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Ahsoka's house, Tatooine

The force was flowing around her, stripping away the room around her, just leaving her in the force only as she recited the original Jedi code in her mind.

Emotion, yet peace.

Ignorance, yet knowledge.

Passion, yet serenity.

Chaos, yet harmony.

Death, yet the force.

This last passage she thought about especially as a tear rolled from Ahsoka's eye. "Happy birthday Cranick." She said softly maybe to herself, or maybe Cranick could here her, not that she could know.

She clutched the metal tube, which had been Cranick's lightsaber to herself. It had been ten years since the time of his death. Ahsoka always took time to meditate on him in that day.

She didn't know how it happened, all she knew was that Cranick went out to check on Luke by his Aunt and Uncle's house. Later he told her on her comlink he was going to Mos Eisley to pick up some supplies for the house.

Hours passed, Ahsoka grew more and more worried, finally Cranick reached her on the comm and he looked hurt. He had bruises and burns and was breathing heavily.

"Ahsoka, Lokan, I love you both. Please stay safe and don't come for me. I don't have time to explain, just stay away and keep Luke safe. I love y-" The transmission was cut off, and that was the last time Ahsoka ever saw the one person who she ever loved.

This happened five years after their child, Lokan Drex, had been born. Now Lokan sixteen years old. He was as strong in the force and body as his father had been. He was almost the same as Cranick in every way the same dirty blonde hair, the strong looking face, even the same muscular figure. He was the same in nearly every way except he had his mother's blue eyes.

Ahsoka had raised her son, by herself ever since that day. Eventually he got old enough to ask where his father really was, because he knew that he wasn't on a long trip. So finally Ahsoka decided he was old enough to know the truth.

So she finally showed him the recording from the comlink. Lokan was shocked, then angered. All the pain and sorrow of not having a father finally pouring out of him. Then he stared blaming, first he blamed the empire. Certain that they had killed his dad, and he was probably right. Then he blamed Cranick himself, why couldn't he have just stayed away for one day? Then the blame finally fell on Ahsoka. Why would she not go help him? Why would she leave his father out there to die?

Ahsoka couldn't really blame him, considering she went through those same phases herself, but the dark anger coming from Lokan was frightening.

One day he just stopped being angry, realizing why you don't know your father, can never be easy. But even through all the sorrow and pain, the universe kept moving, and life somehow the pain went away and life went on. After Lokan realized that, the pain and rage subsided but it was still there. He could feel it.

Those days were a few years ago. At the moment the house was only lit by the light in her room.

Lokan was already asleep, she could feel his calmness in the force as he rested just down the hall from her. She stood from her meditation, slowly laid herself on her bed and seconds later she was dreaming, not for the first or last time, where their family was still complete. Moments after she had drifted to her dream world, a ripple went through the force. Someone was coming to them, and he wasn't there for pleasure.


Rouge Shadow.

Starkiller sat in the training chamber of the Rouge Shadow. Unaware to the fact his target was doing that at the same moment. The force was surrounding him it was dark, and sinister though, as he manipulated it. His lightsaber was slowly coming back together in mid-air. Hovering just in front of his closed eyes and his saber was coming back together slowly.

The pieces clicked together into place and seconds later his saber fell into his palm. In the seconds it fell through the air, he went over his mission over his head. His orders from Vader were simple, find Ahsoka Tano, capture her if possible, and return her to Vader, for 'further training'. If that's not possible kill her. Simple, more or less. But he was eager, he wanted to see if his master's old teaching worked as well as the teaching Starkiller had received. He clipped his lightsaber to his belt and went to the cockpit, his dark robes trailing behind him.

"Master we are coming out of hyperspace." PROXY informed him.

"Alright PROXY." He said, and as he gazed out of the viewport, he saw that Tatooine was indeed out there. Growing larger and larger, as they approached, Juno Eclipse, said nothing as she guided them over the dark of the planet.

It was nightfall over Tatooine, the dark desert passed underneath as the shadow glided across the landscape. Juno wondered how anyone could live on this planet. All she could see was miles of sand, and barren wasteland ready to swallow any careless wanderer.

She hoped Starkiller knew where he was going.

Starkiller, he was difficult to read. Occasionally he seemed friendly but often times he was very aloof from her. More willing to talk to the cynical droid than he was her. Probably because they both had a common bond through being cynical. However she couldn't help but feel like that wasn't how he was supposed to be. When he was friendly, he was almost a completely different person.

Once she even caught him in a good mood and talked to him for a while. When she finally asked what his real name was, he told her he didn't know. It was also the first time he called her by her first name.

It was nice to listen to him talk, but whenever she brought him to missions he would change in such a way that unsettled her. Every mission she'd flown him from he seemed different. More angry, more powerful, more isolated.

She shook the thoughts from her head and focused on flying. The drop zone was only a few klicks away.

As the ship began landing Starkiller stepped off the landing platform, and fell the next few feet to the desert plain. It was going to be somewhat of a long walk to Ahsoka. Luckily though he encountered no trouble, which was a pleasant change for him. Usually there were plenty of hostiles ready to impede his progress so he was slightly happy to not have to murder anyone this time around.

Although the darkness inside him was craving for a fight, but it would have to wait for now. He had a mission to complete and if worse came to worse, he wouldn't mind making someone his 147th kill.

As Ahsoka's small house came into view, he searched for a presence inside, the small building through the force. He sensed two however, one presence stronger than the other, this wasn't going to be much of a problem though. If it came down to a fight, he could always make someone kill 148 too. With this thought in mind he continued his confident stride toward the small building. Moments later he entered, his presence in the force masked.

He slowly crept down a hallway, and he entered the room of the Togruta jedi. He stood over her, like a person you only see in nightmares. His sinister smile, creeping over his face as he looked at her. She let her guard down, its foolish to let your guard down, especially when you're an enemy of Vader. Maybe she thought years of seclusion could hide her, but she's had this coming to her for a while now.

He pulled back the thin blanket covering her, and he took a sedative. He stuck the thin needle into her vein, and the contents ejected. That should keep her out of the picture for the trip. He hoisted her up, and slowly began to creep back out the house. He had just put his foot back onto the soft grains of sand, when the force gave him an alert. The second person had risen, and he could sense something in him.

The person could sense Starkiller there. He heard a door swoosh open from the hall he had just came from and came face to face with a kid. He was about three years younger than Starkiller, but he had a threatening strength in the force. The child looked him up and down, focusing on the unconscious woman in his arms, and suddenly his face contorted.

He pointed a finger at Starkiller "Let go of her," He demanded, fingering a metal tube in his palm similar to the one Starkiller had on his belt. Starkiller gave an unsettling grin and set down Ahsoka. His saber now in his hand, and a crimson light coming from it. While a blue blade ejected from the other boy's lightsaber. "Come make me." He replied, and the boy lunged with an unexpected speed. Starkiller instinctively parried and sent back a jab of his own, missing the boy's arm by inches as he sidestepped out of the way. "I plan to." Lokan growled.

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