Lavi didn't really know where he was heading, but the only thing in his mind was to find the ice and find it quick. The incident from earlier flashed in his mind, and it upset him greatly. He had never seen anything like what happened to Allen before, and he genuinely didn't want to see it happening to anyone.

Shaking his head, Lavi turn left only to stumble back. Balancing himself, green eyes met dark frowning ones. "Yuu-chan!" The taller male said unintentionally loudly as he moved froward, making the model take a step back.

"Stop calling-"

"Do you know where I can find some ice?" Ask Lavi without a pause.

Kanda stared blankly at the idiotic redhead. Ice? What was the baka on this time? Deciding not to even give the question a thought, the ravenette stepped aside and walked right by Lavi. The next second Kanda stopped when he heard the other mumble something under his breath.

"What did you say?"

Lavi glance over his shoulder to see Kanda looking back at him. "I said 'Sorry Allen, you'll have to wait for the ice.'"

"Moyashi? For what?"

Sighing, Lavi turn completely to the raven haired male. If he told Kanda what occurred with Allen, then maybe the model can help him. It beats going around aimlessly, and explaining things to Kanda wouldn't really take that much time.

After some thinking, Lavi came to the conclusion of just telling the other, it would help his friend greatly at the end anyway."Well." The redhead began. "You see, I really don't how to say it, but here it goes. It started something like this..."



Allen jumped away from the sink at the loud sound of the door hitting the wall, the sudden interruption startle him. He half expected to see Alma again, the brunette caught him off guard earlier and that ended up painfully. Though if Alma tried to hit him again, Allen will stop him. The only person who had ever laid a hand on him was his Master, a whack behind the head was all the violence he knew to this day.

I'm not a punching bag.

"What are you doing here?" Allen ask looking at the ravenette by the door. Kanda didn't say anything and simply strode inside. Remembering the redness on his cheek, Allen carefully turn his face away, not wanting to draw attention to his sudden behavior.

As Kanda got closer, Allen was pretending to fix his hair. Why was Kanda here, now? If the older male got a glimpse of his face, Allen didn't want to know what the other will say, or do for that matter. By the time Kanda stood right behind him, Allen could feel that something wasn't right. With an unease feeling, the teen realize too late that Kanda was staring at him right from the mirror.

Damn it, I forgot about that.

His back immediately came in contact with the older male's chest. Long and strong arms wrap around him firmly yet with care, they keep him from getting away. Within the hold, allen felt warm and safe, but he knew something bad was going to happen eventually. His eyes lock with Kanda's through the mirror, the two weren't talking vocally, but somehow Allen saw a message in those navy orbs.

"It was an ac-" The young teen was cut off abruptly by a warm whisper that reached one of his ears.

"Alma will pay."

Before Allen knew it, the warmness was gone and Kanda stormed out the door. The white haired male stood where was, not really sure what to do. What did Kanda mean Alma was– the young man quickly went after the model. Gripping the door handle, Allen remember he didn't have the wig on. He consider not putting it on, but when the thought of Mikk in the building surface, he retrieve the item. Quickly and efficiently Allen manage to get the wig on his head and step out of the restroom, leaving behind two very pleased twins and a little bright red dot blinking every second.

"Allen-kun." Bak called out seeing the boy heading for the main door.

It was rude of him, but Allen didn't stop to explain anything. "I'm sorry Bak-san, but I'll be out momentary." With nothing else to say, Allen was in the hallway. He didn't know which way the model decided to go, but he had to find Kanda first before the ravenette found Alma.

Kanda, where did you go?

In the other side of the building, Kanda was searching for the ungrateful bastard who laid his hands on his Moyashi. This time around Alma just pushed his luck, to slapped his lover was like slapping Kanda himself. The red mark on the younger male's left cheek kept appearing in the ravenette's front mind. And yet again his Moyashi tried to hide his problems from him.

What Alma did was with very ill intentions, and Kanda wasn't going to easily look this one over. He didn't had the opportunity to do anything when Fō's grandfather accidently injured his lover, or prevent the car accident his Moyashi was involved in, but today Kanda is going to do something about what his ex did to his current lover.

His glaring intensify when he instantly spot the nuisance he was looking for. Alma stood not to far away, talking with Lenalee. The brunette wasn't that smart, he should have left the building after he assaulted his love instead of staying. Somehow Kanda knew his ex wasn't finish, and if the brunette thought he could catch his Moyashi alone and lay his hands on him again Alma was sorely mistaken.

