Fire Under The Mistletoe

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A/N: These stories will not be in any particular order. Some of the stories will be somewhat linked while some will not. I will try to do twelve stories. However, if they seem to be popular enough then I may write more of them. The stories will have several Christmases covered in them. These stories may include one-shots, drabbles, ficlets, etc.

Secret Santa

Christmas Eve

"It's not fair!" Serenity yelled to herself. "I don't want to spend Christmas with Prince Endymion! I don't even love him!"

Serenity looked at Earth from where she was laying on her bed.

"I want to spend my Christmas with Rei." she whispered, trying to hold her tears in.

" Ho! Ho! Ho!"

"Huh? That voice…."

Serenity went to her balcony to investigate the voice. She saw a figure that was dressed in the clothing of Santa Clause with the white beard to go along with it. However, this Santa Clause had long, raven hair and was skinnier. A smile grew on Serenity's face.


"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Rei leaned a ladder against the balcony and made her way up to Serenity's room. When she was completely in, Serenity attacked her with a hug. She then pulled her fake beard down and planted a kiss on her lips.

"I missed you Rei!"

"I missed you too Serenity."

"I wish we could spend Christmas together. I hate these stupid Moon Kingdom customs. Arranged marriages are no fun."

"No they aren't Serenity, but presents are."

Rei reached into her pocket and opened a box that had a necklace with a crescent moon pendant made out of gold. She then placed the necklace around Serenity.

"Merry Christmas princess. I traveled all the way to Earth just to have this specially made for you. One would think that this kingdom would have gold but for some reason it doesn't."

"Oh Rei, this is beautiful! I wish I had something to give you."

"You are the best Christmas gift I could ask for Serenity. I should get going now. Would you like to meet me on the ice tomorrow night?"

"I would love to. We can meet up when everyone else is asleep."

"Sounds like a plan. I love you Serenity."

"I love you too Rei."

Rei made her way back to the ladder. Serenity leaned over and gave Rei another kiss. Rei was so into the kiss that she didn't notice the ladder was slowly shifting away from the balcony until it was too late.



"Rei! Are you okay?"

A dizzy Rei held her hand up in assurance. "I'm fine Serenity. Don't worry about me. Merry Christmas." she said weakly.

Queen Serenity rushed in her daughter's room.

"Serenity I heard a crash. Is everything okay?"

"Yes mama. Everything is fine."

"Good. You should really get some rest for tomorrow. Prince Endymion wouldn't enjoy it if you slept through Christmas with him around. Hey where did you get that necklace?

Serenity smiled. "It was a gift from Santa."

The queen chuckled. "Alright Serenity, sleep tight." The queen never investigated deeper into her daughter's answer.

Rei was still recovering on the ground when a deer came up to her and started licking her cheek.

"Aw stop it you deer!"

The deer's nose started to glow red.

"What the-?"

Before Rei could say another word, a large figure appeared before her clad in the same attire she was wearing.

"Down Ruldolf! Sorry about that. Rudolf likes to wander off sometime. He probably thought you were me."


"That's me. Thanks for giving the princess a gift. I kind of ran out of presents by the time I got to her."

"You "kind of" ran out of presents Santa?"

"Hey, the moon is the last place I stop at before returning to the North Pole and she was the last one on my list. I miscounted the number of gifts I had this time. I should have listened to Mrs. Clause and recounted the gifts again. Anyways, thanks for saving my skin. I owe you one."

Santa tossed a candy cane on Rei's chest.

"Merry Christmas Rei. Come on Rudolf, let's go. HO! HO! HO!"

Rei watched as Santa got back into is sleigh and rode off into the night.