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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Obi-wan Kenobi leapt off the floating platform onto one of the many ash mountains scattered across Mustafar. As his old friend, and student Anakin skywalker slashed at him with his light saber. Watching as Obi-wan soar high and land onto safe ground.

As his feet met the dark and shifty ground he turned to see Anakin glaring daggers into him.

"Its over Anakin I have the high ground!" He called to him.

"You underestimate my power." Anakin replied as he prepared to leap and Obi-wan shook his head, "Don't try it!"

Ignoring Obi-wan, Anakin leapt propelling him high in the air with the force, as he flew over his old master, Obi-wan sent a flurry of strikes to Anakin who expertly blocked them in mid-air.

When he landed, he quickly spun around and thrusted his blade into Obi-wan's back, impaling his old master. Taking a moment of satisfaction as he heard Obi-wan gasp, and stiffen when the lightsaber pierced him. He removed the blade and Obi-Wan collapsed in front of Anakin. His old master took a deep painful breath and clutched the burning hole in his chest.

"Anakin..." Obi-Wan groaned in pain, "You were the chosen one. You were supposed to destroy the darkness not join it..."

Anakin sneered at Obi-Wan, "The darkness is more true than the Jedi ever were. Your age of corruption is over, now the galaxy will enjoy a new order of peace, and control under the empire."

"If you truly believe that Anakin than there is truly no hope left for you...I loved you like a brother Anakin." Obi-Wan said softly as his vision began to blur, "You were my brother."

Then he finally succumbed to death, and the last remaining master of the Jedi order was gone.

Anakin felt a pang of pity for Obi-Wan. An emotion he could no longer afford to feel if he wanted to truly become powerful enough to rule as the Galactic Empire's leader.

He bowed down over Obi-Wan's body and left him one last kindness. Anakin opened Obi-Wan's empty hand and left his own lightsaber inside it. That blade was the only thing left tying Anakin to his old life as a blind Jedi follower and it was time for it to be destroyed.

He then plunged Obi-Wan's body into the lava. Burning a body was the only true way to ensure that they became one with the force and Obi-Wan deserved that much at least.

He watched as the flames engulfed the Jedi, and finally turned away to walk into his glorious new future.

Soon he came upon Palpatine's ship, along with the emperor himself, and a clone convoy.

"Well done Lord Vader." The sith congratulated his new apprentice and took out a light saber handing it to Anakin, "Your new weapon, take it and claim your place at my side and together we will rule the galaxy!"

At first the thought pleased the new Sith Lord but then he inwardly frowned as he quickly thought it all through of course Palpatine would betray him sometime. Eventually he would find a reason to toss Vader aside and carry on as though he was nothing but a dirty piece of cloth that had served its purpose and was now simply to be disposed of. Unacceptable.

Palpatine watched Vader study the lightsaber for a second until in one swift motion, the new Sith activated the crimson blade and shoved it through Palpatine, the blade diving through him Anakin once again had a sinister smile as the blade was removed and Palpatine fell.

If Obi-Wan was his master no more, neither did Sidious deserve to be his. Anakin wouldn't let anyone ruin his image for the future. This was his empire.

The shocked clones quickly leveled their blasters at Lord Vader who turned to them yellow eyes blazing, harder then Tatooine's twin suns he exclaimed to them "No! The galaxy belongs me!"

The clones slowly leveled their blasters and saluted their new leader.

Ahsoka Tano ran through the Jedi temple on Courascant, cutting and slashing through clones, trying to make her way to the exit and helping other Jedi along the way only to see them gunned down from behind or overwhelmed. While her head pounded from the disruptions that were coming in waves from hundreds of Jedi across the galaxy being slaughtered.

Soon the exit was in view, unfortunately there were many clones blocking the exit, all blasters focused on the Young Togruta, she sped toward them anyway but then tripped over a dead clone and lost her light saber in the process.

As she looked up she saw a blaster being pointed at her head, well to be exact there were at least thirteen blasters pointing at her head,arms,legs,and torso.

She closed her eyes and waited for the pew sound, and the sharp pain that would come with, but instead she heard the hum of a light saber, and the cries of clones being cut down.

Instead of feeling a sharp pain and then nothing, she felt a gloved hand come upon her shoulder and bring her to her feet and towards the exit. She quickly summoned her light saber as they made it outside and found a speeder and they quickly stumbled inside it.

She looked at her companion only to see a hooded face.

"Who are you?" She asked and he pulled his hood down and she gasped and hugged him at the same time "Cranick!"

"Now where should we go?" He asked.

The truth was she didn't know, how could she know? The clones had gone rogue. The Jedi order was being destroyed as they spoke and all they could do was run. Then she thought about Anakin and tried to contact him.


A million thoughts raced through her mind, what happened to him? Was he alright? Was it already too late for him too? She was on the verge of tears and tried to contact Obi-Wan but got the same result.

Tears spilled from her eyes silently as she tried to compose herself, she had to be strong right now. She couldn't let her emotions get out of hand, especially not right now.

She told Cranick to go Padme's house. The building had a clear view of the temple and Ahsoka couldn't help but stare helplessly as she watched her home be destroyed. She felt soul after soul be silenced through the force and the feeling was almost unbearable, so many were dead...

After a little investigating they found a recording of Obi-Wan and Padme. Obi-Wan said Anakin had been corrupted by the dark side, Padme wouldn't believe him and went to the Mustafar system herself. The recording ended showing Obi-Wan sneaking onto Padme's ship just before it took off.

"We have to get to the Mustafar system." Ahsoka said after the shock of the matter finally wore off.

"This recording was recent. We might have a chance to catch them." Cranick commented, "Let's go."

After finding Ahsoka's ship the twilight they left, for Mustafar. Where they found Padme in critical condition.

They had no idea where they should go, that was when they received a message from Senator Bail Organa, giving coordinates where to meet them at. The two barely made it in time for Padme.

She was rushed into the med bay where she gave birth to two children, Luke and Leia. Then just a few minutes later she finally passed away.

Finally Ahsoka gave in and cried. Right now everyone she knew was either dead or dying. Cranick hugged her tightly, muttering things like "It'll be alright." and "We'll get through this."

After composing herself once more, Ahsoka and Cranick met with Yoda and Organa.

"Go into exile, I must." Yoda announced.

The two younger Jedi were shocked, Cranick was the first to speak out "But master the galaxy needs you now more than ever! You can't just abandon the universe against the very thing you swore to protect it from!"

Yoda didn't retort but was stern in his decision, "Passed, my time has. In your hands, rests the galaxy now. Trust you, I do. Much hope do I give to you and the children."

Before Cranick or Ahsoka could reply again, Bail jumped in "We'll have to do something for the children. Anakin will surely be looking for them. My wife and I have wanted a daughter for some time now. She'll be safe with us on Aldeeran."

Yoda nodded in agreement, and so did Cranick and Ahsoka.

"I'll take the boy...I know somewhere he'll be safe on Tatooine. Ahsoka and I will watch over him." He volunteered and Yoda agreed to that as well. Bail wasn't sure if it was a good idea to leave the child under their care, but Yoda trusted the two Jedi.

"Very well then, it's been decided."

Cranick and Ahsoka delivered Luke Skywalker to his Aunt and Uncle onto Tatooine. Luke had great force potential just like his father. One day maybe he'll be trained in the way of the Jedi as well, only time will tell.

To be continued...dun dun dun.

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