Within seconds, Kanda marked up to Alma and did exactly what Lavi said the other did to the younger male. Taking Alma by surprise, Kanda forcefully turn the brunette around. Instead of slapping the living out him, Kanda tighten his fist before it connected with Alma square in the face. Shaking his hand, Kanda simply watch as Alma tripped with his own feet before he fell to the floor.

"K-Kanda!" Lenalee gasp looking at the angry ravenette model with wide eyes. What was the matter with Kanda? Slowly her eyes search for her friend and found him on the floor. Alma was out cold, and Kanda looked really to jump on the poor defenseless male. At the frighteningly feeling that things weren't over, Lenalee acted upon her feelings.

If the amethysts eyed girl hadn't scurry next the lifeless limb on the ground, Kanda would had jumped on his ex and continue to beat the brunette until he was satisfied. Unfortunately for him, Lenalee knew him; if just a bit. He stare holes at the male on laying floor, Alma not only slapped his lover but also insulted him.

"He called Allen a... whore."

Lavi's last word angered him to the point that he felt the need to yell. The only whore Kanda saw was the one dead on the ground. How dare Alma disgrace his Moyashi like he had the right. The brunette has no business getting in his life or overreact to anything involving him. Kanda doesn't know what to do with his ex anymore. Couldn't Alma see that what they once had, was over years ago.

If we ever had something to begin with.

"Get off, Lenalee."

"No! I know what you'll do if I stand!"

The girl was stubborn, just like her crazy brother. However, Lenalee was being stubborn for something that had no cause. Saving Alma shouldn't concern her, the brunette male was simply not what he pretended to be in front of her. Kanda wonder if Alma told Lenalee something related to his lover and if so, was the brunette man enough to tell her what he did to his Moyashi?


"No! Kanda wasn't it enough that you broke his heart? Now you want hurt him more!"

He got his answer, the fucker on the floor probably made up some sob story and how Alma's the victim in all this. What ever the brunette fed Lenalee must had been real good. Kanda took a step forward, only for Lenalee to place her body above Alma's protecting him further. He will not lay a hand on Lenalee simply because she's a girl, and secondly because at one point Kanda did consider her as a sister. Until Alma came and simply took advantage of Lenalee's soft side.


"No, no, no!"

Fucking Alma! He groaned inwardly, but Kanda wasn't giving up.


Allen was ready to give up the search after wandering around for what felt like hours. He didn't know where exactly Kanda took off to, was the ravenette even on the floor he's in right now? Maybe the older male was already in another floor for all Allen knew. Turning to the next hallway, the teen decided to take the elevator. Hopefully Kanda will answer his phone this time and let Allen know where he was.


The sudden yell caught the young man's attention. He tilted his head to the side, that was a woman's voice. Allen slightly debated whether going to see what was happening down the other hall, or keeping moving forward.

"Leave him alone!"

Throwing caution to the wind, Allen decided to find out what was happening with the female. Rounding the corner, the teen stop on his tracks. There, right in from of him was Kanda. The model stood next to a young woman, Lenalee. The female model was on the ground with someone underneath her– Allen's eyes widen.


Upon hearing his name, the navy eyed male swiftly turn to see his lover coming down the hallway. "Oh god." His Moyashi mumble as he kept his eyes on the two people on the floor. When the teen stood next to him, Kanda could see the disbelieve in the teen's face.

"Please tell me, you didn't do this." Allen tore his gaze from Alma and Lenalee, and faced the ravenette waiting for a reply.

"Che, he asked for it."

The young man let out a sigh, Allen should have known this would happen the moment he let the other go. "Kanda-"

"This is your fault!"

The two looked away from each other and glance at the only female, who was glaring at Allen. How was it my fault? He thought. Since the beginning of the day, things haven't been on his favor and now Allen's to blame? Today truly wasn't his day. Before he could ask the girl what her problem was, Kanda beat him to it. "Shut up Lenalee, you don't know anything."

"But Alma said-"

"Did Alma tell you he did this?" Kanda motion to his lover. Looking at the teen, he could see the bewilderment in his eyes. Gently, Kanda got the teen to show the female what Alma did to him. When Kanda saw that Lenalee finally understood why everything was happening, he made to get her off Alma.

