He looked around and was glad people didn't recognize him. It would be a pain to be stalk or worst get chase by a stampede of crazy people.

Being famous wasn't all that fabulous especially when Kanda wanted to just be a normal street-walker. He shoved his hands inside his pockets and took his route.

Allen felt that today was a wonderful Saturday. Work was good as always, the costumers were polite and simply made everything around him much easier.

He has been working as a waiter at Jeri's Café for the past year and a half since he arrived in Japan. He like his working place and got along really well with his employer Jeri, and the rest of the staff.

As a waiter Allen thought that he wouldn't have make enough money, but to his surprise he did. Not only was his paycheck enough to sustain him, but the tips he was getting were surprisingly a great amount. People really seemed to like him and he wasn't complain.

At first he wonder about how his looks would hinder him when looking for a job, but people actually seem to be attracted to his unique hair color. His personality was another of his traits people really like and he was glad.

Many of the costumers at the Café came regularly not only for the delicious food and drinks they served, but to see Allen as well. He actually felt flatter about it.

His work wasn't that difficult so he could work and go to school as well. During the weekdays he worked after school and during the weekends it was full-time. Somewhere between those days he had off. Today he work from ten in the morning until eight at night.

Buzz... Buzz...

'Allen you out?' It was Lavi messaging him.

'Yes why?'

'Just checking. It's getting late.' And it was.

"I know. I'm waiting for the bus.'

'Want me to pick you up?'

Allen pause to think before he reply. 'No it's fine. I'm sure you're busy with your grandpa.'

'How you know? Panda here has me as a secretary. Help!'

He shook his head and smile thinking how Lavi might be hiding from Bookman while messaging him.

'You better finish whatever you're doing before lazing around. You know how he gets.'

'But Allen, it's a Saturday night and I'm here filing out papers that is not cool.' He could actually see Lavi's whining face.

'Quit complaining you know Fō is also busy too.'

He heard a swooshing noise and was glad to see the bus arrive. He payed and took his seat while waiting for Lavi's reply.

'Yeah well at least she's enjoying her activities no one is forcing her.'

'Well how hard is filing papers?' It made Allen wonder to himself about it.

'Not so much actually, it's just boring.'

'You better finish if you want your grandpa to let you out next week for our Friday night.'

'Alright only because you're asking nicely.'

That made Allen roll his eyes.

'Text you tomorrow.'

'Kay' night Allen.'

'Good night Lavi' A few minutes later he arrived at his stop.

As he got out of the bus he noticed someone on the bench, by the looks he knew it was a man. The person was laying down, Allen looked at the bus and then back at the person.

Thinking that man might lose the bus, Allen slowly approached the laying figure to tell him to wake up before the bus left.

"Hey there." Allen started out not knowing how to go about this. "Sir the bus might leave," he spoke a bit louder, but the person made no movement. So he tried shaking slightly and that only got him a small grunt.

Getting a bit annoyed he shook a bit harder. "Sir the-" The bus leaving cut the teen and Allen saw it leave.

Alright so the bus left and the man wouldn't wake up. Wait what if he's drunk? It briefly crossed through Allen's head then. Well he has dealt with a drunk person for almost half of his life so there was no fear there. He decided to still wake the person up, seeing that a bench is not where someone should sleep.

Allen reach to shake the man once more when his phone vibrated distracting him. His hand instead of taking the shoulder touched something really warm, and dare he say hot. "He's burning up." The young teen said to himself.

He touched the person's forehead fully and yes the man had a fever. Just now Allen notice that the unknown man was shaking.

With some difficulties, Allen manage to get the stranger to a standing position and help him walk. He wrapped an arm around the person's upper torso whilst the man held on Allen by the shoulder.

The usually eight-minute walk from the bus stop to his apartment was faster since Allen had someone with him. He was in a hurry.

He used the building's elevator and got to his floor. He would usually use the stairs but not today. Allen didn't know why he was helping this stranger, but being a kind warmhearted person that he is, Allen couldn't just leave someone in that kind of state behind. He might later regret it – hopefully not – but at the moment it didn't really matter.


He manage to open the front door of his apartment and found the light switch in the small hallway. Making his way to the living room, Allen located the second light switch. He slowly settled the man on the coach and went to his room for a quick change of clothing.

After he finished, Allen got some medicine, two rag towels and a bowl with cold water. He took his place next to the man after he had everything he would need.

Now that he could see the man clearly, the teen could say the person looked no older than Allen.

He tried to wake the young man until he saw that two pair of eyes briefly open before they closed back. Somehow he manage to get the man to drink the medicine with some water.

Allen decided to take the wool cap off the young man's head and noticed that his long dark hair was wet, but not only at the bangs his whole hair was damp.

He tried to take the ravenette's jacket off only to find that the man's shirt damped as well. That made Allen slight confuse. What was he doing?

Knowing it was bad to be in wet clothes, Allen went to a nearby closet where the teen knew he had some of Lavi's clothes. With some difficulties he manage to get the shirt off and change it with a clean one. He was glad though, that only the shirt was wet.

Tucking the unconscious male with a blanket, Allen went to work and tried to get the fever down. He knew it would take a while until that would happen. An hour passed and it seemed that the medicine and the cold rag was working, the fever was going down.

Thank god.


Allen glance down to see a small furry yellow ball coming near him. "Tim," he greeted his small kitten that slowly approach him.

"Sorry I'm late Tim, but I found someone on the way home." Allen saw Timcanpy jump from the floor to the coffee table until he reached the armrest of the sofa. The kitten curiously look down at what had his owner so busy about.

The two observed the sleeping figure now that the fever was fully down. The young man no longer shivered and was sleeping soundly.

Allen gathered every material he worked with before going to the kitchen. He fed Tim and decided to take a hot shower.

As he was leaving, Allen glanced back at the ravenette then went to his room to rest as well. Once he finished his shower he got ready for bed. Tim took his usually place inside his small basket on one of Allen's night stand.

"Good night Tim."


The lamp was turn off and the two drifted off to sleep.

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