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En route to Vader's Fleet: Estimated time of Arrival, Three hours.

These Jedi were strong indeed. So far they had been under his punishment for a full hour and counting. Proxy and himself used many methods, primarily violent ones, that had broken even the most strong willed of people.

These weren't just people however, they were Jedi, and they would not be so easily broken. Their spirits stood weary but also sure in their infliction and refused to be moved by him.

He probed their essence with his own, as his extended mind tried to pierce their barrier he felt only resistance. He began searching for cracks in Ahsoka. She stood strong against him, her wall showed no sign of wear. It was impressive for someone who'd been through so much as her. She truly must have been worthy for Vader to take on as apprentice so long ago.

The boy was next, his mind was fueled by righteous passion. Passion. A powerful tool for the Sith but also for the skilled and noble Jedi. He was noble, but Starkiller was unwilling to call him skilled as of yet.

Again he resorted to physical means. Asking questions, some of them were pointless, just an excuse to pour more lightning into their bodies. Not that he needed an excuse.

His efforts were again, to no avail as both refused to talk, other then the occasional retort they did not say a thing. But Starkiller could sense in their minds they were hiding something, he just had to find what it was.

His unrelenting yellow eyes flitted back and forth between the two, "What are you hiding?"

He felt a particular surge from Ahsoka all of a sudden and seized the chance. He dove into the fresh crack before it could be fixed. He heard her thoughts.

No he cannot be found. Was all he found in the Togruta's mind before he was ejected and the crack was repaired.

"Too late." Starkiller grinned, "You can end this right now; just tell me what I want to know. Tell me who you are hiding from me." The apprentice said to no avail. This was going to be a long pain filled trip back to the fleet…for them.

Upon arrival of Darth Vader's fleet

Starkiller and Proxy tried unsuccessfully for the remaining time to interrogate the two Jedi, however they only managed at making them anguish as they were put beneath the pain of the unrelenting Sith.

The two Jedi were immediately seized by Starkiller and brought outside the ship into the hangar.

Juno stopped Galen for a moment, "Starkiller what is Vader going to do to them?"

"What he does to all enemies. He will make them pay for their crimes." Starkiller replied matter-of-factly.

The blonde pilot turned to the two Jedi in pity, whatever sympathy she felt couldn't get in the way of her loyalty. She was a soldier of the empire, and without another question Galen brought them to Vader.

Ahsoka seemed scared.

Lokan felt nothing but bitter defeat, and pain.

The dark lord turned as they all entered his presence, his Sith apprentice giving a courteous bow to his master however the cold eyes disregarded his apprentice instead resting on the prisoners standing in front of the droid.

He surveyed his older apprentice, Ahsoka. She had grown much, as much physically as in the force. What had been a small light of potential in the force now glowed from her brightly. Her small frame had grown taller, and a bit stronger then she had looked the thirteen years earlier.

Then to the boy, he was about the same age, and frame of his own apprentice. However unlike Starkiller this one's force presence still sat slightly captive within him. The invisible energy he gave out was still growing but it grew at much slower rate then his apprentice. However this one he had not foreseen in his planning.

The aged Anakin slowly rubbed his chin. His face looking as if it was thinking for a brief moment before he spoke "Ahsoka it's been far too long." He said.

The Togruta didn't reply, staring at her old master with the coldest of gazes. The lack of reply didn't surprise the dark lord at all. However she was not the one she wanted to deal with right now, he turned to the droid "Take her to detention cells for now. Leave the boy."

Proxy grabbed Ahsoka roughly, leading her out. She looked at Lokan worriedly who gave her a comforting look "I'll be fine." He murmured so softly he barely heard himself. Not because he didn't want the others to hear, but because he had not convinced himself at all that he was telling the truth when he spoke.

As the door swished shut behind Ahsoka and Proxy, Vader turned to Lokan. He looked at the boy with a calculating gaze, summing up the boy. He sensed potential from the young one, but it wasn't the size or the amount of potential that Vader was measuring it was the worth. Was this boy worth any trouble or time to develop his force prowess or should he simply focus on Starkiller and Ahsoka?

"Where did you find him?" The question left his mouth suddenly as the dark lord gazed at Lokan.

"He was with the other Jedi, master." Starkiller replied.

Vader stood there silently for another moment, a sudden memory striking in the Sith's head. This boy looked familiar. He stepped closer peering harder at the boy trying to strike a connection. He remembered a face, like his. Young, bright, even the same grimace…but to whom did these belong?

The answer popped up suddenly in his mind. Another padawan, long ago during the clone wars…Cranick, but this wasn't Cranick. Even those who submerged themselves in the light of the force would've grown as recognizably old as Ahsoka by now. A son then, and with Ahsoka, ah he had always suspected…but enough if he was any son of Cranick, then his potential would do well to be developed.

"Tell me was he easily subdued?" Vader questioned his apprentice.

"He was moderately formidable in his fight master." Starkiller replied reluctantly not quite sure what his master wanted to hear, whether he wanted to gauge his power, or Lokan's.

"Very well…take him to the detention cells. And nothing is to be done further to him or Ahsoka. I want to see their power for myself in full condition." He commanded.

Starkiller bowed to Darth Vader "Yes master." He replied as he took Lokan away. The boy was thrown into a cell with his mother, who embraced her son quickly. Before she could ask her question Lokan eased her "I'm fine." He said, and Ahsoka asked what Vader had said. Lokan told her of what Vader planned, and Ahsoka thought for a moment "We have to seize this opportunity, if he wants to see us at full power that's what he'll get and that's when we'll escape." She said to her son.

"Yes but I don't think he'd be that reckless, no sith would." Lokan said thoughtfully, and his mother chuckled a bit "You're right no sith is that reckless, but sometimes all it takes is partial short sight to lose what is right in front of you." She said, "And Anakin's sight is most definitely short. All we have to do is see farther than him and seize our opportunity when it arrives."

Soon the two began to rest, they'd need all the power they could get to get pass a Dark Lord, his apprentice, and a whole fleet of storm troopers. But even with as much strength as we could have, Darth Vader's wisdom surely would've grown more to foresee any plan on his old apprentices mind. Then again, wisdom gained through age works both ways. But is it enough? Lokan thought as his mind drifted away into a tired sleep.

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