"Don't." The firm grip on his arm stop him. "Kanda, just forget it." His Moyashi said smiling softly at him, but Kanda didn't feel like forgetting anything. How could he forget when he could see what Alma did to him. The red mark was still visible on the teen's cheek, Alma was heavy-handed.

Allen slowly took hold of the Kanda's hand, tugging the model back. "Let's go." He spoke reassuringly keeping his eyes on the other. He didn't want the ravenette to get in trouble because of him, Allen can handle himself.

"Please Kanda, just stop." Allen kept insisting, giving in to Kanda wasn't an option.

Lenalee couldn't look away from them, the way the two interact was amazing. Alma was right, they are dating. Len smiled softly at the very upset Kanda while holding his hand, and slowly the male model comply to the youngster's request. The ravenette stepped back, and Lenalee watch as Kanda press the smaller, surprised and flushing teen closer to his body.

"Tell him, next time it'll end differently."

And she saw them go, further away until they were out of her sight. It was quiet, no one ever showed up during the time Kanda looked ready to kill Alma. After a long pause her attention went back to her friend, the brunette was still down. Sighing, Lenalee finally stood to her feet. She gazed at Alma for a long time before she took off leaving the brunette behind.


He sat alone, seething with an anger unlike anything he ever felt. The center of is face ached painfully and his eyes teared up against his will. He had a broken nose but he didn't care, all of his focus lay on those images. He still refuse to acknowledge what he was seeing, the ravenette male couldn't possible be with that boy.

Yuu and he might not have been close this last years, but that didn't meant they were complete stranger either. If only Alma had a little bit of more time, by now the ravenette model would be eating out of his palm. Unfortunately for him, some slut appeared and stole his Yuu away. Len knew Kanda Yuu was his, Alma gave the teen clues, subtitle references, hits, everything and yet the newbie simply brushed them aside.

That fucking whore.

Though there was this thought swimming around in his head, was Len already dating the ravenette before he got to the Order? He can still remember some events that happen a while back, like that magazine, the changing room and in Yuu's own apartment. Was it Len that person all along? If it really was, then why didn't Len say anything whenever Alma expressed his feeling towards Yuu.

He might had been chasing after Len a while back, but that was simply for show. The day he met the ebony haired teen, Alma saw an opportunity to use Len to his advantage. Back then he had wonder, how would Yuu feel if he saw Alma's attention drift to someone else. He used Len just so he could get the ravenette jealous, maybe if the navy eyed male saw how easily he could be replace by Alma, Yuu would be crawling back to him. However his scheme didn't work, Yuu didn't return to him at all.

He glared at the photos on his laptop, every click of the button only showed him more and more pictures of Yuu and that whore. If Tyki hadn't told him everything the other day, Alma would still be blind to what was happening behind his back. The very moment the actor gave him the small memory card of his mobile, Alma's world came crashing down. Len pretended to be this innocent, naïve boy, but all along he was messing around with Yuu. He couldn't wait to return to the Black Order, his manager was doing the impossible to get Komui to consent his return.

The warming the ravenette male gave him via Lenalee didn't matter. He will track down Len and once again let the teen know that Yuu belongs to him; always has. He wasn't afraid of going up against the ravenette male, Yuu might brake his nose again but alma would do anything to win Kanda Yuu back from that sneaky slut. Hopefully at the end Yuu will see that Alma is the only one he will ever need.


One particularity photo got his attention, the one where the couple simply looked at each other. He didn't want to admit it, but Yuu looked to be happy, in love even. He hated that boy so much, that two-faced whore will not get away with everything so easily. In fact, nothing about their relation will be easy from this point on if Alma has something to say about it.

If his memory serves him correct, Yuu never did like people. Specially a bunch of annoying people in his face. If the couple thought their relationship would stay quiet, the two were so wrong. Alma will do the impossible to get those two to separate, they weren't meant to be. The best thing about his current situation was everything lay in his hands, nothing will stop him from destroying a relationship that had no future to begin with.

You're a whore Len, and whores never win!

For once, Tyki look forward to this day. The reason was fairly simple, today he would work with Len. He didn't really know the young model, but he's willing to come and understand him. His curiosity about the teen perk up the second he got swift of Len's relationship with fellow model, Kanda Yuu. Tyki was dying to know of their involvement, and simply because a stubborn side of him just wouldn't leave the thought alone.




His attention briefly went to his nephews walking besides him. The twins kept whispering to themselves, unaware or not caring he was watching them. Looking away, Tyki caught sight of Lulu Bell from the corner of his eye. The woman was busy, more likely planning more work for him as if Tyki hadn't enough by now. He sometimes wonder if the blonde was working him to the bone, for her own sick amusement.

