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Another Monday at Forks High School. Awesome. I thought to myself, as I turned my padlock to the right numbers to get into my locker. I opened it and of course, two books fell out and landed with a loud thump on the floor.

I sighed with contempt for my clumsiness, and reached down to get my books and then when I raised up there was Angela, her smile beaming.

"Bella, now I can finally tell you about the really hot guy I met over Thanksgiving break!"

I smiled, and tried to show support. While I had been stuck here spending the holiday with Charlie, Angela got to go to Seattle to stay with her grandmother.

"OK, so spill" I said as we walked together down the hallway to our first period class of the day, Mr. Connors' History class.

"So, his name is Edward, he's really gorgeous and such a gentleman. We met when I was driving my grandmother's car to go Christmas shopping Thanksgiving night, and her car died in the middle of the street. Of all things!" then she giggled, twirling on the ends of her thick black hair, and continued, "I swear it must be fate!"

"Sounds like it'' I replied, I guess sort of envious. She leaves town for 4 days every year, Thanksgiving, and meets someone who sounds cool. Meanwhile, since I moved here earlier this year, no guys interesting enough have caught my eye. Sure there was Mike and Tyler, but they were just buddies of mine. Then my childhood friend Jacob, but he was more like a brother, than anything romantic.

"Bella, you OK?" I barely heard Angela say, but then Mr. Connors started talking to get class in order.

The rest of the day continued in the same way with Angela telling me about how she talked to Edward on the phone most of the weekend, and how Sunday he took her out for coffee before she left to return home. She then mentioned that it was hard to call Edward when she was at home because her mom hovers when she is on the phone, so she wanted to ask if she could some to my house to 'study'. But, really she needed to call Edward. I get it, I wish I had someone to call too, I suppose. I of course told her that was fine, and after school, she followed me to my house.

I sat in the bed thumbing through my biology book, trying to concentrate on my homework, as Angela paced my floor while talking to Edward.

"You're so funny, Edward" I head her say and I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

It had been almost 45 minutes, and I wasn't sure how much longer I could handle hearing this side of the conversation. I hadn't even seen what the guy looks like, so I could just go on her description. I mean, I'm sure he's nice or whatever, but I just wasn't one of those girls like Angela. The kind that puts so much work into flirting and talking to guys. I guess I am just laid back and more in my own head sometimes to think enough to flirt. That is why I hadn't had a boyfriend in my 17 years, even in Phoenix, Dallas, or Omaha. Sadly, I didn't think anything was going to change being stuck in Forks.

Finally, I pointed to my wrist, even though I don't wear a watch. Angela mouthed, "sorry" and then said into the phone,

"Well I have to get home, Edward before my mom sends out a rescue party!" and she laughed, then followed with,

"Aw, that is sweet, you have sweet dreams too!" and finally pressed end on her cell to put me out of my misery. I should have known though, she was going to give me the full play by play before she could leave, so I listened the best I could. I tried to be supportive with my nods, "Uh huh, sure" or "really, that sounds sweet" when really inside I was in my own world. A lonely guy-less one.

"Angela, he sounds great, honestly. I hope he gets to come up sometime so I can meet him" I said and she smiled, again the hair twirl. She seemed smitten and as her friend, that part did make me happy for her.

"I know, me too! But, OK going home now, thanks!" and she hugged me before I had a chance to hug back and she was gone. I flung myself backwards on my bed to groan.

"Being single sucks" I muttered, then returned to reading about onion cell root tips for lab tomorrow in Biology.

In the lunchroom I was walking toward my table I shared with Angela, another girl named Jessica who was a bit annoying, quite frankly, and her boyfriend Mike. But, before I made it, a very gorgeous tall blonde girl with sparkling eyes stood right in my path.

"Bonnie right?" she asked, then I replied gruffly,

"No, it's Bella actually" and she laughed very phony laugh while flipping her blonde, super straight hair over one shoulder.

"Sorry, Bella. I need help, and you are the first person I thought of to do this for me!" and she spoke as if it were some life of death matter.

"Um, what do you need exactly?" a little curious why after the past 9 months Irina Denali chose today to finally acknowledge my existence.

"Well, you probably weren't invited to my family Christmas bash at the country club, but my cousin was invited and he needs someone to accompany him." Then she made a face like her cousin was some leper or something, and then said the final blow to my self confidence, if I had any left.
"So, knowing you wouldn't have plans, and I know you are single, can you try to get something decent enough to wear to be his date and basically just keep him from me and my friends?" I frowned, my eye brows furrowing closer together.

"Aw, please?" she asked taking my hands in hers. Whatever, fine. I told myself. She was right, I didn't have plans and how bad could it be...right?

"Fine." and she removed her hands to clap them quickly together and squealed and hugged me.

"Oh thank you so much, Bella! Here is the invite, see ya!" and she blew me a kiss. Really, a kiss?

I finally made it to the table and Angela immediately asked,

"Bella, that was Irina Denali talking to you right? What did she want?" and her eyes were gleaming with curiosity about why the hottest girl and most popular girl was talking to me.

"An Escort". I said, my tone showing my annoyance as I bit into my apple.