Jasdero's laughter drew his and even Lulu Bell's attention to the twin. "Sorry." The blonde male apologize cowering away by the questioning looks of the adults. Whatever, Tyki look ahead. Why are the twins still in the building and not looking for his Allen? He was very clear when he asked them to keep an eye over the suppose apartment his beloved resided in. How are the twins to find the white haired teen when they're here with Tyki, and not out there looking for Allen.

He return to his previous topic instead, thinking of his failure with finding Allen would simply damp his mood. Today he was having Len all to himself, and he half wished the Kanda would present. Tyki didn't mind giving the ravenette a show the other wouldn't easily forget. How would the raven model feel upon seeing Tyki getting all friendly with Len? The long haired male appears to be very possessive, and Tyki is sure he wouldn't be disappointed in any reaction coming from him.

However, the Kanda isn't in the building according to Lulu Bell. How did she know? Tyki hadn't a clue. But whether the navy haired male is around or isn't, the actor is still planning on getting to know the ebony haired teen. Len's pretty cute, and Tyki couldn't possible overlook such charm. The teen model, dare he say was beautiful. With his bright gray-silver eyes, a perky nose, small yet full lips and a heart-shape face that only added to his appeal.

For his sanity, he couldn't stop comparing the teen with his Allen. If Tyki had the opportunity of bleaching his hair, Len could easily come off as his Allen. But at the end of the day he doesn't want to replace his love with anybody. No, if it isn't Allen the one in his arms, then no one was worth his time. In any case, Len was probably already tainted by the Kanda and Tyki doesn't take anyone's seconds.

"We're here."

Lulu Bell held the door open and the group stepped in. Tyki instantly search for the teen model and found him talking to an older gentleman. All eyes fell on the actor, and he met Len's gaze easily. The boy was smiling and Tyki felt his heart give off a loud beat. Why did the teen had to have those exact eyes? All he wanted to do at the second was hold the boy, close his eyes, and for a minute pretend he was embracing his beloved.

He isn't my Allen, just Kanda's lover.

Pushing away the urge to run up to Len and kiss him senseless, Tyki causally walked up to the teen. By the time the actor stood in front of him, the boy's smile had turn shy. That easily he took Len's breath away, the Kanda should be careful or Tyki might just change his mind and take Len for himself. The thought of making the teen model his toy isn't that bad, that is until he has his beloved Allen in his arms.

"Good afternoon, Len."

The twins stayed right behind their uncle, acting like they weren't listening to the man make conversation with the teen. Glancing behind them, they saw Lulu Bell talking to the photographer. Looking back at Mikk, they saw him and the angel interact. How was it that Tyki didn't see the white haired teen?

Is he that blind?

"Good afternoon, Mikk-san." The angel said seeming somewhat uncomfortable, who wouldn't with the way Mikk was gazing at him. Their uncle look ready to pounce on the poor boy. Devit could tell in that moment, the white haired teen will never return the man's feelings; no matter the years. But if Tyki is too stubborn to see it, then that's his problem.

After a few words from Bak, everyone got into place. The twins decided to stay on the side, looking around and seeing not a lot of people. Minutes later both the angel and Mikk began to work. Devit saw the white haired male being very careful around their uncle the entire time, it didn't surprise him at all. He wonder just for a briefly moment how would Tyki react if he knew who stood two feet away from him. The actor would probably and with no care make an advance on the angel. After two years of waiting and searching for the teen, Tyki will not hesitate for anything.

"Don't you think, that's too much touching from Tyki?" Jasdero murmur watching as their uncle keep creeping up on the model. The man was right out harassing the angel, and in front of everyone no less.

Devit just smile, Tyki will never ease to amaze him. "Nah, as long as he doesn't complain then things are fine." If the model didn't speak up, the actor will not stop.

A few hours went by, and the twins sat on chairs watching Mikk relentlessly touch the boy. It was amusing yet awkward to see, specially when the angel looked ready to bold out the room. "Don't be shy, I don't mind." Their uncle said taking the teen's wrists and wrapping them around his waist.

Next to him, Jasdero chocked on his own spit at the scene. Devit quickly pat the others back all the while looking at the their uncle being so bold. The model was press against Mikk's back, unable to move away as Tyki held him in place. At the end the young man smiled awkwardly at the man before looking way.

Ah Tyki, you're just so funny.

Things had gone from bad to worst in a matter of minutes, and Allen really hope Kanda wouldn't see the photos. What will the ravenette say? Most of the pictures taken are of him and Mikk way to close for comfort, but he had to deal with everything as it's requested by Bak. Allen is fully aware the amber eyed male was doing more than necessary, but what could he do about it.

Three hours later – that felt like an eternity for Allen – everything was coming to an end. After the first hour that went by, the teen found himself looking at the main door. He was expecting Kanda to barge into the room any moment after that hour. To his relieve the ravenette hasn't yet deem it necessary to show up, and Allen was glad. The older teen gave him a few hours, and after those hours are up Kanda is coming to get him.

With his last change, Allen stalk straight for the changing room. He enter expecting to see Tiedoll, but the man wasn't in the room. Not really staying to wonder where the older man went, Allen took the new outfit and directed himself to the other door in the room. In a matter of minutes he was finishing when the door behind him open, the teen peer back and froze.

"May I come in?"

May you come in? You're already in!

"Um, sure?"

Allen turn around and quickly got the last few button close as Mikk stood behind him. Why was the man here? He felt his heart beating fast at the thought of the two alone, in the same room. He manage to control his nerves, stopped his hands from shaking as he button up his shirt, but the sudden hands holding his arms stop all motion. With a startle gasp, gray orbs widen staring at the wall in front him.


The man behind him whisper way too close to his ear, and Allen didn't know how to act. He felt like he couldn't breath, his heart went wild in his chest as they stood in silence. An ugly and horrible silence. Without him knowing, Allen began to pray for an interruption, he wanted Kanda to show up and he wanted the ravenette like now!

"You're shaking, why?" The way Mikk spoke made his body shutter without his permission. Allen could basically feel the heat radiating off the actor's body, they are way too close. Somehow, his body automatically pulled away from Mikk at the sensation of foreign hands wandering down his arms.

Careful, as to not draw any suspicions, Allen manage to button the last buttons of his shirt before looking up at the man. "We should get back." With a forceful smile, he moved away from Mikk, only to get stop. The older male tugged him back and Allen felt the urge to slap the hand away, but he stop himself from doing so. "Is something wrong Mikk-san?" He ask looking at the amber eyed man like he didn't know what was happening.

"You remind me of someone dear to me." Tyki slow brought Len back, and once the teen stood right before him, the man cup his soft cheek.


Nodding, Tyki smile tenderly at the adorable boy. "Yes. When I see you, I can see my beloved... Allen."

Something inside of him died a little, it might have been his stubborn hope. Hope that Mikk had no memories of him left. He felt like he just got shot, and this time around his lungs went dry from the lack of air being inhaled.

Oh god!

With an internal battle, Allen broke free from the man. "We should really be getting back." The teen commented numbly walking out of the room completely. With shaky legs Allen step back in the set for the last time, feeling utterly defeated. Mikk hasn't forgotten about him in the last two years, his friends were right all along to be worry.

The world is against me!


After a long day, Tyki welcome the quietness of the penthouse. Sitting in the dinning room, the man poke around the remaining of his meal before he had enough. Standing from the chair, the amber eyed male took the glass of red wine and began to stroll around his residency, enjoying the peace. Late evening was the only time Tyki found himself alone with no one to disturbed him, unlike the early hours.

Lowing to the couch, he relax further on the soft furniture while sipping his wine. Slowly, today's tension began to leave his body. The day felt rather heavy for Tyki, he was in the modeling agency since eight in the morning until late evening. Lulu Bell sure did like slaving him, by now he was use to it. Tiling his head back, the man stare at the white ceiling.


His thoughts easily wander back to the teen, the shade of white on the ceiling remind him of his love's hair. Closing his eyes, Tyki let his mind go until the image of a certain teen model invaded his muse. Amber orbs shot wide open, he didn't just think of another. Len of all people decided to appear in his head, the man was rather shock by the thought.

Earlier he might have gone a little too far with the model, but Tyki just couldn't help himself. When he saw Len it got to him, what was it about that boy? Maybe it was his eyes, those lips, or face, but almost everything about Len simply screamed his love was right before him, and yet he wasn't. But that didn't stop him from touching the teen. When he held the young model, Tyki made him self believe it was his love. Len was so small in his hold, the teen's sweet smell and the heat of his body had Tyki trembling with anticipation. He deluded himself with Len, but at the end of the day his delusion shatter. He never held his Allen.

He would give anything to have his beloved, nights like this Tyki wanted the boy in his arms. To embrace him tightly, and feel Allen's small body next to his would be a joy. To have the opportunity to run his fingers through his Allen's soft hair again, and being able to kiss those lips of his. The thought alone had the man licking his own lips, he was dying to have a taste of his Allen.

But he had to wait, even when those twins are becoming useless every day. His nephews haven't located his love as of yet, whether they simply became lazy or his Allen really hasn't return home, Tyki is about ready to snap. He can't live like this, waiting and to gain nothing at the end was torture. Look at how low he stoop today, pretending to hold his beloved when in reality held another.

Lost in his thoughts, Tyki didn't hear the front door opening. He pushed the ebony haired teen out of his head, and once again everything revolved around his Allen. He didn't know he had company until the two bodies came crashing down right next to him. Luckily for Tyki, he had already finish his wine or otherwise the twins would have been in big trouble.


His once peaceful evening came to a painful halt. "Yes." His eyes found the siblings getting comfortable in the couch, couldn't they sit somewhere else?

"We came to see how-"

"If you have nothing to say about Allen, I suggest the two of you leave."

The twins glance at each other, wasn't someone in a bitchy mood. But they weren't leaving, not until telling the man the ultimate truth. Tyki doesn't know what's about to hit him. Devit as always took the stage, Jasdero would take forever if he was the one doing the talking. "I was planning on making you suffer some more, but seeing as our dear uncle is in no mood for playtime, I'll just tell you." The young man had Mikk's attention, smirking the teen lean closer to the sitting figure of the actor.

"We found him, little Allen that is."

Tyki return to life the next second. "Where."

Humming to himself, Devit took a step back. He gaze deeply at Mikk, there it was again that look in those amber eyes. That uncontrollable hunger, it could make anyone shiver at the sight. How should he tell the man about Len, make it dramatic? Or just tell him?

"The camera please." His awaiting hand soon took hold of Jasdero's cellphone. It didn't take long for Devit to find what he was looking for. Before he could show the man anything, he ask for their payment. Nothing was free in this world, not even for family. After the actor once again handed them a blank check – stating how money hungry the twins are – Devit press play and let the man watch the fifty-three second clip.

It was quiet as the twins simply observe Tyki, every second that tick by was pure excitement. They could only watch Tyki stare at the mobile's screen, neither twin could read the man. Is their uncle surprise? Was he shock? Is the man feeling stupid? Hopefully he is. Devit knew the video was coming to an end as the noise of the cellphone being moved around caught their hearing.

"As you can see Tyki, Len is actually your beloved Allen. Shocking huh? We could believe it ether, bye now."

Silence reign over after the message from Devit died and the video was over. Tyki kept staring at nothing even as the bright device was taken from his sight. The man couldn't decipher what exactly ran in his head, what did he just saw? It showed his Allen, there was no denying it was his love. It showed the teen in what appear to be the toilet room and... dark hair? An ebony wig to be exact, a wig that his beloved wore on top of his ivory locks and it created some else.

My Allen... is Len.

The next minute the twins ran for shelter. They didn't know what happen, all they knew was Tyki went off. The two ended up lock in the restroom, seeing it was the closest door to them. All they could hear was loud curses, shattering of glass and loud thuds on the walls. Was telling their uncle the truth about the angel wise?

While the chaos they created continue on the other side of the door, the twins settle to sit a bit far from the wooden barrier. "Why is he acting that way?" Jasdero ask keeping his eyes on the door, he was actually worry the actor would burst in.

"I guess he's just happy."

Jasdero gave a nod, before frowning. "He doesn't sound that happy, more like crazy." He has never seen their uncle that way, the blonde is somewhat scared by Tyki's reaction. What if the man took his angry out on them.

"Nah, he's just crazy happy. Don't worry it'll be over before you know it."

They sat on the marvel floor listening to the ruckus going on in the penthouse, Lulu Bell won't be happy after she finds the place destroyed. They had to come up with an excuse to tell their aunt about the mess, something very believable. Like the penthouse got broken into or sometimes related to robbery.

Some time later the twins went from sitting to laying on the cold marble floor, Tyki sure had the energy to redecorate the place in one go. Whatever the man was doing, the twins weren't eager to find out.

"Kanda Yuu... son of a bitch!"

"... Kanda." Jasdero wonder after the awfully loud scream. "Why mention the model?" He adjusted on his side getting closer to his brother before looking up. Devit lay on his back with his arms behind his head, opening his eyes their gaze met.

"Don't know."

They weren't sure how long they stayed on the ground, but before they know it the noise suddenly stop. Devit slowly got on his knees and crawl over to the door and pressed his ear on the wood. All he got was silence, and he turn back to his brother. Jasdero shook his head, but Devit open the door against the blonde's objection. His head peaked out first, looking both ways before stepping out.

"Ty-ki?" The raven carefully called out, but he got nothing in return.

Jasdero follow after his brother, was the actor finish with his rant? Walking further into the living room, the twins only gaped. Tyki may not have been too happy about the news apparently, but why? Wasn't the man suppose to be ecstatic knowing he had his dear Allen near him all this time. Maybe Devit wasn't that correct about reading his uncle like he thought.


"... Uncle Tyki?"


Getting brave enough, the twins decided to look around for the man in the now destroyed penthouse. From room to room they went, but all they found were things lying around, broken, ripped apart or smashed. They ended up inside the man's bedroom, the once luxury room was torn apart. Yeah, their story about the robbery must be very convincing to sell to Lulu Bell later.

It took the siblings a while to realize something, the penthouse was void of its owner. Oh no! The twins thought simultaneously, slowly turning to look a the other.

Where's Tyki!?

Making sure he had everything, Allen walked around the spacious apartment. It was early morning and he was getting ready to head out, Kanda was probably still be asleep or was barely wakening up. Allen didn't feel like bothering the ravenette this early, and so he was going out alone. Kanda has been clinging on to him more lately, ever since the whole Alma thing. Allen didn't know why the other was behaving as such, but he wasn't complaining. Secretly, he liked being showered by the older teen's attention, it made him feel special.


Turning a corner he was capture, a smile instantly lifted his lips as he felt familiar arms around him. Turning in the hold, Allen easily met Kanda and he smile. The teen was ready to greet the other when a pair of lips landed on his, cutting him from ever speaking. He gladly lean against the older male, unable to break away from the ravenette like he used to.

The need for air broke them away, and Kanda watch as the boy slowly regain his breathing. His eyes descending on the plump lips of his Moyashi, he will never get enough of his lover. The model touch the teen's warm cheek, enjoying the small blush adoring his face. "Where are you going?" The ravenette inquire, wanting to know where the teen was going so early in the morning.

Like someone just clap loudly, Allen woke from his daze."Oh, I was going to do... some shopping." He instantly became shy, the power Kanda had to make him feel like such a girl. Every time they kissed or after they spending time together, Allen would find himself unable to look at the other in the eye. Which is funny, considering they had staring contest whenever Kanda is too stubborn for his taste.

"Alone?" Kanda wonder, still refusing to let the boy go.

Nodding, Allen manage to clear his throat. "Yes, Lavi is busy and Fō is practicing with her club. I don't mind going alone, I've done it plenty of times." It won't be the first or last time he would go shopping by himself.

"I'll go with you."

"What?" Allen just stare at him, was Kanda serious?

The older male only gave him nod before finally setting the teen free. Allen watch the other go, disappearing in the hallway. It didn't take long for Kanda to come back, but something was off and Allen instantly realized it. The fedora, the older male wore hid the ravenette's hair completely. Kanda didn't have his usually bangs, and Allen found the older looking more sharp. He will admit the bangs gave the ravenette a softer look, but that didn't mean he didn't like the way Kanda was looking. The model was even more handsome than before, was that even possible?

"Done, Moyashi?"

"I wasn't staring at you!"

Allen defended after he saw the smug look on Kanda. Turning on his heel, the teen stomp out of the apartment. After he got over the fact that Kanda caught him staring, the two went down the elevator. Now a days conversation was easy between them, Allen just talked and Kanda listen. The ravenette spoke when he wanted and Allen didn't mind.


The drive wasn't far, and before long Kanda was parking the car not too far from where they were going. When Kanda step next to him, Allen notice the shades over the model face. He was going to tell the older teen about it, but Kanda had that one cover as always. Allen took the lead, he was more than sure the model wasn't familiar with the area.

Every Sunday when he had the time, the teen enjoy coming over to the local farmers market to buy his groceries. Allen like the fresh vegetable and fruits they sold, and most of the time the product was less pricey then going to supermarket. They walked further down the street, and he noticed a group of people gathering around. Allen watch as they continue walking, maybe something was on sale.

"You always come here?" Kanda ask a few minutes later as the they enter the first row. He hasn't been in a place like this before, but he didn't mind it. He observe the sellers standing behind their stands, and the potential buyers inspecting the merchandize

Allen stop at a table selling apples, the fruit caught his attention. "I do, when I have the time." The teen glance around the many red, green and yellow apples. "Do you like apples Kanda?" Before the older teen could reply, the woman selling the fruit interrupted them.

"Take a bite, you'll like them." Allen smile before picking a red one, wiping the droplets of water before he bit into the crispy fruit.

"Mm, it's sweet."

Kanda held himself back from kissing his Moyashi right where the boy stood. His lover serious was just to cute for his own good. "You want one?" The teen said lifting his gaze as he chew, but all Kanda did was take the one the boy was already eating. The younger one blush slightly before looking away.

After the small awkwardness, Allen began to gather a few red and green apples inside a bag. He was thinking about baking an apple pie for the ravenette, did Kanda like pastries? He'll find out later. Allen was ready to pay only to discover Kanda already did, the teen gave the other a look before he turn to the woman.

"Thank you." He smiled at the woman, who in return smile back and waved as they left.

Thirty minutes later, the couple were half way through their shopping. Kanda didn't even feel like half an hour went by. He was to busy listening to his lover speak, and going from one stand to another to keep track of time. What surprise him the most was how friendly the sellers were to his Moyashi, the boy wasn't kidding when he said he came to the market often. Almost at every stop someone had welcome the teen back, and his lover spoke to them very easily.

"Anything you want Kanda?"

Oh, he wanted something alright, but Kanda decided to keep that thought to himself for later. "No, I think we have everything." He took most of the groceries bags and only gave his lover one after the boy kept insisting. As the hour left, Kanda saw the increase of people. His Moyashi was right, coming early was better.

Allen glance at their purchases and decided that they had what was necessary. "After this we're going to the supermarket okay." It was unfortunate the market didn't sold things the supermarket did.

Kanda nodded his agreement as they walk down the last row. Whatever the teen wanted to do, the ravenette would follow him. He could still remember the time when he was little, and used to go shopping with his mother. He didn't shop anymore, and his step father was the one doing his grocery shopping lately. But now the model was willing to company his Moyashi whenever the boy would go out, today was a start for Kanda and as long as the teen– he stopped walking, realizing his lover wasn't next to him. He quickly turn around, relieve filled him when he saw the boy not to far behind. Walking to the teen, Kanda frown.

"Moyashi." He got no response and he try again, louder this time.

"Kanda... that." Allen weakly pointed to the other side of the street. He didn't want to believe what he was seeing, but it was there. Everywhere. The same spot from earlier, but now there weren't a lot of people and he could see what was being sold.

Kanda gave the teen a last look before glancing away, following the direction the teen's slim finger pointed. He notice a newspaper stand and Kanda just stare, then blinked. Once really seeing what his lover was talking about, cobalt eyes widen even if the slightest. He suddenly understood why his Moyashi was at lost for words.

What the-

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

At the same time, the two snapped out of it. Kanda's mobile went of just as Allen took out his. Looking at the screen Allen saw Lavi's number, with nervous hands he answer. Not paying attention to the other male besides him.


"Allen! Your not going to believe it!"

Kanda could hear the loud voice of the redhead coming from his lover's mobile. He will tell the baka to tone down his voice or else his Moyashi might just go deaf. "What?" He ask the man on the other side of the line. He had an inkling feeling why Tiedoll was calling him, heck he was seeing the reason why teidoll was calling and Kanda was ready to hear it from his manager.

"Yuu-kun! Have you seen it!" His step father all but yell in his ear. Lavi wasn't the only one who needs to tone it down.

"They can't publish that." Kanda reply calmly, but internally he was beginning to boil.

"I know, please come home we need to talk."

Ending the call, Kanda turn to his Moyashi. The teen had long ago finish his call with Lavi and once again took to staring at the newspaper stand just across the street. Kanda become irritate with how their picture, in a moment of privacy was taken and displayed. The worst thing about the situation were the people buying the magazine, this day had gone from good to horrible bad instantly. Taking his stunned lover, Kanda led them back to the car. One thought ran in their heads as they walk amongst the crowded street.

How did this happen?

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